2021 Toyota Supra vs 1994 Toyota Supra // JDM Legends Face Off

30-Sen, 2020
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This is the new 2021 Toyota Supra, and it costs $67,690 CAD. Strangely, so does the old MKIV from 1994. Both share a name, but do both deserve the same reputation? Considering that there are 27 years between these two, can the old one stack up, and can the new one continue the legacy? James and Thomas jump behind the wheel of both to experience them and discuss them inside and out. Watch and enjoy!
Huge thank you to Ceramic Pro Vaughan, who allowed us to look way more 'street' than we deserve by facilitating us on their location. instagram.com/ceramicpro_vaughan/
And a massive thank you to Joe for letting us feature his MKIV!
And thank you to Vik and Miguel for coming out and being mad lads.
Post-production by the man, the myth, the legend: Karston Chong
Oh and also Thomas Holland
Music from Epidemicsound.com
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  • "stock"

    Jimmeh0hJimmeh0h3 soat oldin
  • 0:42 yes that is a supra :*😂

    Dede sally EfendiDede sally Efendi3 soat oldin
  • Just another BMW, Toyota should be ashamed of new one

    A1A15 soat oldin
  • No 2jz no supra... Fu**ing yeah.

    MaverickMaverick5 soat oldin
  • Everyone had iron blocks with aluminum heads, the 2jzgte wasn't specifically developed for the Supra, it was fitted to the Aristo and Crown two years earlier.. So yeah.

    rasch19785rasch197856 soat oldin
  • I love BMW's I own one, however 2JZ is legendary, MK5 is just a cool car... also I doubt it will keep it's value over time and it's even more unlikely it will increase it's market value

    Julio PalmaJulio Palma10 soat oldin
  • Can you imagine how quickly the new Supra's engine would explode pushed like the Mk4?

    jeffk412jeffk41211 soat oldin
  • " I own it " love it good on you mate!

    Andrew PaigeAndrew Paige12 soat oldin
  • What game is that?

    Max HarrisMax Harris12 soat oldin
  • I really wanted to see a draft race lol

    N0ENEMIESN0ENEMIES12 soat oldin
  • I bet the knew one would be better on a purely performance standpoint because it’s a successor so it kinda has to be but the old one is still good

    Mixup 221Mixup 22113 soat oldin
  • Current Supra = FT86's bigger brother 90's Supra = THE BIG DADDY!

    Man TaMan Ta15 soat oldin
  • No dragrace? Doesnt matter, we all know the MK4 would win hands down.

    DidYouHear AFluteDidYouHear AFlute17 soat oldin
  • You should compare a Toyota 2020 car interior with the new Supra's interior that way you can determine if the Japanese design has changed to this (German) layout

    Χαραλαμπος ΑιδινηςΧαραλαμπος Αιδινης17 soat oldin
  • おもしろ!((´∀`*))ヶラヶラ

    mikimiki612mikimiki612Kun oldin
  • Mk5 isn’t a legend yet.

    Leo GintoLeo GintoKun oldin
  • At least put a manual in the 2021 "supra" #not a supra

    410 Billy410 BillyKun oldin
  • The old car was built by engineers, the new one by BMW.

    Alexei VoloshinAlexei VoloshinKun oldin
  • You mean a 2021 BMW right?

    Cave ManCave ManKun oldin
  • The new Supra is so ugly. You'd have to pay me to drive one.

    Kenshin HimuraKenshin HimuraKun oldin
  • The absolutely lazy design choice to not put a JDM dash in the new Supra. Of all its many faults not getting that unique Japanese dash feel was a dreadful choice.

    Peter Paul ChatoPeter Paul ChatoKun oldin
  • the controller is not even on lol

    lolitslandonlolitslandonKun oldin
  • That intro has just the right amount of cheese

    Lester CrestLester CrestKun oldin
  • The old one is much cooler the the boring new bmw roadster "toyota "

    Some HaterSome HaterKun oldin
  • the attempt to be cool and ape top gear is really obvious and really annoying. neither of the hosts are cool, approximate cool or look good doing this. either you want to be silly and comfortable to watch with these hosts or they are cool - which is it? cause you can't have it changing second to second and make any sense. saying they do it on top gear isn't a defense, they don't really, the hosts are cold professionals usually, with the odd joke, and you aren't top gear. direction is low quality, one or two take nonsense, editing is very sloppy, the shots aren't perfect enough to even be stringed together the same way. decide whether you want to be a poor rip off of top gear (with personality less hosts) or your own show. you're never going to get us into bed when there's someone far hotter in proximity. provide something they don't or do their show, but better than them (you aren't coming close with no money and no personality). change strategy

