30 Dollars Will Feed My Goats ALL Winter!

24-Sen, 2019
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Can I feed my goats all winter for just 30 dollars?
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  • You had me at "acern".

    John SmithJohn Smith6 kun oldin
  • Can a rotary cutter be used to harvest goats food?

    Emil KermendyEmil KermendyOy oldin
  • Everything but what to feed a goat. This video should be labeled as Miscellaneous

    Paul ChristopherPaul Christopher3 oy oldin
  • Learning all I can. Enjoy your channel. Entering into month two of homesteading. Purchased my first two goats today . 50 pullets on order. 100 meat birds. 13 mixed 6 week old chickens.

    Son DrivenSon Driven4 oy oldin
  • Can you make a video on how to make goat feed

    Juan RamirezJuan Ramirez5 oy oldin
    • I'm

      Tracey VocuTracey Vocu4 oy oldin
  • What part of Oklahoma are you located ?

    Robert MooreRobert Moore6 oy oldin
  • How do you heat your greenhouse in winter?

    Barbara TuckerBarbara Tucker7 oy oldin
  • Do your goats graze on this while it’s growing or do you have them blocked off for a while?

    Sonya TinsleySonya Tinsley7 oy oldin
  • The date of 02042010 made me look at when you posted this, on the first camera. Enjoy what you do and the education you provide. You emptied the seed spreader in good time.

    Jennifer AikenJennifer Aiken8 oy oldin
  • I can't believe how small big mac is I know

    Marcia BorgMarcia Borg9 oy oldin
  • I'm surprised it costs him anything to feed his goats. They eat anything green. They eat stuff that isn't green. You could feed them paper.

    wplwplYil oldin
    • I doubt you have ever owned goats

      captain edwardocaptain edwardoYil oldin
  • The goat noises scared my Yorkie dog!! I had a deer sleeping in my backyard last night. He feels safe here.

    Darlene PowellDarlene PowellYil oldin
  • You might check out Gabe Brown or Russ Wilson on forage crop mixes for next time.

    Connie WaddellConnie WaddellYil oldin
  • Do you have a nice place there I like your video system I’ve seen it I was watching you and Dougie goat and lamb so I come over to your channel she was about to get channel

    Mitchell GourleyMitchell GourleyYil oldin
  • Wow pigs deer and goat's. Looks like you have a verity of food .

    dominic coscarellidominic coscarelliYil oldin
  • Hey Daniel, enjoyed your vlog. Like how you consider managing your land for wildlife. Dutch sent me. I am looking forward to viewing more of your vlogs.

    Lightz1upLightz1upYil oldin
  • those deers most likely pooped a little and that'll help the crop grow.

    Sam WammSam WammYil oldin
  • Hey Y'all ! Listen at 1458 what is that on that baby's snout, looks almost like a unicorn ! LOL

    30547etris30547etrisYil oldin
  • Stay safe

    Linda ChippsLinda ChippsYil oldin
  • Yay deer with racks

    Linda ChippsLinda ChippsYil oldin
  • Could the pigs become a problem?

    Linda ChippsLinda ChippsYil oldin
  • Love seen g the deer,thanks for entertaining me

    Linda ChippsLinda ChippsYil oldin
  • Hi Bear,you are so handsome

    Linda ChippsLinda ChippsYil oldin
  • Green growth,great

    Linda ChippsLinda ChippsYil oldin
  • As much as Bella runs don't see how she could be fat

    Linda ChippsLinda ChippsYil oldin
  • 4:36 The dog was like yup time for 15 seconds of fame. Take this DAD!

    Arkansas HomesteadArkansas HomesteadYil oldin
  • what kind of set up do u use to record these videos, the picture is really nice and so is the sound quality, let me know pls, thanks for sharing.

    Mitala AlekaMitala AlekaYil oldin
  • Loved the video x

    Ooshy BermiOoshy BermiYil oldin
  • 9000% lol sounds like Texas. Great video I really enjoy watching them.

    The ShedsteadThe ShedsteadYil oldin
  • Great video darlin as always. It's a nice send off for me. Off to the hospital for my heart surgery 🙏. I'm a positive person, but, ya never know. So with that said, id like to say, ive loved watching your homestead grow as well as your children. You and Dejay make a lovely couple. And also, i have never seen anyone else take such good care of the animals. As always Daniel God bless and take care out there on those mean streets. Thank you💗👍😀🇺🇸

    Lilah ,newtonLilah ,newtonYil oldin
  • That was a nice buck

    Chad TubbsChad TubbsYil oldin
  • Hey 🐻 an bella 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

    Chad TubbsChad TubbsYil oldin
  • Putting that work in i see getting ready for winter

    Chad TubbsChad TubbsYil oldin
  • Hey arms FAMILY

    Chad TubbsChad TubbsYil oldin
  • I watch Keeping It Dutch and today was taste test goat vs lamb and decided to check your channel out and found another channel to watch.

