2021 Acura TLX vs Honda Accord vs Hyundai Sonata N Line // DRAG & ROLL RACE

13-Yan, 2021
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Thomas and James have put countless cars down the Throttle House test track. The 2020 Honda Accord 2.0T ($41,505.00 CAD) with a 10 speed auto has eaten many of them down the quarter mile but today we’ve brought out two challengers to see if we can de-throne the king of quick economy. The all new 2021 Acura TLX AH-AWD (Seen here in its platinum Elite trim $52,305.00) with the same 2.0T engine but added AWD, and the 2021 Sonata N-Line ($37,999) with 290 HP & 311 lb ft torque should give the Honda a run for its money. Things don't always go as predicted. Watch now and find out! SUBSCRIBE!
Huge thank you to our friends and family that helped on the day, who are our heroes.
Post-production by Karston Chong And Thomas Holland
Drone flying by @remotecontrolkev
Music from Epidemicsound.com
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  • 2 Hondas and a Hyundai. Cool

    Nᛟᚱmand Wᛟlfᚱaven VᛁkᛁngNᛟᚱmand Wᛟlfᚱaven Vᛁkᛁng3 soat oldin
  • Lol I have a Honda

    TheRealJayJay HDTheRealJayJay HD8 soat oldin
    • Hey Are these guys from UK or Australia ?

      Attila KhanAttila KhanSoat oldin
  • The Accord has to be the fastest since its the car Jesus owned.

    Peter OlomolaiyePeter Olomolaiye13 soat oldin
    • @Peter Olomolaiye so they make this videos in Canada ?

      Attila KhanAttila Khan35 daqiqa oldin
    • @Attila Khan Canada I believe.

      Peter OlomolaiyePeter Olomolaiye50 daqiqa oldin
    • Hey Are these guys from UK or Australia ?

      Attila KhanAttila KhanSoat oldin
  • SERIOUSLY?! Please get some real/honest drivers!! That Acura will eat them alive, followed by the Accord; but why is the Acura even in this race??... It's a luxury sport car and out of their leagues. I think you slipped and forgot to choose the Camry...

    Jason HoltJason Holt14 soat oldin
    • @Attila Khan no idea Lol

      Jason HoltJason Holt5 daqiqa oldin
    • Hey Are these guys from UK or Australia ?

      Attila KhanAttila KhanSoat oldin
  • Doesn't seem like they are really putting the pedal to the metal

    lexx lutherlexx luther15 soat oldin
  • The outcomes would chsnge if it was a stick

    cradem01cradem0116 soat oldin
  • What 5he fuck!? A Hyundai sonata for 30k??? Its a Hyundai 😔

    Nick MartinezNick MartinezKun oldin
  • Honda accord is just an amazing car! Affordable price, luxurious look, comfortable, and freakin fast!

    anik khananik khanKun oldin
  • The sonata is such an ugly car it has no styling going down the sides the rear end looks like a cheap light bar the only thing decent on the car is the headlights but honestly the accord is the best out of the 3 between price exterior/interior styling and performance that accord made the N line look like it was standing still on the dig but if they did a few pulls the sonata and accord would have won back and forth between each person saying go because there's a slight reaction difference between each person but the n line would only have a chance during a roll race

    gang ganggang gangKun oldin
  • What about the TLX base model? It's lighter than the SH-AWD, so the midrange roll race should be better than the SH-AWD. And its lots less money than your top of the line model TLX.

    WorselWorselKun oldin
  • A4 vs Accord 👀

    Imran MawaniImran MawaniKun oldin
  • But do they know to “double pump on the gas to rev to it’s sweet s to get Vtec!

    Beanie BabyBeanie BabyKun oldin
  • Looks wise the TLX blows it away.

    Elsa SpringerElsa SpringerKun oldin
  • TLX looks fabulous!

    Elsa SpringerElsa SpringerKun oldin
  • It's a really bias review🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hyundai paid for this

    Jonathan AmaroJonathan Amaro2 kun oldin
  • I wonder how the Kia k5 gt would do against these.

    BigzMK17BigzMK172 kun oldin
  • Yeah ~ Sonata N ☆☆☆

    Sean ParkSean Park2 kun oldin
  • I don't believe that this crap its not the cars it's always the driver

    Demetrius WilliamsDemetrius Williams2 kun oldin
  • you need to start dyno-ing these cars to check the stated numbers

    soapbarsoapbar2 kun oldin
  • When are you guys going to test out the 2.0t 4 cylinder Kia Stinger Gt Line :/?

