24kGoldn - Mood (Live from Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve) ft. iann dior

5-Yan, 2021
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Music video by 24kGoldn performing Mood (Live from Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve). (C) 2020 Records Label, LLC / Columbia

  • Love 24goldn

    Soy Chorizo5Soy Chorizo5Soat oldin
  • I is fucking

    Nolan OlivaNolan Oliva5 soat oldin
  • This song is.good

    Keynaih StevensKeynaih Stevens10 soat oldin
  • U guys don’t need autotune

    King CubbyKing Cubby18 soat oldin
  • There's literally nothing wrong with this song.

    OangeWaffle43OangeWaffle4318 soat oldin
  • What a dynamic duo!

    Maxwell ChavezMaxwell ChavezKun oldin
  • I whach it in arizona

    mr agentmr agentKun oldin
  • Cool music I like it I play roblox at night and hear your music

  • Mood boy

    Johnny DukesJohnny DukesKun oldin
  • Mood

    Johnny DukesJohnny DukesKun oldin
  • Tell them then

    Gary GryrousseveGary GryrousseveKun oldin
  • Yo why they look like teenagers though

    Hp masterHp masterKun oldin
  • The drummer just vibbin

  • 1:40 is the best part

    Brianna VuktilajBrianna Vuktilaj2 kun oldin
  • Why you always mood fucking like brand-new try play it cool

    Bryson HornbackBryson Hornback2 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Ethan HallEthan Hall2 kun oldin
  • The guy on the drums is straight vibin'

    TheOneAndOnlyFerretTheOneAndOnlyFerret2 kun oldin
    • I know right

      Elvia AyalaElvia Ayala2 kun oldin
  • Darn it it’s the clean version

    Gamer dude586Gamer dude5862 kun oldin
  • he blew up all of a sudden.... and his line “ i soul my sold to the devil for designer” SOMETHING AINT RIGHTTTTT

    nokizzykyy _nokizzykyy _2 kun oldin
  • My fav

    Greyson NguyenGreyson Nguyen2 kun oldin

    Greyson NguyenGreyson Nguyen2 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kendrick fishing Hawaii SayconKendrick fishing Hawaii Saycon2 kun oldin
  • My fav singer and my fav song equals my pee my pants in excitement

    Liam B.Liam B.2 kun oldin

    Lizzeth CruzLizzeth Cruz2 kun oldin
  • 1:40

    CoolaPlaysCoolaPlays3 kun oldin
  • So good

    Kamran MabinKamran Mabin3 kun oldin
  • I like this song🤩🔥🇸🇳

    Barham DiengBarham Dieng3 kun oldin
  • Best song

    Boston Bruins Every dayBoston Bruins Every day3 kun oldin
  • This is awsome

    Dotty LlamaDotty Llama3 kun oldin
  • 🔥

    M. MonroeM. Monroe3 kun oldin
  • I just love this song 🎧🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Maria AlcafarasMaria Alcafaras3 kun oldin
  • I love this song

    Jennifere HagenbuchJennifere Hagenbuch3 kun oldin

    DaveDave3 kun oldin
  • I like mood because it's saying big eye you're always in a mood and it's so cool. Even though the song is called the moon it's so

    Corina AbadCorina Abad3 kun oldin
  • I love your song

    Bridget GrellBridget Grell4 kun oldin
  • Great song

    Greg NegreteGreg Negrete4 kun oldin
  • It was my often video

    Damian FernandezDamian Fernandez4 kun oldin
  • They just copied me

    Damian FernandezDamian Fernandez4 kun oldin
  • In March 27 in 2020

    Damian FernandezDamian Fernandez4 kun oldin
  • And I did this a year ago this song

    Damian FernandezDamian Fernandez4 kun oldin
  • I did it on UZworld

    Damian FernandezDamian Fernandez4 kun oldin
  • You copy when I said why you always messing around

    Damian FernandezDamian Fernandez4 kun oldin
  • vibin

    TheOneAndOnlyFerretTheOneAndOnlyFerret4 kun oldin
  • Thay now say mess around Instead of Fu## around And I'm like 😳😮🤨

    Terra DuranTerra Duran4 kun oldin
  • 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    Brady RudeenBrady Rudeen4 kun oldin
  • It's better live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ilan CornIlan Corn4 kun oldin
  • They sound different

    Maria AlcafarasMaria Alcafaras4 kun oldin
  • I*I

    Adrian SmoakAdrian Smoak4 kun oldin
  • Love the music

    XxTikoxX fanXxTikoxX fan4 kun oldin
  • 24kGoldn voice cracked lol

    Clouds XoxoClouds Xoxo4 kun oldin
  • Young legend right there

    Arena QauntixArena Qauntix4 kun oldin
  • My family watched this on new year’s

    Eric PeelEric Peel5 kun oldin
  • Bro this man doing this song live over 10 times

    cool- dudecool- dude5 kun oldin
  • My fav😊

    Gavin PrenticeGavin Prentice5 kun oldin
  • A lot

    Keegan MontgomeryKeegan Montgomery5 kun oldin
  • Even for a clean version it’s still 🔥

    Eshaan SimhaEshaan Simha5 kun oldin
  • It sounds exactly the same as he music video!!!

