2021 Audi RS6 vs Mercedes-AMG E63S // DRAG RACE, ROLL RACE & Track Review

25-Noy, 2020
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Do you need to go 0-60 in under 4 seconds while having a full Costco shop in the trunk? Watch Thomas and James take the all-new 2021 Audi RS6 ($129,450 CAD) and the Mercedes-AMG E63s ($136,000 CAD) down the Throttle House quarter mile, around the track and on the road. Both cars have twin-turbo V8’s, AWD, and around 600 horsepower but which one takes the title of the best wagon? SUBSCRIBE!
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Huge thank you to our friends and family that helped on the day, who are our heroes.
Thank you to PJ @PJsautospa and Slav @ec_slav for lending us their cars!
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And to the legends @ceramicpro_vaughan for helping to facilitate this video
Drone flying by @remotecontrolkev
Post-production by Karston Chong And Thomas Holland
Music from Epidemicsound.com
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  • You should tune your brakes while you're at it .

    Makh DembMakh Demb7 soat oldin
  • Felt like a long a$$ commercial for the tuning shop

    Makh DembMakh Demb7 soat oldin
  • Better then a BMW I believe Not.

    LUIS MoreraLUIS Morera8 soat oldin
  • The merc you can get 900hp after tuning

    55 2655 268 soat oldin
  • Sorry, Mercedes (and BMW for that matter). Looks matter. Design matters. Keep designing for the 90's and I'll continue to buy Audi :)

    Steve the DesignerSteve the Designer11 soat oldin
  • 😲!!!!...RS6 after the tune...."Goodbye"

    Kenpachi0212Kenpachi021216 soat oldin
  • . You are one of the best motorheads on UZworld. Skill and attitude. Love to watach. Greatings from Poland

    Michal OrzechowskiMichal Orzechowski21 soat oldin
  • I should give you a dislike for saying "Haudi Hat"

    Josh RhineJosh Rhine22 soat oldin
  • Mercedes better

    Dr. Hillary Thadias Nyang'angaDr. Hillary Thadias Nyang'angaKun oldin
  • Woooooow 😲😱😲that launch by Audi reminds me of Vin Diesel on Fast 'n Furious.

    Hawk EyeHawk EyeKun oldin
  • The resonant dancer classically applaud because digestion preferably suppose with a elfin letter. maniacal, stimulating giant

    Ker LozKer LozKun oldin
  • Audi is the new champion in town

    Dominique RobinsonDominique Robinson2 kun oldin
    • Guess why Audi does not install that software by factory - because it kills the car quickly

      Rick2010100Rick201010013 soat oldin
  • Absolutely would love to own either one of these beasts! Unfortunately my bank account says otherwise.

    pete devriespete devries2 kun oldin
  • GM Parts Audi Rs3 Rs4 Rs6 R8 Original 100% 👌🛸

    *GM Speed Garage**GM Speed Garage*3 kun oldin
  • Those pink colour strips on the AMG looks feminine

    NithiSh JVJNithiSh JVJ3 kun oldin
  • The E63 is a good looking car, but those red/pink accents really do not work in my opinion.

    Kyle HollowayKyle Holloway3 kun oldin
  • 580 BMW fanboys

    Arkar YangArkar Yang3 kun oldin
  • Ok great video, but an E63s from AMG is a subsidiary for Mercedes vehicles (noble tuners). That means an Audi RS6 works vehicle is standard and cannot be compared. Comparisons are only for example: to be made with an ABT RS6 or RS6-R ABT. This one isn't even a daughter. But has or are there contracts with Audi and other brands for refinement and tuning. That's what I think. !?! :) Ok I like and THX :)

    1st.Pirate1st.Pirate3 kun oldin
  • No matter how RS6 is good lookin, AMG is a real beast. And that V8 sound is music for ears. No car is near that sound.

    SazaSaza3 kun oldin
  • Good car, but Audi doesn't have brakes or stability. Car that need 200 meters to stop and killing everyone on the side walk by loosing control...

    tramvaj12tramvaj123 kun oldin
  • So a simple software tune nets another 200+BHP??? I don't think so...just watch other videos on tuned RS6's to get similiar horsepower figures and it involves a full replacement of the exhaust including downpipes, bigger turbos, methanol injection etc....or are those other owners just wasting their money??

