2HYPE Plays Among Us!

26-Sen, 2020
3 129 657 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • This is the content I love 😂😂

    koko Animationskoko AnimationsSoat oldin
  • Im so happy yall posted this make more vids like this love the content. Cash bro cash is the reason why I was laughing the most and the edits the way cash react when He get killed is hilarious. LMAO😂

    NotuMouNotuMou2 soat oldin
  • someone tell james everyone has different tasks

    Aidan ReidAidan Reid2 soat oldin
  • Cash’s playing Among Us is the funniest thing ever

    EasymoneymeloEasymoneymelo3 soat oldin
  • play it in real life {make this the most liked comment}

    Paul WilliamsPaul Williams3 soat oldin
  • Cash gets me so tight

    Mud_Boy_HillMud_Boy_Hill5 soat oldin
  • Y’all played so ass. Play again but when y’all understand the game more. 🤣🤣

    J. MONEYJ. MONEY7 soat oldin
  • Nobody: Chris: It’s mopi! it’s mopi!

    Chad DaltonChad Dalton8 soat oldin
  • U need to press the report button jesse and jiedel if ur an impostor u can use sabotage u can close door and close lights

    1nstaKID Gaming1nstaKID Gaming8 soat oldin
  • Cash: “who dead”💀💀💀

    Jt SteppJt Stepp9 soat oldin
  • 😂I feel so bad for kris. His one imposter round he gets voted off first

    DarRossBOSSDarRossBOSS11 soat oldin
  • And everyone has there own tasks

    Tim RubyTim Ruby13 soat oldin
  • I live you guys but please learn how sabotages work

    Tim RubyTim Ruby13 soat oldin
  • Funniest moment 😂 : 48:41 0:45

    rafael virlandorafael virlando13 soat oldin
  • Mopi is blind.

    Pierce JamesPierce James16 soat oldin
  • They take forever to vote somebody

    TNG SW0rds LTNG SW0rds L17 soat oldin
  • Jesser kills James* also Jesser: When did James die?

    Kerby Cherub PurawanKerby Cherub Purawan18 soat oldin
  • Wth is wrong wit cash😂cash snitchin snitchin huh lol

    De Corius TVDe Corius TV18 soat oldin
  • When James didn’t realize that everyone has different tasks

    Hunter RoemerHunter Roemer18 soat oldin
  • play roblox

    Amarjot SinghAmarjot Singh19 soat oldin
  • How does 2Hype only have 1.3M subs

    DCM Get_RektDCM Get_Rekt19 soat oldin
  • bro cash should not be allowed to play this game man, his plays are thick hahahahaha

    DCM Get_RektDCM Get_Rekt20 soat oldin
  • Can you guys do Among us in real life

    Latham GamingLatham Gaming20 soat oldin
  • Jiedel: Jesse never did the middle one... actually how would he die?? Never mind 😂😂😂

    Maxwell HillMaxwell Hill21 soat oldin
  • Zack. Call the f****** meeting Chris How do I f****** use it

    Cronic JackbruhCronic Jackbruh22 soat oldin
  • Mopi:Someone needs to do it Jesse:Not doing it Cash:Not doing it Mopi:Does not do it

    Dylan GarciaDylan GarciaKun oldin
  • james jumped when jesse killed him. LOL

    AndrewTSGAndrewTSGKun oldin
  • Cash finessed a finessa

    Mychal BackhausMychal BackhausKun oldin
  • 15:46 lmao

    It's MOMOIt's MOMOKun oldin
  • i hate watching cash being impostor he’s so stupid

    Mg_302 _Mg_302 _Kun oldin
  • Watching this is so toxic I lost over 9000 brain cells

    Joe BrooksJoe BrooksKun oldin
  • Feel bad for ZACK getting voted every time except when imposter

    Dylan GarciaDylan GarciaKun oldin
  • Play roblox murder mystery

    Brş tvBrş tvKun oldin
  • Kris gets impostor and gets voted off first round

    kbm roxykbm roxyKun oldin
  • Man wdf 57:25 😂😂😂😂

    ypcluhqueypcluhqueKun oldin
  • Aye

    Kinghulk21Kinghulk21Kun oldin
  • I get yall havent played but damn this was hard to watch quality entertainment tho 😂😂👌🏽

    OneWay JOneWay JKun oldin

    Brent SuicoBrent SuicoKun oldin
  • All of y'all was acting sus

    Kicky MejbonKicky MejbonKun oldin
  • Can ya do a part 2🙏🏽ya killing it in among us💯🤟🏽

  • you don't have to be inside comms to sabotage *tsk tsk tsk*

    Kawhi is the GOATKawhi is the GOATKun oldin
  • No one knew how to play but it was still so intertaining

    Gabe FifeGabe FifeKun oldin
  • 51:40

    Jack NolanJack NolanKun oldin
  • It’s funny when cash jus blames people 😂

    James Hardens the goatJames Hardens the goatKun oldin
  • wHoEvEr wAs iN cOmMs wAs tHe iMpOsToR

    OcrninaJRiverOcrninaJRiverKun oldin
  • They rly didn’t know u can still sabotage if ur not in the room u are sabotaging 😂 smh

    Max TVMax TVKun oldin
  • jiedel is zoooooted up bruh

    VentroVentroKun oldin
  • Mopi is stupid he wants other people to do the oxygen when he is the only one at the oxygen

    Ayden GAyden GKun oldin
  • Game 6 cover of Chris

    TikTokersLives!TikTokersLives!Kun oldin
  • Mopi needs to chill

    the noobthe noob2 kun oldin
  • This why I always watch cash

    R4nna Dri.p2R4nna Dri.p22 kun oldin
  • When Jesse said when did James die... I said..... YOU LITERALLY KILLED HIM