    Eshaan SimhaEshaan Simha5 kun oldin
  • Why does it say I’m subscribed 😂

    ARandomDudeARandomDude5 kun oldin
  • 2:02 my favorite part of the performance

    Joseph MahaffyJoseph Mahaffy5 kun oldin
  • that was fire and yeah happy new years

    De'Auna WilliamsDe'Auna Williams5 kun oldin
  • Bro did I just see pokimane

    Gc MattGc Matt5 kun oldin
  • 你在中国有许多粉丝 能来中国开一场演唱会吗 you have many fans in China, China tour, plz

    Deft StrongDeft Strong5 kun oldin
  • Goldn seems really like able

    Instant SaNitYInstant SaNitY5 kun oldin
  • I think I like coco more now

    fishy nippys 1234fishy nippys 12345 kun oldin
  • Ian Dior looks like a chef 🤪

    Hudson EwingHudson Ewing5 kun oldin
  • i love this song

    aizza bobaizza bob6 kun oldin
  • BRUH YOUR STILL PREFORMING DIS???????????? LOL XD hahhahah Idc this is a FIRE song!

    Kennedy SiriwatanarongKennedy Siriwatanarong6 kun oldin
  • My favorite song 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💜

    Katelyn BKatelyn B6 kun oldin
  • I feel bad for the people that know about this song

    Justin PenaJustin Pena6 kun oldin
  • Every fortnite montage UZworldr uses this 🙄.

    CWS Wrestling AnimationsCWS Wrestling Animations6 kun oldin
  • He kills it when he says baby I’m not your dad

  • Lol Why are you always in a mood mess round like a brand new Diss my song yo

  • you went all out hommie

    DillionDillion6 kun oldin
  • This and coco are my favorite songs Oh and city of angels

    silly fishsilly fish6 kun oldin
  • Dis is da bes

    Alex 6009 NAlex 6009 N6 kun oldin
  • The boys 24kgoldn and iann dior come back

    Anthony BarrerasAnthony Barreras6 kun oldin
  • Why is tis boys nails painted

    Leyah HendricksLeyah Hendricks6 kun oldin
  • This is my fav song

    Mr BarneyMr Barney7 kun oldin
  • Next time when on dis do flip round

  • 24kGoldn for life

    Rex Playz!Rex Playz!7 kun oldin
  • Me toooooooooo

    Niko with whyman44Niko with whyman447 kun oldin
  • ¿Por qué no dejan verlo en latinoamerica???

    Leandro AloisiLeandro Aloisi7 kun oldin

    Jaxson playzJaxson playz7 kun oldin
  • I've been mesin round 😏😏😏

  • Fire bro

    Natasha SwopesNatasha Swopes7 kun oldin
  • This is the clean version

    Fawn KearnsFawn Kearns7 kun oldin
  • Singing Mood on new year’s Awesome ✨

    Saul HernandezSaul Hernandez7 kun oldin

    Anonymous PlayerAnonymous Player7 kun oldin
  • THIS IS NOT OK UZworld

    Anonymous PlayerAnonymous Player7 kun oldin

    roblox gamer bamerroblox gamer bamer7 kun oldin
  • love it

    Jaliyiah HollingshedJaliyiah Hollingshed7 kun oldin
  • you guys are super awsome

    Jeremiah SharpJeremiah Sharp7 kun oldin
  • Funny how they said mess bc it was live tv

    SNF hopeSNF hope7 kun oldin
  • The song is sooooi op

    coolkidaxel 13coolkidaxel 137 kun oldin
    • And it’s awesome

      coolkidaxel 13coolkidaxel 137 kun oldin
  • This song got annoying really fast

    Aaron Donald is the best DT in the NFLAaron Donald is the best DT in the NFL7 kun oldin
  • i have the feeling that they are going to be a one hit wonder but thats not a bad thing. i dig this tune

    jim catalfamojim catalfamo7 kun oldin
  • there litterly 1 cause word and its the most fire song!

    Micah GamerMicah Gamer7 kun oldin
  • I think mood was his biggest hit 🥺💖👌

    ୨୧ auraliana ୨୧୨୧ auraliana ୨୧8 kun oldin
  • They had that swag

    C. DaleC. Dale8 kun oldin
  • I thought it was fucking round acting brand new

    Noah NoahNoah Noah8 kun oldin