    RosebudRosebudYil oldin
  • Why not put out some legumes too to try and boost your grass growth with the nitrogen they'll put in the soil? Austrian winter peas and crimson clover maybe?

    Grayson GregoryGrayson GregoryYil oldin
  • What kinda Mix is Bear My big Boy is a rottie lab mix 95 pounds His name is Mato that means Bear In Lakota language

    Walt LarsWalt LarsYil oldin
    • He is half Anatolian and half random neighbor dog.

      Arms Family HomesteadArms Family HomesteadYil oldin
  • Sheep or goat lol i think its funny you and Dutch picked the opposite just sub to ya

    RacingNdirt 15LRacingNdirt 15LYil oldin
  • Found you off Dutch with the lamb/goat cookoff! Sweet video! Love your channel and subscribed!

    Ginger ReidGinger ReidYil oldin
  • Even tho I live in the burbs, I would like to set up a trail camera in my back yard. Surprisingly we get a lot of critters through here. Might be interesting. Our humidity was 85% this morning at 4 am, but the breeze and lower temps make for some beautiful fall weather. I know we’ve still got some hot days ahead tho, we always do between now and halloween. Rhonna in the East Bay California.

    Rhonna MarsdenRhonna MarsdenYil oldin
  • Thank you for getting back to the goats and the garden. Varying content is so important for your viewers. I follow a guy in New Hampshire who has been building non stop on his channel since the beginning of summer! I normally love his channel but when its going on three months? (usually I love the build videos btw) I like your fishing videos but not every single day, know what I mean?

    Rhonna MarsdenRhonna MarsdenYil oldin
  • Your video a while back said to just start your channel and I've done that! uzworld.info/tost/A-Sh2MlD5HzCYF4JfI2Sew Thanks for encourage me!

    Nephi MitchellNephi MitchellYil oldin
  • Dude, too funny at 4:35.

    Jennifer NebraskaJennifer NebraskaYil oldin
  • A great garden with them looking good vegetables, great job

    Wykeisha CraftWykeisha CraftYil oldin
  • Those healthy 🐖 will come out for some good bacon and make some good cracklings , thanks for sharing

    Wykeisha CraftWykeisha CraftYil oldin
  • Could you tell me if you use mineral solvents and if copper or selenium is a huge problem. My friend said she had ghosted. But if the fence won't keep in water, the hosts can get out. And they wake up and think...I think I will die. She never had necropsies done.

    Angie KyleAngie KyleYil oldin
  • Where did you buy your seed from?

    Zimmerman HomesteadZimmerman HomesteadYil oldin
  • How many acres of land do you have?

    peace and lovepeace and loveYil oldin
    • 110

      Arms Family HomesteadArms Family HomesteadYil oldin
  • You know deer hunting is all about telling the story at the coffee shop.....

    JoAnn IrrgangJoAnn IrrgangYil oldin
  • I started my own channel, I need some support growing it!!

    The Damron Family HomesteadThe Damron Family HomesteadYil oldin
  • Enjoyed seeing your goats, Bella, Bear and your derr and pigs! That winter wheat sprouted so fast! I love seeing the wonders of our Creator! Your farm or homstead (I don't really see the difference mind you) is looking great! I hope Houston wins that watermelon challenge! Have a great day, stay cool, be safe and watch your six!

    Suzanne BurnsSuzanne BurnsYil oldin
  • Would you say the 3 point disc works better or is more handy than a pull type disc? I’m looking into buying one for my two acres of food plots. Thumbs up

    Doug MooreDoug MooreYil oldin
  • Can goats survive on just fodder? If so what combination of fodders do you recommend?

    Eman HEman HYil oldin
  • Explain the "deer season" comment. You don't want to shoot hogs because you'd rather spend your time shooting deer? Shooting hogs will scare the deer? I'm just curious

    Candice ChristensenCandice ChristensenYil oldin
  • Your dog is so cool. Reminds me of the collie dog we had on our farm in Sherman when I was a kid. His name was Ted

    Wesley HackneyWesley HackneyYil oldin
  • Hi! Daniel, I'm Tina wife of Paul. I love your channel and all your teaching on how to run a farm and every day events that go on in your life. Your family is vary beautiful and so are you. The way you talk to the camera and speak to us as if we are family makes my heart feel the love and kindness that is in a good human being and you are the best! Keep up the good work and always thumbs up!

