#219 - The Gates Of Hell | The Tim Dillon Show

26-Sen, 2020
245 111 Ko‘rishlar soni

Released by popular demand, this week Tim talks about what people really think about you if they constantly tell you to go vote, a journalist that tried to smear him in Esquire, defends a friend's right to make a living, and closes with a song of jubilee. Note: Tim has an out of body experience on the episode so cannot be held responsible for anything said.

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    The Tim Dillon ShowThe Tim Dillon Show22 kun oldin
    • What about the Zionism bro

      Sunder AldridgeSunder Aldridge6 kun oldin
    • How dare you sir. This troll account is inspired by your amazing rant

      Chelsea PerettiChelsea Peretti12 kun oldin
    • Hi Tim, I just bought 4 cases of Magic Spoon as a thank you to all the hours of free podcasts you have gave me. I forgot to use the promo code but I’m sure it still counts right? Let freedom RIIIIIIIIING!!!! 🇺🇸🎵

      Lucas LevonLucas Levon12 kun oldin
    • just finished the full show after watching you on jre and i can safely say i found my new favorite podcast. dont ever change tim.

      DuckPigsDuckPigs17 kun oldin
    • thank you for saying what the rest of us are thinking

      DuckPigsDuckPigs17 kun oldin
  • Love you Tim. Keep going

    caylyn111caylyn11113 soat oldin
  • Love you Ben Tim

    Harambe GuerillaFlameDouserHarambe GuerillaFlameDouserKun oldin
  • Its crazy how agile and thin tim is

    Ryan BreilingRyan BreilingKun oldin
  • That ending was awesome

    DegeteiDegeteiKun oldin
  • Hhahahahahahahaha

    Brian IrizarryBrian IrizarryKun oldin
  • TRUMP 2020

    Adam CampbellAdam Campbell2 kun oldin
  • 45:24 going in

    Jack JackJack Jack2 kun oldin
  • We need td in asheville

    Dirty MilkDirty Milk2 kun oldin
  • Best episode of all time.

    Chris CaringoChris Caringo3 kun oldin
  • That was a brilliant show! Just discovered your services, and I appreciate it.

    CV BertonCV Berton3 kun oldin
  • Seems the purpose of Q is to take credit for all Trump's successes. "It's the plan" after all, "trust the plan", not: "Thank you, President Trump, for standing up for hard-working tax-payers!"

    CV BertonCV Berton3 kun oldin
  • C. Peretti deserves a military tribunal

    ibzzyibzzy3 kun oldin
  • Bravo

    Matt StoeckerMatt Stoecker3 kun oldin
  • Best podcast from here ive listened to yet and i love this show. Thanks Tim

    John WertzJohn Wertz4 kun oldin
  • Go to taco bell with a gun in November and tell em if the Mexican pizza disappears then so do you!!!!!

    Matt LinderMatt Linder4 kun oldin
  • Love you, Tim. Mental health usually resides in the middle. You and Joe Rogan are blessings in this current climate of extremism.

    Vicki SaaliVicki Saali5 kun oldin
  • Alex Jones brought me here and I'm staying

    Felix-Sebastian CosmaFelix-Sebastian Cosma5 kun oldin
  • that at the end was carlin, I don't need to read tweets anymoore

    Felix-Sebastian CosmaFelix-Sebastian Cosma5 kun oldin
  • This is a fucking masterpiece, Tim.

    MrDenLDCMrDenLDC5 kun oldin
  • Patrice flew. Tim is flying. Keep going bruv.

    LarryZelmannLarryZelmann5 kun oldin
  • Can someone reply with the time stamp of the Chesea Peretti rant.

    Sam McCormackSam McCormack5 kun oldin
    • 43:57-49:39

      Patrick NelsonPatrick Nelson5 kun oldin
  • the closing Martina song, hilarious LMAO

    MikeMike6 kun oldin
  • Just kind of wish there was video. Should have just looped the video from the beginning.

    • Agree with everything u said though thanks

      DAD SERVERDAD SERVER6 kun oldin
  • Bring out the chief. Last-flag-standing.com

    Sunder AldridgeSunder Aldridge6 kun oldin
  • Tim Dillon 2020, fuck it

    willybober2willybober26 kun oldin
  • There is no way those magic spoon plugs are considered positive. Also, you remind me of bill hicks, and bill hicks was one of the best that ever did it

    willybober2willybober26 kun oldin
  • That was amazing! This is the guy!! Fist time listener here and I’m here to stay baaaaaabbbbyy!!!

    Jesse ScottJesse Scott7 kun oldin
    • Buddy.......buckle up.

      Alexander McCrackenAlexander McCracken5 kun oldin
  • The guy next to him has the hardest job for not laughing out loud bro.