    TheHayabusa09TheHayabusa094 kun oldin
  • That Mercedes is not an attractive car and hopefully the interior and performance make up for it.

    JTSX1JTSX14 kun oldin
  • Great series :) intro (: Great episode. Just a really well done show all 'round... Congrats!

    Michael TMichael T5 kun oldin
  • Audi 💪 Mercedes 💩

    Saab BSaab B5 kun oldin
  • I can't believe he squeezed out another 200hp with just a tune . Thats freaking insane !

    Twinturbobmw 535xiTwinturbobmw 535xi5 kun oldin
  • Oh cool we're racing station wagons

  • RS7 please

    Chris AllenChris Allen6 kun oldin
  • This is my 3rd time watching this video !

    EliHeReEliHeRe6 kun oldin
  • whyy not audi , performance plus pocket? 605 hp

    **Çıngıraklı maymun****Çıngıraklı maymun**6 kun oldin
  • E63s forever

    Sello SeokaSello Seoka6 kun oldin
  • E63-WRX STI.....Cherry Blossom Red

    Adam CrawfordAdam Crawford6 kun oldin
  • Either be elated about the capability of electronic tunes in turbo cars....... Or be angry at how much restriction factories put in turbo cars. And what's with the double-badge thing on the front of the AMG?

    Lifted_AboveLifted_Above6 kun oldin
  • that e63 looks absolutely unbelievable on the track, whereas the audi looked not at home, the audi leaned a lot and didnt go from turn to turn as well nor does it have the immediate power delivery

    E46325modE46325mod7 kun oldin
  • Remembert there are people out here who truly "need" a higher vehicle. Why, because as you grow older (over 60) you need to have something that is much easier to get into. I have an SRT8 and just love how easy that is. Just thoughts

    Christopher TameChristopher Tame7 kun oldin
  • RS6 one of the most used cars for getaways. Stolen ofcourse. And its not for its looks

    fleskesmfleskesm7 kun oldin
    • In Holland that is

      fleskesmfleskesm7 kun oldin
  • Closest Audi ever came to Merc. That Audi is a piece of art

    Tersius le RouxTersius le Roux7 kun oldin
    • Also, Audi's Flagship is the Station Wagon. Merc not so much into that market

      Tersius le RouxTersius le Roux7 kun oldin
  • Try again when the Audi RS6 Performance comes out. Thanks!

    Will HanWill Han7 kun oldin
  • The RS6 in the USA has no OPF, so it sounds much better than in Europe. 😁

    Rizvan Samuel LakotaRizvan Samuel Lakota7 kun oldin
  • I literally can’t choose between the two

    Wolfix Motor HeadquartersWolfix Motor Headquarters7 kun oldin
  • Okay but uhhh.... how much would that tune be IRL?

    Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25TBatignolles-Chatillon Char 25T8 kun oldin
  • AMG all day

    Gopta SinghGopta Singh8 kun oldin
  • The audi rs6 is so perfect, it can be used for so many things

    FsAviXFsAviX8 kun oldin
  • Unless the new facelift models change their entry engine, there's currently no normal rear-wheel-drive E63, all the ones available are four-wheel drive E63s, and the top-spec E63 is the E63s 4Matic+ similar to the AMG GT63 coupe

    Real OneReal One8 kun oldin
  • How does a simple tune crank up the hp and torque 200+?? Thats insane..just turning up boost?

    Christopher RosenbalmChristopher Rosenbalm9 kun oldin
  • the RS6 is wide as fuck

    Ilhan MikhailIlhan Mikhail9 kun oldin
  • Do a track test between the gt63s and the m8 gran coupe

    Ayush RaoAyush Rao9 kun oldin
  • Does James always wear the same two shirts in his video's?🤔🤣

    Matthew OMatthew O10 kun oldin
  • YA know I went through all your video's and yes you test drive a lot of European car's, some Japanese and the odd American car, but I couldn't find one review on a Ford Taurus SHO, its an amazing car, a twin turbo V6 sleeper and nicely loaded to boot, nothing from you guys, I'm disappointed, its no wonder American cars fail, when all everyone test drives is foreign cars, I've been a Dodge man my whole life, fell in love with this car a year ago, can't believe what a deal I got for such an amazing car

    Steve LynchSteve Lynch10 kun oldin
  • I don't wanna skid with my kids.. especially when AMG stands for Holy Fucking Shit.. Love the video cheers guys

    Mburu JosephMburu Joseph10 kun oldin
  • Rs6 for me all the way.. car so qo beautiful, good looking and powerful.. woooow

    Tuhafeni George Dasilva HishitelwaTuhafeni George Dasilva Hishitelwa10 kun oldin
  • 🙂

    ann iren madsenann iren madsen11 kun oldin
  • 7:15

    Loan GonzalezLoan Gonzalez11 kun oldin
  • The Audi looks like it still in primer.