    Paul BirkholzPaul BirkholzYil oldin
  • Doing more for the deer and wildlife then you get from them

    mike nmike nYil oldin
  • i just got a crawdad in a castnet

    larry gileslarry gilesYil oldin
  • Lol I love Bella just being a goober in the background the whole video

    Alexxandra DiodonetAlexxandra DiodonetYil oldin
  • Thanks Daniel. Got an education on this one. It's interesting how you say your raising deer on your property. This makes perfect sense to me that you would plant what you want the deer your going to eat to be feeding on. I never would have thought about it like that, (well I am a city guy after all).

    Wpr JerseyWpr JerseyYil oldin
  • No winter growing up here in Alberta but still never miss a vid..

    Trevor LeonardTrevor LeonardYil oldin
  • With all that game and all that acreage, you should start a hunting resort. A person could hunt deer, hot and turkey depending on the season.

    Wayne LeamonWayne LeamonYil oldin
  • @Arms Family Homestead what is in the deer's face at 14:58?

    Josh AllisonJosh AllisonYil oldin
  • Love Houston but also like the calmness of your day. 👍👍

    Liz HrubikLiz HrubikYil oldin
  • if ur in asia or midle east, ur sure r realy going to be a reach man with all the goat u have. coz love to eat goat so much tht make goat meat so expancive😂

    badrul samsudinbadrul samsudinYil oldin
  • The first trail camera you showed us was dated February of 2010. What’s up with that?

    Barb DBarb DYil oldin
    • I just haven't updated the date and time after putting new batteries in the camera.

      Arms Family HomesteadArms Family HomesteadYil oldin
  • Acurns that's how you say it .Ain't it. I got one of those seed spreader contraption. Works great. Good video You're Loved more than you know.

    Grow Where You're Planted HomesteadGrow Where You're Planted HomesteadYil oldin
  • We love to manage our property too. We have 18 acres and the deer walk through. So we try to keep them coming through with a management program. Food plot in the front, middle and rear of the property. This is working very well for us..thanks..

    Highland HomesteadHighland HomesteadYil oldin
  • Do you NEED to kill deer?

    bogger 51bogger 51Yil oldin
  • Daniel if your colleagues set up their own homesteads on YT, I bet that crime in your area would be almost non existent. Have to say though, you're not a typical cop. Don't like stereotyping but you are a rare individual. No ego, humorous, helpful and a real family man. No, I don't live in America so this not brown nosing, lol!

    bogger 51bogger 51Yil oldin
  • We love our seed spreader too..

    Highland HomesteadHighland HomesteadYil oldin
  • you gonna make some sausage and bacon? I would sounds like some good eating. Oh yeah and back straps of the deer is great for steak fingers.

    shartneshartneYil oldin
  • The deer are so beautiful.

    George SendaGeorge SendaYil oldin
  • I saw your title and wondered how I could feed ME all winter for $30 ?

    George SendaGeorge SendaYil oldin
  • I was on the bus yesterday and saw 3 deer in a crossways eating. My Ipad is broken or I would have gotten off and filmed them. Its been very hot here this summer and yesterday was 98F. Today it will be 100F and then down to the 80's and 70's. Summer obviously cannot read a calendar. Martinez, Ca. I would never hunt a deer as they have come up to me for petting in the past. We have had deer come and eat in the park several years ago on New Years Eve when it snowed here & I felt so sorry for the bucks who were so hungry. If anyone knows a deer food I could buy or store, let me know please. We have also had deer come into our parking lot and they like to eat the leaves of bushes on the banks of the trees behind my apartment building. About 4 months ago there were 4 wild turkeys on the lawn below my apartment. I went down and filmed them for my channel. They are all over here. I also talked to the owner of a beautiful malmute Monday and she would have let me pet her all night. Dogs like me too and they all sniff at my cat feeding bag because its full of dry cat food.

    George SendaGeorge SendaYil oldin
  • Put a dome over it and paint it green and tell the rental place aliens abducted the tractor.

    George SendaGeorge SendaYil oldin
  • If Bear does not whine like that often I would take him to the vet for a check up. He is looking a little sucked up in the rib cage.

    tiktok11150tiktok11150Yil oldin
  • how many acres is your farm Daniel ?

    D OwenD OwenYil oldin
  • My dog sit by me and watch it with me

    Kids EvansKids EvansYil oldin
  • You should totally be out there shooting those pigs

    Billy KowalskiBilly KowalskiYil oldin
  • Daniel, The deer You're feeding look to be in great health. Guess you don't need to raise a feeder pig when you have wild hogs running with the deer on your homestead... Your family are set up for deer and pork for sure.... Love the Arms Homestead life style. Thanks for sharing....