    Nine DragonsNine DragonsKun oldin
  • This was a great plug for the mkiv supra :)

    SyncopiaSyncopiaKun oldin
  • Mk4 Supra's have to be one of the most overrated cars of all time.. Yes, it has a great platform for drag racing as the motor can be built to hold big power, but in stock form, the car sucks. My neighbor spent over 80K on a really clean lower mile example. Completely stock. He took me for a ride in it, and I couldnt tell him how bad the car was lol.. It was incredibly slow, heavy, bulky, didnt handle well.. Im sure the poor guy will figure it out himself and then be $50K more in the hole after he has to mod the thing to make it anywhere near enjoyable.

    Mike HarkinsMike HarkinsKun oldin
  • I'd rather be slower in the old one than faster in the new one.

    Evil DEvil DKun oldin
  • Love this channel, intros are next level, especially 0:39, you guys 🤣🤣

    JASWANTH PrachodaiJASWANTH PrachodaiKun oldin
  • 7:36 why is this funny xd

    Gabriel LascuGabriel LascuKun oldin
  • hurr durr automatic bad gearbox. Hurr durr its a bmw. Name a burning peugeot a bmw since it is a bad bmw engine. 1.6 thp.

    MATHEOO !MATHEOO !Kun oldin
  • The most overrated piece of shit cars known to ever exist.

    Adam NelsonAdam NelsonKun oldin
  • No race?????

    Alexis SantosAlexis SantosKun oldin
  • He cracked a sly smile and said, I own it. Give me shivers. It's such a truthful statement

    Mgr SparesMgr Spares2 kun oldin
  • That ending bit "I own it" put a smile on my face for some reason.

    Martin BelsonMartin Belson2 kun oldin
  • Imma stir up some trouble here... I LIKE THE NEW SUPRA MORE

    w a l k e rw a l k e r2 kun oldin
  • 17:54 :D

    pikeeepikeee2 kun oldin
  • I like how they r diving the old Supra with almost no fuel lol

    Preetha VickramPreetha Vickram2 kun oldin
  • Nice bmw

    NamesaFreddoNamesaFreddo2 kun oldin
  • I wonder what Toyota (Or BMW) is gonna do in the Future with the Supra.

    zykeveyin malonezykeveyin malone2 kun oldin
  • wow a monotonic horn in a car of this caliber? that's... so cheap. seriously?

    GraveUypoGraveUypo2 kun oldin
  • Booo, MKIII or bust

    George MouaGeorge Moua2 kun oldin
  • I wonder how many put mk5 seats in a mk4 supra?that would look really good.

    Budget Boost DIYBudget Boost DIY2 kun oldin
  • one fatal blow was exposing the FT-1 concept as the new supra and getting everyone excited about that and then getting this supra instead.The FT-1 created way to high expectations and made the supra look like a 99c store version of it when it came out. The new supra is growing n me and bodykits really make me see the "supra" part of it.The next fatal blow was no manual transmission.This is the soul of a sports car and the most important aspect when I buy a sports car.The car simply loses it soul without it.

    Budget Boost DIYBudget Boost DIY2 kun oldin
  • Too many comedians in comments telling bmw to the supra, cant stop laughing :|

    twistrtwistr2 kun oldin
  • The steering wheel on the MK4 is absolutely horrible, change that asap owner, please.

    Pedro SilvaPedro Silva3 kun oldin
  • Watching the fast and the furious in 2001 brought me here

    Kevin FreiheitKevin Freiheit3 kun oldin
  • Nissan started the "driver centric" thing in sports cars with the R32 Skyline and Fairlady Z32 in the very late 80s.... I love driver centric interiors. It shows the makers are really thinking about the driver experience to the max. The Supra, FD RX7...and maybe even the Mitsubishi GTO (3000GT) followed suit. Those were great times indeed

    Kamar GKamar G3 kun oldin
  • What's that dart noise with the new supra when shifting

    Bigbot HoeeBigbot Hoee3 kun oldin
  • Old one still looks nicer lol

    Bigbot HoeeBigbot Hoee3 kun oldin
  • The tail of the 2021 supra is like a blowned skirt

    IcingOnThe CakeIcingOnThe Cake3 kun oldin
  • Love toyota

    IcingOnThe CakeIcingOnThe Cake3 kun oldin
  • The old one is the smarter buy, it will continue to appreciate while the new will depreciates.