    Harpreet BangaHarpreet Banga7 kun oldin
  • 1:29:58 Tim's genuine laugh, even with that hint of insanity, is so heartwarming to me

    campaignercampaigner7 kun oldin
  • They did knock and announce their presence and she was not in bed, she was in the hallway where her boyfriend was shooting, almost looks like she's a human shield, the warrant was for her along with others, she had a history of dealing drugs, had a dead body found shot up in her rental car, which is why she wasn't an EMT years ago because they barred her from working in healthcare, George Floyd OD'd, the body cam footage shows that he was not cooperating ended up kicking himself out of the back seat as he was telling them "please hold me on the ground please please hold me on the ground" where he died of heart complications from the severe od'ing he gave himself, Facts and evidence and truth, emotions are nothing but chemical reactions in your head, Where only giving in to that and ignoring all the evidence that we gather, are fools and that's why it looks like a bunch of chimps are going around destroying everything, throwing s*** everywhere,ecause that's how they're behaving....

    Ultra UnityUltra Unity7 kun oldin
  • Can someone animate this episode?

    Rolando GomezRolando Gomez8 kun oldin
  • Tulsi Gabbard tried to give everyone healthcare. Stop lying about her Tim, you sound like you're in the CIA.

    Brenden DBrenden D8 kun oldin
  • It's really scary how strongly poorly or often wrongly informed people sometimes feel the need to react.

    Helena Monique ClarkeHelena Monique Clarke8 kun oldin
  • Got to love that there's a disclaimer in the beginning 💀💀💀

    jaysun from the seajaysun from the sea8 kun oldin
  • This episode upset me so much - I laughed my Ass off !

    John FrymanJohn Fryman8 kun oldin
  • I listen to this everyday.

    hannah blackhannah black8 kun oldin
  • When u go crazy like this we need to see you on video

    scirasco1scirasco18 kun oldin
  • That loose change did kinda knock it outta the park tho.

    Not Almost Famous /C.McCartneyNot Almost Famous /C.McCartney9 kun oldin
  • Freedom means people won't think like you, that's a good thing.

    Aaron WestAaron West9 kun oldin
  • Don't leave LA Tim, stay in the vortex. The people need your voice.

    Bill JohnsonBill Johnson9 kun oldin
  • These behaviors and the cringy naked things seem to be coming from one side though...

    Anthony DayAnthony Day9 kun oldin
  • He went off!!! I loved every moment of it!!

    J. W.J. W.10 kun oldin
  • 1:04:33

    jacob levensonjacob levenson10 kun oldin
  • tim is the goat

    KeithKeith10 kun oldin
  • The fact that Tim puts his self out there to call out Chelsea for trying to take food away from Joey's kid almost made me tear up. They don't make em like you anymore Tim.

    Zack DoppZack Dopp10 kun oldin
  • "What revolution has merch?" That's well said Tim. And I think your funny and idc about what you do on your personal time with other dudes butts or them with yours

    Theater of the AbsurdTheater of the Absurd11 kun oldin
  • im dying laughing..

    Maggie MartinMaggie Martin11 kun oldin
  • Tim is channeling the vengeful spirit of Truth reaaserting itself in this world. Yes or yes?

    Damian MougakosDamian Mougakos11 kun oldin
  • T D preach up in this BTCH church yayers, some of tims best work to date love it

    Craig BaileyCraig Bailey11 kun oldin
  • I just impulse listened to this episode! Sub back for low quality clips from Frankfurt (Oder)!

    Mexican MinimalismMexican Minimalism11 kun oldin
  • Buy that merch

    NerdThatHitUrMomNerdThatHitUrMom11 kun oldin
  • Tim Dillon, keep doing this!

    Chop WoodChop Wood11 kun oldin
  • Making bubba burgers later lol. come to florida

    Camron FoxCamron Fox12 kun oldin
  • That ending was mad!!!!

    a ma m12 kun oldin
  • Tim is the #1 goat right now

    Salt_SlingerSalt_Slinger12 kun oldin
  • At around the 48:00 mark he starts naming girls that are not hot. Does anyone know their last names? I want to look them up and laugh lol.

    Troy VickTroy Vick12 kun oldin
  • lol 😂 the be Shapiro imitation

    SS12 kun oldin
  • They did knock on the door when they served the warrent. The cops were fired upon and fired back. Yes it was horrible but it was the new boyfriend drug dealers fault, along with the ex drug dealer boyfriend who the cops were there for. George floyed was going to OD even if the over zealous cop didn't lean on his neck for way too long. He had enough fent in his sytem to kill the first 20 people who read this. He resisted arrest the entire time.

    Jimmy TurnerJimmy Turner12 kun oldin
  • "What revolution sells merch?" lol! Also since when do Marxists practice capitalism selling them merch shirts?

    Matlas McGillMatlas McGill12 kun oldin
  • I dedicate this troll account to you Mr. Dillon

    Chelsea PerettiChelsea Peretti12 kun oldin
  • @1:29:47 Let freedom RiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNG!!!!! 🤣🇺🇸

    Lucas LevonLucas Levon12 kun oldin
  • honestly the prelude built up for so long i thought the joke would be that he never really posted a patreon episode to the youtube channel.

    Masami EiriMasami Eiri12 kun oldin
  • Just subscribed. Love the show. Can't listen in bed anymore because my giggling keeps her awake.