    Anthony SpicerAnthony SpicerYil oldin
  • We’ve been praying for rain here in South Central Texas for months! It just goes all around us but rarely hits us! Daniel will show us the recipe for the greens drinks that y’all do?

    Simply Jan HomesteadSimply Jan HomesteadYil oldin
  • Your Bear looks SO much like a Walker Hound we had back in the 70s; makes me feel funny every time I see him. Enjoyed the pictures of the deer & hogs. Some of those spotted little pigs are cute!! Bear closed out the video just perfect...just be glad he didn't lick the lens. 😊 Thank you for all you do, & may God bless & keep you safe!

    ladygray4ladygray4Yil oldin
  • Great video! How long do your batteries last in one camera please??

    Paula BradleyPaula BradleyYil oldin
  • hey Daniel, five months ago we were looking at flooding that was compared to the flood of "93". Well the spigot was turned off tight around the third week of June. We then were considered in a moderate to severe drought but the middle of August. Well it started raining this week as a strong low come out of the Northern Rockies and when got over our way it was being fed moisture from the hurricane remnants. And on Tuesday, today, we are now under a river flood warning for a foot and a half feet over flood stage if we have no additional rain. Over we had flash floods on all small rivers and streams. Hopefully you don't get to this point and this year an exception and not a norm. Deer season here is looking great as it usually is. This year I hope to get a disabled hunting permit sense my doctor told me no climbing to tree stands and to get a step ladder for the tractors. I knew it was coming but had hoped to get some time in with my son for hunting together after he graduated high school. Well I'll get by with some preserverance and invention. I'll wish you and yours health happiness and prosperity. Larry

    Larry MixerLarry MixerYil oldin
  • WOW you do have some pigs around. Those are some nice looking dear and like the ones with the spots. Looks like your going to have a nice fall garden. Enjoyed and stay safe.

    Leann 49Leann 49Yil oldin
  • Go Bear, I miss the kiddos! I know you do too 😊 Like you said, soon.

    Corinne DavisCorinne DavisYil oldin
  • as i understand things, u hardly get one month worth of winter in a 12 month year, or less, compare yourself to minnasota or north dakota and see who really has a winter, ur spoiled

    Alan CooperAlan CooperYil oldin
  • Woah, nice bucks! Lot of wild hogs to snatch up too. Love seeing Bella and Bear. He tickles me with his expressions. Be safe, be good, God bless you all

    Wayne WatsonWayne WatsonYil oldin
  • Looked like a lot of deer activity on your trail camera. The kids will enjoy hunting.

    Donna * Lovin’ TexasDonna * Lovin’ TexasYil oldin
  • It’ll be great to see Houston-and Emily too!

    Carolyn FultonCarolyn FultonYil oldin
  • Hey! Daniel &Family! Watching! Thank's! More water ! Houston! A,Contest ,Is a Contest ! Win ! Losing! It's giving it your all ! As being a good kid ! School 2 ! Family 2 ! God 1 ! Next to U ! U, have a good mom & Dad, As ! Family!As Friends! As a lot ! Of New Friends! Now! Like ! Your Dad ! He is cool ! As ! He is a Justice Keeper! Or A State Trooper ! Proud ! Of your dad! Houston ! Keep up the good job !

    Patrick SullivanPatrick SullivanYil oldin
  • Great vid. Have you ever looked into an oat pea mix for your goats? It's a fall crop here in Ontario but it makes great feed. Lots of protein and vitamins. Just a question. Keep the vids coming . Thanks!

    Tom CleghornTom CleghornYil oldin
  • I have a big crawdad in my creek can you come get them out i got pinched by one. i live in michigan.i got 10 or 12 crawfish big

    larry gileslarry gilesYil oldin
  • Do you spend more on deer plots than your goats? Lol

    Justin MillsJustin MillsYil oldin
    • Yeah probably so.

      Arms Family HomesteadArms Family HomesteadYil oldin
    • I said that before you talked about spending the money on your wildlife. That's to funny.

      Justin MillsJustin MillsYil oldin
  • Bella was giving back in the new area fresh fertilizer!!!

    Anthony StubblefieldAnthony StubblefieldYil oldin
  • Lambert is so cute!

    Joyce GJoyce GYil oldin
  • That is 1 big pig !!! And a nice little buck !!!

    Wayne SchnareWayne SchnareYil oldin
  • I don’t see chickens in any of your homestead videos

    ryantrenchryantrenchYil oldin
  • Mr Daniel have you thought about building a trap to catch the wild hogs,4to6 cow panels and build it with a sliding door,Bam...you gottem,be blessed

    George BakerGeorge BakerYil oldin