2021 SWAC Football Southern vs Alabama State

27-Fev, 2021
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February 26, 2021 SWAC Football: Southern University Jaguars vs Alabama State Hornets as SWAC Conference Play kicks off. The game was streamed by ESPN3 and I do not own the rights to the game.

  • #8 for Southern giving me Steve "Air" McNair vibes 🏈🏉

    The JayThe Jay24 kun oldin
  • Gary wit da Tea from The Rickey Smiley Morning Show played Quarterback for Alabama State, Rock T was his star receiver! Rickey Smiley was in the band.

    Spoonie GSpoonie GOy oldin
  • It would be nice if the sound worked

    Dana CallananDana CallananOy oldin
  • Is it me, or did the Jags survive some questionable calls in this one. The QB definiely had secured the fumble before the defender ripped it out of his hand, and that catch was clearly a TD and in real time it definitely looked like a TD. those were 14 point swings could have easily cost the jags the game. ASU's QB is tough though. He's going to be good. Their defense played well also.

    joinerSUjagsbluengoljoinerSUjagsbluengolOy oldin
    • Yes, the way it was explained that the ref did not have the angle to see that was a catch. Good game for a first game of the season.

      Alex HinesAlex HinesOy oldin
  • Hey Alex, Aspire (TV channel) rebroadcast some CIAA games on Friday... did you get a chance to download them? If so, were any Bowie State at Lincoln? Thanks.

    Brandon ColemanBrandon ColemanOy oldin
    • @Frankie Larin cool! It took roughly 20 mins but it actually worked!

      Nikolas KeatonNikolas KeatonOy oldin
    • dont know if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my gfs Instagram account using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

      Frankie LarinFrankie LarinOy oldin
  • Y’all better watch out for #4 on Bama state fr. Man made 3 straight tackles on the goal line who else in college football doing that

    Joe ConleyJoe ConleyOy oldin
  • Thanks for streaming. Much appreciated

    Kevin CharlesKevin CharlesOy oldin
    • No problem! God bless you for the support!

      Alex HinesAlex HinesOy oldin
  • SU#1

  • Damn, the season already started

    Vince JohnsonVince JohnsonOy oldin
    • Yes, the season is here!

      Alex HinesAlex HinesOy oldin
  • Great Game!!!

    itsvenise Sitsvenise SOy oldin
  • Thank you I was waiting

    SnoFrmda 813SnoFrmda 813Oy oldin
    • You are welcome and thanks for your support.

      Alex HinesAlex HinesOy oldin
  • Preciate the upload

    JuCity JTJuCity JTOy oldin
    • Thank you so much!

      Alex HinesAlex HinesOy oldin
  • U quick wit it

    Mark WhitleyMark WhitleyOy oldin
    • Thanks, and that's the plan!

      Alex HinesAlex HinesOy oldin
  • I can't believe Americans are still wearing those dehumanizing, ridiculous face muzzles (masks), believing in a fake vi-rus. When are they going to wake up to reality?

    aregua1aregua1Oy oldin