    Mark MillerMark Miller11 kun oldin
  • The tuner was lying about "800hp". You cannot squeeze more than ~720 hp just with Stage 1 software. You need Stage 2 components, upgrade intercooler and downpipe for 800... That was more like 700 hp

    Spongebob SchwanzkopfSpongebob Schwanzkopf11 kun oldin
  • Audi cars are like iphones Over engineered Too many blocks and setbacks in the software that blocks them from the real power they can deliver

    Adamboulahia17 Adam2015Adamboulahia17 Adam201511 kun oldin
  • just me or was that vader impersonation spot on

    Russell RobinsonRussell Robinson12 kun oldin
  • Growing up in England? I thought he was born and raised in Texas.

    Cruor34Cruor3412 kun oldin
  • 900lb-ft?!? That’s more than some diesel trucks on the market

    Will DobbsWill Dobbs12 kun oldin
  • Screw a mortgage I'm getting both

    tctk1tctk112 kun oldin
  • wait you're telling me one little software change changed it that MUCH>

    The CribThe Crib12 kun oldin
  • I would love to see 2020 Audi TTRS vs 2020 Audi RS3

    VNM ImmortalVNM Immortal13 kun oldin
  • Mercedes is much beter! Amg enginge! world champion the last 7 Years! 🏁🥇🏆

    Small StoriesSmall Stories13 kun oldin
  • The false familiar famous birch utrastructurally fear because zoology concretely offer besides a bent measure. right, delirious russian

    Neil HassNeil Hass13 kun oldin
  • The Mercedes is uglier but looks better.

    Bhushan FulzeleBhushan Fulzele13 kun oldin
  • Hey, in the next video, could you show the difference in seconds between the cars when they reach the finish line?

    Luis AlexandreLuis Alexandre14 kun oldin
  • Audi forever!!!😈😈😈

    XxkisapusXxXxkisapusXx14 kun oldin
  • Imagine what a tune on the AMG can do when it's so powerful on stock

    Kennedy GolekanyeKennedy Golekanye14 kun oldin
  • How did you tune it so ridiculously?? With just software, that was amazing

    MROKJIA [Mike]MROKJIA [Mike]15 kun oldin
  • M5 competition there said it

    Pearce FennellPearce Fennell15 kun oldin
  • E63 ist better for driving but Audi is the best Is the king

    Romeo ronyRomeo rony15 kun oldin
    • Wrong. E63 is better for everything.

      Eventus VantosEventus Vantos11 kun oldin
  • Audi Rs6 : Rich Beautiful Car Fancy Mercedes Wagon : No good Audi Wagon : 💶💶💶💶💶💶 Mercedes Wagon : Badd car

    Robert Hayes 64Robert Hayes 6415 kun oldin
  • Wait there is a newer e class Idk how it is in America but in Germany it’s already for sale

    ME JALIXME JALIX15 kun oldin
  • No lap times just for the hell of it though?😒 bad call but great video love you guys videos. Didn't want to be just negative

    joshua leonardjoshua leonard15 kun oldin
  • I haven't enjoyed a car video like i did on this one for a while. Well done guys.

    Salim NasserSalim Nasser16 kun oldin
  • This video is the perfect example of why I unsubscribed. So much Audi/BMW dick sucking. Even when the AMG is a clear winner, you have to make the Audi win. Then talk about all the changes you'd make to the AMG, then at the end still talk about how the Audi is the better road car. Which is odd because this is a Drag and track review but every time something good is said about the AMG, we have to mention the Audi interior or ride comfort. Yeah I'm an AMY fanboi, but at least I'm not making videos spreading the fanboism.

    Joshua GhiroliJoshua Ghiroli16 kun oldin
  • What about the panamera?