    Alex BourgAlex Bourg3 kun oldin
  • There is a Solar Yellow, Aerotop Supra, which is 1/1, is available for AU$150,000. Also under 100,000km

    Jaiden DeteringJaiden Detering3 kun oldin
  • I would say top $200,000 usd

    nivronivro3 kun oldin
  • Any chance there is a 2.0 Supra review coming?

    Alan HornAlan Horn3 kun oldin
  • You can get mk4s for 30k in the uk. Lucky us I guess.

    xl Destinyyy lxxl Destinyyy lx3 kun oldin
    • Yes, very lucky. F&F screwed up car prices in the U.S.

      Shiny 428Shiny 428Kun oldin
  • These guys should have been the replacement for the top gear cast

    Nathaniel VirgoNathaniel Virgo3 kun oldin
  • Drag race?

    John BJohn B3 kun oldin
  • Was the 1994 Supra at the Car Show in August in Niagara Falls???

    Denys BodnarusDenys Bodnarus3 kun oldin
  • A bargain compared to europe!

    Cevair ZuferCevair Zufer3 kun oldin
  • Everyone think about this wat if they put a 2jz in the 2020 Supra 👌🏾

    Low gravityLow gravity3 kun oldin
  • the millenium generation become crazy!

    Cevair ZuferCevair Zufer3 kun oldin
  • The sound and experience of the A80's 2JZ is extremely rare thing to go through. There is no car that makes you feel the power like this

    Royce VerusRoyce Verus3 kun oldin
  • I hope the A90 haters keep it up so I can pick 1 up for cheap in a few years. I think they're gorgeous.

    madmitch105madmitch1053 kun oldin

    Matteo PassaroMatteo Passaro4 kun oldin
  • So no drag race

    Bike Swank GangBike Swank Gang4 kun oldin
  • I was waiting for a drag race 😪

    Movies&SeriesMovies&Series4 kun oldin
  • Best car in the world with best youtuber

  • The MK4 is stunning. The most beautiful car ever made.

    Mary ReedMary Reed4 kun oldin
    • F40 is gorgeous.

      Shiny 428Shiny 428Kun oldin
    • I challenge that with the fd rx7

      Kyle KingKyle King3 kun oldin
  • 2021 Supra is not is not a jdm legend

    MunsonMANMunsonMAN4 kun oldin
  • 24:05 There is probably no better feeling in the world. Happy for that man. My dream car as well.

    Ruben GardinerRuben Gardiner4 kun oldin
  • This Channel wins best intros of any car review channel

    Ruben GardinerRuben Gardiner4 kun oldin
  • Def the 94. The new one is a pos compared to it. Its basically not even a Supra but a BMW.

    S1gm@_WolfS1gm@_Wolf4 kun oldin
  • That guitar solo was epic!

    american seoulamerican seoul4 kun oldin
  • Bmw z4 = new supra

    Kathashi_YuuたかKathashi_Yuuたか4 kun oldin
  • I did not like it at first but the new supra is growing on me

    iTxipiTxip4 kun oldin
  • Winner? That’s easy... The classic Supra! 1; is actually a real Toyota, not a rebadged BMW (nothing against BMW, but “badge engineering” is stupid) 2; has an actual MANUAL TRANSMISSION, not a stupid bloody sludgebox, no automatic, not even the “mythical” ZF 8 speed, has the immersion and interactivity of a true manual 3; Toyota reliability 4; no blind spot capable of hiding an aircraft carrier, I’ve sat in a new SupraMW, and the blind spots to the rear are phenomenal, you get better rear visibility out of a slab side panel van! 5; the classic cool factor and the mystique of being one of the original designs 6: MANUAL TRANSMISSION! I can’t overemphasize this enough, a “sports” car without a manual is a poseur. Period! If they *had* to use an automatic for some reason, the only acceptable compromise, and it IS a compromise, would be a DCT/DSG “automated manual”

    MacTechG4MacTechG44 kun oldin
  • Old supra vs new bmw

    Gulisano LucaGulisano Luca4 kun oldin
  • Why do people keep comparing a Toyota supra with a BMW Z4???

