2KBABY - MAD (Official Video)

23-Sen, 2020
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The official video for 2KBABY'S "MAD" out now. Stream/Download: 2KBABY.lnk.to/Mad
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Official Lyrics:
Man I used to be a sad cat I want my dad back
Now a N**** havin flashbacks we never had that
This was way before the snapchat and all the cash app
I was wishin could I smash that but I was laughed at
And yeah I ran off on a bad track wish I could back track
Tell that pussy n**** back back I got a bad rep
Never leave without my backpack this aint no rap cap
Man I came down to my last pack, I broke it down and I had gave my brother half that
Now I never leave the fuckin stu bitch Im a lab rat
Watch the way I whip the fuckin coupe I bet I crash that
Got these n**** scared to bust a move I'll drop a fat stack
I love the way my n**** fuckin shoot I call him Mad Max
Now who gon' clap back Im rey' put on my black hat and let you know some fast facts
Aint never wear no snap backs
I rarely use a hashtag
I had cut off that nat nat, don't care if shawty ass fat
If you didn't know me before all these rollies than you gotta show me
And now I got cold feet about who came before me cuz you never told me
I want you to hold me before I go OD don't call on the police
Just keep the shit low key you really my wodie take care of my OG if you really for me
Cuz I treat your mama like I treat my mama we fucked up these commas all types of designer
Took you out of drama where they couldn't find us put you in the line up but you out of line bruh
Just give all your lies up my n**** your times up, ayy ayy
Big decision I made my mind up, ayy ayy
Its been a minute since i been cried tough
I know this shit get wicked but this shit I aint sign up
Need be I would do it over just to repeat, yeah
Please be on the same energy when you see me, yeah
Need sleep feel like I aint been to sleep in three weeks
Not once
Im done
Cant trust no one
If i didnt proceed with what guy told me would you ever know me, yeah
If you knew the old me man he was in so deep they said it was OV, yeah
Say you want a front row seat just for you to show free just come get to know me
Would you still have chose me if i was the poor me cuz well never know b keep ballin like kobe, yeah
Need be I would do it over just to repeat, yeah
Please be on the same energy when you see me, yeah
Need sleep feel like I aint been to sleep in three weeks
Not once
Im done
Cant trust no one


    2KBABY2KBABY26 kun oldin
    • If you didn’t now me before all of these Rollie’s then got to show me

      Ashley GrippandoAshley Grippando7 kun oldin
    • The WHOLE DANG DONG WYM😂😈💪🏾💪🏾

      Motormouth EntertainmentMotormouth Entertainment7 kun oldin
    • “ used to be a sad cat I want my dad back” that’s because I never had a dad and I am only 15 😞

      Paris RobertsonParis Robertson8 kun oldin
    • Watch the way I whip the fuckin coupe

      Blue Is coolBlue Is cool8 kun oldin
    • i keep ballin like Kobe thats my favourite

      Txar DFTxar DF8 kun oldin
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    LRS GamingLRS Gaming2 soat oldin
  • Nobody: me:man I use to be a sad kid I want my dad. it hit different

    Robert colemanRobert coleman2 soat oldin
  • “Please be on the same energy when u see meeeeeee yeah “🔥🔥

    oKiritooKirito3 soat oldin
  • if u didnt know me before all the roly's u got to show me

    Gabriel DickeyGabriel Dickey3 soat oldin
  • Best song in the world

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  • “I’m a labrat” was fire🔥

  • Damn this guy is good but what does the video have to do with the lyrics or the song in general lmaooo

    Wodwa DlaminiWodwa Dlamini22 soat oldin
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  • This shit make me wanna crash out😆😆 "I love the way my nigga fucking shoot I call em mad man"🤣🤣🤣

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  • I was here at 2k 😅😅

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  • "please be on the same energy when you see me"

    painpainKun oldin
  • Lit song my nigga 2KBABY

    ryshaun johnsonryshaun johnsonKun oldin
  • I enjoy the passion in the art work, good shit, keep it up 2k💯🏚

    Proxilery YTProxilery YTKun oldin
  • I'm 3 weeks late but Is so good I got the chance to hear this

    lil uddylil uddyKun oldin
  • Congratulations brah, from the city.

    Natęrul CharmęNatęrul CharmęKun oldin
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  • Hi I like your name and your songs♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💯♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💖💖💖💖💖👄👄👄👄👄💗💗💗😏

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  • Yo I made a song hit me up on ig Iam trying get sighed

    All out fortnite PlaysAll out fortnite Plays2 kun oldin
  • Yo I made a song hit me up on ig

    All out fortnite PlaysAll out fortnite Plays2 kun oldin
  • Shit goes hard.! Salute!!!

    SakgenlaTVSakgenlaTV2 kun oldin
  • favorite lyric im done ,cant trust no one 2:47

    Julian GarciaJulian Garcia3 kun oldin
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    StraplapStraplap3 kun oldin
  • “I use to be a sad cat I want my dad back ,now a nigga have flash back we never had that” felt that line 😢

    Chris too saucyChris too saucy3 kun oldin
  • I came here from someone named 2KBABY on among us to stream his new song😂Lamo

    Christy JonesChristy Jones3 kun oldin
  • Dis Sosa brudda aye 🤔 he nice tho🔥🔥🔥 but fucck tho I can't keep up des days on who RAPPIN NEW outcha🤷🏿‍♂️ lol

    Jay JohnsonJay Johnson3 kun oldin
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    KayyVuKayyVu3 kun oldin
    • I think he has been recognized before, But he got forgot about.

      Raymond MRaymond M2 kun oldin
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  • If theres Anybody that will give my Music a chance ill definitely appreciated . Im on all Streaming platforms including UZworld . Thank you My music Head family 😎 -Doughjay Davon

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  • i treat your momma like i treat my momma

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  • Man I used to be a sad cat I want my dad back

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