  • You all got different task

    John MorrisonJohn Morrison2 kun oldin
  • This was painful to watch

    Kyle MayKyle May2 kun oldin
  • I’m losing brain cells watching these guys play

    Lohgan IredaleLohgan Iredale2 kun oldin
  • Best part of the video is when cash gets killed😭😂😂

    Chinno BeanoChinno Beano2 kun oldin
  • Y'all don't know how to play

    playboi treplayboi tre2 kun oldin
  • There's a button at the beginning that shows how to play, you guys should read that for future use😂 But nice video💪

    FxdeFxde2 kun oldin
  • You guys need to know that everyone has different tasks😂

    FxdeFxde2 kun oldin
  • Smh they don't even know u can sabotage without being in the room

    NSG LegitNSG Legit2 kun oldin
  • 8:53 the big 200 pound machine rage

    Ha HaHa Ha2 kun oldin
  • uhh daddy

    roger moreroger more2 kun oldin
  • it’s so entertaining watching them play and if one of the 2Hype members sees this if there’s one imposter and two other people (which would be three) if that imposter kills someone they automatically win, that goes for when there are 5 people and there’s still two imposters left they can go for a double kill or one can kill one person out of the 5 and win the game just to let y’all know or if some people don’t understand it then this is how part of the game works

    LilMonkVEVOLilMonkVEVO2 kun oldin
  • It makes me so mad when they make random shitty guesses with no evidence and everyone has no idea what is happening

    MelofiedMelofied2 kun oldin
  • Jesse dies first, mopi watches cams, zack kills people, kris lives, James accuses, Michel is clueless, and cash yells

    He is RisenHe is Risen2 kun oldin
  • Dang

    Jayden PeprahJayden Peprah2 kun oldin
  • Are we not going to talk about mopi calling everybody idiots even though they were doing more than he was😂😂

    Mectric 2807Mectric 28072 kun oldin
  • Dude they think everyone does tasks for each other🤣

    Max BacksteinMax Backstein2 kun oldin
  • Everyone has different task

    Brooke MoorerBrooke Moorer2 kun oldin
  • the imposter can sabotage from far away

    white ninja squadwhite ninja squad2 kun oldin
  • Just because ur in comms that doesn’t mean that person sabatoged it

    Brooke MoorerBrooke Moorer2 kun oldin
  • 10:02 when I get my ramen

    Icy JusticeIcy Justice2 kun oldin
  • “I thought it was zack ya kno cuz.... ye” this man cash🤣🤣

    Vcxmbos_.Vcxmbos_.2 kun oldin
  • It shows u that ur impostor in the beginning and it gives u options to KILL and SABOTAGE u were a crewmate first so u should know and u still ask how do i know if im impostor

    PikeTheKlownPikeTheKlown2 kun oldin
  • They don’t know that they have different tasks

    Christopher SmithChristopher Smith2 kun oldin
  • Mopi pissed me tf off in this video 😂

    WamiedWamied2 kun oldin
  • Cash said I thought it was Zach cause yeah 😂 😆 🤣

    Sde354Sde3542 kun oldin
  • Mopi is an idiot

    Justin Kim2000Justin Kim20003 kun oldin
  • cash was too exited

    FrawggowFrawggow3 kun oldin
  • They really do suck bc u have to fix it haaaaa

    Cj VincentCj Vincent3 kun oldin
  • Mopi said he no’s everything of among us he disint even know how to kill in among us😂

    Carlos CamposCarlos Campos3 kun oldin
  • Bruh looking back at this video is so cringe like the part where they said u have to be in comms to sabotage

    Mac ReadyMac Ready3 kun oldin
  • Cash iq level -1000

    SlayyXBLSlayyXBL3 kun oldin
  • In the new one Cash sold Jessie very bad again

    bballbrady15 ytbballbrady15 yt3 kun oldin
  • Guys u have to understand that everyone has different tasks

    LiKe an AsSassiNLiKe an AsSassiN3 kun oldin
  • Mopi was about to get killed if they didn’t hit the bottom 26:10 and 29:41 😂😂😂 y’all really put that

    Lull. TayyyLull. Tayyy3 kun oldin
  • No offense just stick to 2k

    Robert LeeRobert Lee3 kun oldin
  • No disrespect but yall are worse than public lobbies somehow.

    The RipstaThe Ripsta3 kun oldin
  • Bro this is so frustrating to watch lowkey

    HD8234HD82343 kun oldin
  • the crewmates are winning for all the wrong reasons

    R MR M3 kun oldin
  • Just to let u guys no that if there’s 1 iposter and 2 more innocent the iposter can just kill one of them and the iposter wins.

    Zakrea AboaliZakrea Aboali3 kun oldin
  • Who is here after they made a Part 2 Like if u do

  • Cash is such a horrible impostor 😂😂 dude got his teammate killed

    eric alvaradoeric alvarado3 kun oldin
  • Kris: Cash is not playing smart Everyone: None of you are😂😂

    Daniel ValentinDaniel Valentin3 kun oldin
  • Bruh, they need to learn how to play and then do part 2

    Sergio Padilla Jr.Sergio Padilla Jr.3 kun oldin
  • Mopi: When somebody takes one step closer to mopi Mopi: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh he’s imposter

    Carmen PiphlifeCarmen Piphlife3 kun oldin
  • 51:42 bruh I’m deadddd

    Forever DamxinForever Damxin3 kun oldin
  • Cash too funny 😂

    Osaruese IgbinoviaOsaruese Igbinovia3 kun oldin
  • dude I luv this vid😂😂😂😂😂

    Adri3n2kAdri3n2k3 kun oldin
  • I swear on my life I will like this comment ^ YOU SWORE BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im Snagging HuhIm Snagging Huh3 kun oldin