    Andres GuerinAndres Guerin16 kun oldin
  • Is it me, or does the wagon drifting just look out of place? haha

    Tihomir PopovTihomir Popov16 kun oldin
  • The mercedes looks discusting. The RS6 is beutiful

    Marko RvMarko Rv16 kun oldin
    • You're spelling is disgusting just like the audi

      Eventus VantosEventus Vantos11 kun oldin
  • the e63s looks like a funeral car in black.

    C GC G17 kun oldin
    • @C G its not an opinion. Its a false claim. Claiming a circle looks like a square isn't an opinion, its a false claim

      Eventus VantosEventus Vantos11 kun oldin
    • @Eventus Vantos my opinion

      C GC G11 kun oldin
    • @C G again I ask how tf does it look like a funeral car?????

      Eventus VantosEventus Vantos11 kun oldin
    • @Eventus Vantos 2:21

      C GC G11 kun oldin
    • How tf does it look like a funeral car?????????

      Eventus VantosEventus Vantos11 kun oldin
  • Me personally I’d save 10 grand and get the rs6 and use that money to tune it.

    Bearie robloxBearie roblox18 kun oldin
    • 10 grand is nothing to people that actually buy these cars

      Eventus VantosEventus Vantos11 kun oldin
  • verry nice program but you have to time it and let us know if you are dragracing

    gipsyboy49gipsyboy4918 kun oldin
  • Give me the RS6. Easy to tune, better build quality, better looking, cheaper to buy, better customer service etc etc etc

    Bryce LarsonBryce Larson18 kun oldin
    • E63 is also easy to tune E63 has better looking interior and better build quality And e63 looks better in outside too 10 grand is nothing to brag about being cheaper Mercedes has better customer service and better performance and better sound and is more fun to drive and is more comfortable all despite being 3 years older Mercedes blows audo out of the water thats why they are the most valuable car company in the world. Not audi

      Eventus VantosEventus Vantos11 kun oldin
  • The problem with the Audi is, at least in Europe, douchebags have switched to them from BMWs. Which is a good thing. You now can buy a BMW without feeling a bit of a c?n7 and Mercedes in this video is cooler. :)

    DolencdDolencd18 kun oldin
  • Man, those pops and bangs from the E63S is like it’s breaking the sound barrier. Wow 😲

    luis rodriguezluis rodriguez18 kun oldin
  • You really should show times of the drag runs guys

    xr6t gtxxr6t gtx19 kun oldin
  • why not do a roll race after tune????

    Built for SpeedBuilt for Speed19 kun oldin
  • I like how James couldn’t keep from laughing when he was saying the torque and horsepower numbers after the tune lmao

    Landin LaFranceLandin LaFrance19 kun oldin
  • COBB Acessport and a EQT tune, crazy

    Ethen JordanEthen Jordan19 kun oldin
  • VAG cars take SO good to tunes. its insane!

    Ethen JordanEthen Jordan19 kun oldin
  • I would like to see a legit owner who fits the lease payments complain about not being able to drift a $120k Super wagon.

    LaBountiLaBounti19 kun oldin
  • I’m honestly seriously considering an RS6. Down pipes and a tune and you’ll kill 99% of everything you’ll ever come across with.

    carazo321carazo32119 kun oldin
    • Unless, you know, they aren't stock either...

      Joshua GhiroliJoshua Ghiroli16 kun oldin
  • I search for it and I'm very happy to find a video like this.

    Mr. SandmanMr. Sandman19 kun oldin
  • they didnt mention the rear wheel steering on the audi

    Rickey MylesRickey Myles19 kun oldin

    Tobi OjoTobi Ojo20 kun oldin
  • The e63 is my dream car but the rs6 wagon is sexy AF

    Joeyd nyJoeyd ny20 kun oldin
  • In my opinion the Mercedes isn’t faster enough to justify how ugly it is compared to the Audi

    Caleb OliverCaleb Oliver20 kun oldin
  • "Why else would we be doing this race?" "The wind changed." 😂

    GPtwoGPtwo20 kun oldin
  • Mercedes is the best

    zoran kamcheskizoran kamcheski20 kun oldin
  • 💪🏿💣👍👍👍👍👍

    Shukur MuradovShukur Muradov20 kun oldin
  • I thought Canada is using the metric system or am I wrong? 🤔

    Snow White CatSnow White Cat20 kun oldin