    Peter PanPeter Pan4 kun oldin
  • I had a 1986 supra purchased for $500 If I had only known

    Jason AxJason Ax4 kun oldin
  • Hands-down the 94 supra is sexy without all the fake crap

    Jason AxJason Ax4 kun oldin
  • More like .... 2021 BMW vs. 1994 Toyota Supra. The Real Supra wins.

    storypunmanstorypunman4 kun oldin
  • Imagine a supra a80 with the interior of the new one

    Miguel AliceaMiguel Alicea4 kun oldin
  • I see a bmw and a supra

    dv5ydn4s5jhs5rhs4tdv5ydn4s5jhs5rhs4t4 kun oldin
  • 2JZ is a legend for many decades to come

    Vic DiazVic Diaz5 kun oldin
  • My dad used to own a MKA80 Supra but he sold it

    Mr Hmm QuachMr Hmm Quach5 kun oldin
  • Shit the new supra sounds like its got the Hershey squirts between gears😂

    James SciampaconeJames Sciampacone5 kun oldin
  • Old skool all the way dunno why Toyota didnt just remake the old engine upgrade it instead of going to bmw

    Marley LyshemMarley Lyshem5 kun oldin
    • They don’t have the tooling to make I6s anymore.

      Appletank8Appletank84 kun oldin
  • Good job dudes.

    C AC A5 kun oldin
  • Mk4 Supra...people literally fell for the meme. Look, its a sports car in the sense that its a GT car, grand touring car right. No one really gave a shit when the car first came out, it sold like shit, and just because the original Fast and Furious made it the halo car years later, people then gave a shit. Period. If it had been any other car, the supra would be in the same place the 300z, 3000gt, etc is now. The new Supra was targeting Porsche , and the new car is more a proper track focused sports car and less grand tourer. Is the mk4 Supra a nice car, yep, but its only a legend because of a movie. The engine model number is only repeated because of a movie...let that sink in. No one would say "it has the 2jz" before the movie said it. The movie made the car what it is, it didn't earn it with its own merit.

    TeamGunstarTeamGunstar5 kun oldin
  • When comparing the handling of a 25 year old car to a brand new one, you need to take into account the condition of the suspension components and if they've been renewed recently. It's a night and day difference with bushing upgrades, control arm replacements etc. Great point of view nonetheless.

    Silverbullet04Silverbullet045 kun oldin
    • Also it’s 25 year old technology mint condition or not

      Nathaniel VirgoNathaniel Virgo3 kun oldin
  • Very cool intro

    Mitch OconnellMitch Oconnell5 kun oldin
  • I live in Michigan where we only have one license plate. The one on the front looks horrible.

    Robert RudorfRobert Rudorf5 kun oldin
  • Probably one of the most solid points in these videos, old supra has become that "dream car" status new one I can't see getting there

    Matt StarnesMatt Starnes6 kun oldin
  • Bro I know a Gary that only works on Toyota’s

    seth sparksseth sparks6 kun oldin
  • The 1994 Supra is way superior than the new one. I will buy 1994 Supra all day.

    Helmut StouthamerHelmut Stouthamer6 kun oldin
    • Goodluck with that. :)

      Syafiq MienomiSyafiq Mienomi4 kun oldin
  • I see Supra’s all the time on the road I’m tired of saying is that a supra

    Abner DiazAbner Diaz6 kun oldin
  • 5 years from now youll find Mk Vs for $25k the Mk IVs will still be the same price if not more.

    HarawanagangstaHarawanagangsta6 kun oldin
  • We wanted a Mk IV: 2 not a Mk V: BMW Edition. But Toyota isnt fun anymore. and they refuse to take any amount of risk. There would be a massive market for a Mk IV: 2. There isnt a huge market for yet another rwd sports coup/gt The 2003 Pontiac GTO worked as a rebadged Vauxhall because the Vauxhall wasnt available to everyone that the GTO was. And the market for that type of V8 coup at the time was high. The Mk IV costs so much because its a very unique car that is in low supply and an inherent demand. Trying to replace it with a very unique BMW rebadge Wont affect the price of the Mk IV because it doesnt replace it. Its just a name.

    HarawanagangstaHarawanagangsta6 kun oldin