    Jeff HosteJeff Hoste12 kun oldin
  • When I have a bad day, I come back to listen the last 3 minutes, never fails to cheer me up. Let Freedom Ring.

    Sylvester CalzoneSylvester Calzone12 kun oldin
    • Hahaha I like your name and pic 🤣

      Troy VickTroy Vick12 kun oldin
  • Tim's Ads are more entertaining than most other podcast content. #MagicSpoon.

    Beau Man123Beau Man12312 kun oldin
  • @1:26:17 🤣

    Lucas LevonLucas Levon13 kun oldin
  • Rogan single handily is going to ruin podcasting by getting all the comedians to disperse all over the nation. Podcasts that revolve around interviewing comedians are going to be incredibly limited to just ppl visiting whatever city they’re in. They will become glorified radio/morning shows. Hell almost every one of Rogans episodes in Austin have been ehhh at best. Your podcast will be fine but I definitely see other comedians leaving the interview platform.

    Billy MechBilly Mech13 kun oldin
  • Look up company that did security at twin towers on 7-11

    Jeremy HogelandJeremy Hogeland13 kun oldin
  • Thank you for being the best fucking thing ever.

    Jon LauroJon Lauro13 kun oldin
  • A much more coherent alex jones

    Michael McLaughlinMichael McLaughlin13 kun oldin
  • Love the laughter in the background

    Maxim KindMaxim Kind13 kun oldin
  • This is powerful fucking podcasting.

    Danny MullenDanny Mullen13 kun oldin
  • You’re a gem, light of my life, twinkle in my eye.

    JulieTVeefyJulieTVeefy13 kun oldin
  • Love your work Tim. Don't sell yourself short. Your the last of a dying breed.

    Brian WeltyBrian Welty13 kun oldin
  • the ending lmao. that was brilliant. rip chelsea

    Danielle BlessieDanielle Blessie13 kun oldin
  • You REALLY need to get in touch with Dan Harmon !! When you do those improv off the top rambling it reminds me so much of the best Rick and Mitty monologues. Your voice would also be great as a character for the show if not I’d love to see what episode ideas you could come up with ! much love 👍

    Oliver CopelandOliver Copeland13 kun oldin
  • fun with dilon

    MR.C&A Video911GameMR.C&A Video911Game13 kun oldin
  • 28:00 33:15 45:29-49:57&56:22

    Tee VeeTee Vee13 kun oldin
  • Love Tim Dillon! -fellow disgruntled long Islander!

    Res1514Res151413 kun oldin
  • why is the other guy smiling to everything dillon says

    KANKAN13 kun oldin
  • Tim you just made me feel more patriotic than I ever have! This is America God damnit!!

    Cole DennisonCole Dennison13 kun oldin
  • We love you Tim Dillon.

    Cole DennisonCole Dennison13 kun oldin
  • I love Tim Dillon, hes my favorite comedian, but he also has a very logical political view.

    444 COLUMBUS 444444 COLUMBUS 44413 kun oldin
  • “They” will never win.

    Joe McClendonJoe McClendon13 kun oldin
  • That ending got me good hahaha

    Zach SuperfiskyZach Superfisky13 kun oldin
  • Tim Dillon went off on this one. So great.

    Zach SuperfiskyZach Superfisky14 kun oldin
  • This was incredible

    Peter McIndoePeter McIndoe14 kun oldin
  • This was fucking epic!

    Ana Crespo-PaulsonAna Crespo-Paulson14 kun oldin
  • Haven't checked in a while and he ben shaprio'd his episodes behind paywalls? Pass.

    Salty GruntSalty Grunt14 kun oldin
    • Bye 👋. Nobody cares.

      Troy VickTroy Vick12 kun oldin
  • Where is this episode? I wanna see it, not the , here let me explain right before i get cancelled episode.

    gloriouspopeman tomgloriouspopeman tom14 kun oldin
  • 7 months ago 60k subs. Amazing growth. Brilliant 👌

    Chris BrennanChris Brennan14 kun oldin
  • Tim Is such a breath of fresh air in these ever growing toxic times. Keep rolling brother! Respect.

    teakoteako14 kun oldin
  • Pure gold

    trey menchacatrey menchaca14 kun oldin
  • My husband drove down to Nashville to see Tim this weekend. They played Martina McBride after the show! Hahaha Let the weak be strong!!!!!

    Shawna HarlessShawna Harless14 kun oldin
  • Best thing I've ever heard. Bravo, Sir.

    Matthew SchrumpMatthew Schrump15 kun oldin
  • I’m gonna need a Tim Dillon & Jimmy Dore 3-4 hour long podcast episode!

    Stephen ObisanyaStephen Obisanya15 kun oldin
  • By far my favorite episode yet!

    Jim ClukeyJim Clukey15 kun oldin
  • 💯

    A.T. OUTDOORSA.T. OUTDOORS15 kun oldin
  • the timestamp guy from JRE needs to bless the comments

    Injifata NuresuInjifata Nuresu15 kun oldin