    Z ChIZ ChI2 kun oldin
  • Where TF is camry ?

    Billionaire BossBillionaire Boss2 kun oldin
  • The Sonata is by far the best looking car

    DC DialDC Dial2 kun oldin
  • What about that Hyundai reliability. Lol

    jp554731jp5547312 kun oldin
  • Slownata

    ShamuAquariumsShamuAquariums2 kun oldin
  • I don't like the way the Sonata looks. Maybe I'm biased as an Accord owner. BTW, the Accord feels fast when you drive it.

    damnthisuserdamnthisuser2 kun oldin
  • I thought the Acura would beat the Honda, consider it’s the luxury/sport brother of Honda.. nobody with self-respect would ever buy a Hyundai

    Y KY K2 kun oldin
  • Bought a v6 Camry for the wife, but man that Accord is sweet!

    RitoRito3 kun oldin
  • 현대기아 화이팅!!!

    박누우박누우3 kun oldin
  • Sonata 🤣🤣🤣

  • Add a mild Hondata tune to that Accord and I wonder how different the roll race would be.

    Tony AllenTony Allen3 kun oldin
  • I wanna see a race with the new k5 sonata and whichever otherw mid size sedan

    Alejandro RamirezAlejandro Ramirez3 kun oldin
  • Man he aint driving that sonata right😩😂😂

    Charley RobersonCharley Roberson3 kun oldin
  • Should see how the Mazda 6 does with the turbo 4.

    Robert NES816Robert NES8163 kun oldin
  • We need more GTR races plsss

    justin s.justin s.3 kun oldin
  • Atleast now you can keep up with your wife’s boyfriend’s BMW lmfaooo

    Chris GChris G4 kun oldin

    jordy arias zapatajordy arias zapata4 kun oldin
  • sonata jotbab

    Jaejung LeeJaejung Lee4 kun oldin
  • 현대 뻥마력!

    안사마안사마4 kun oldin
  • Hujnia z grzybnią

    Wojciech EnjamaWojciech Enjama4 kun oldin
  • 뭐냐 쏘나타N Line느리냐

    김민석김민석4 kun oldin
  • Video Sponsored by Hyundai. Accord still kicks kills the Hyundai.

    Esvin PerezEsvin Perez4 kun oldin
  • We want to see shelby f150 super snake sport vs g wagon 700 hp

    Rahul JagdaRahul Jagda4 kun oldin
  • Love hyundai

    Visweswara raoVisweswara rao4 kun oldin
  • See in 5:50 the mirror close sonota !!!

    Joseph AlhammadiJoseph Alhammadi4 kun oldin
  • I’ve had an accord sport 15 and accord sport 17 I miss those boys! I’ve been a Honda fan since I was like 8 yrs old. I’ll always love Honda 🔥🔥 one day I’ll have another one 🔥

    alexandro jr Mendozaalexandro jr Mendoza4 kun oldin
  • Are you making a jokes!! Sonata! Only I don't like catfish face!!

    Into the TruthInto the Truth4 kun oldin
  • If you are using the factory tires, that would be why you are spinning. Almost all factory tires on almost all cars suck. Tire rack opened my eyes.

    John Steel IVJohn Steel IV4 kun oldin
  • Honda: We are getting our ass kicked by the Koreans finally.

    Luis RodriguezLuis Rodriguez4 kun oldin
  • Launch control on that Hyundai workin? Hyundai needs a rear spoiler w all that roll on power !??

    Toguro 100%Toguro 100%4 kun oldin
  • It’s ok bro, you’ll get more girls with the Acura

    Jon McClaneJon McClane5 kun oldin
    • @J D Hey Are these guys from UK or Australia ?

      Attila KhanAttila KhanSoat oldin
    • Really? but I hear that you get more girls with a Ferrari

      J DJ D4 kun oldin
  • A 1.5 l Turbo civic with a CVT will out run that Sonata.

    Christopher HicksChristopher Hicks5 kun oldin
  • You should do a video with the ATS 2.0t in the mix

    evan nagleevan nagle5 kun oldin
  • Put 100k on each odometer and THEN return for a rematch

    Thank you Captain ObviousThank you Captain Obvious5 kun oldin
  • I’m still taking the Accord Sport 2.0t all day.

    Pure124Pure1245 kun oldin

    J GJ G5 kun oldin
  • Stop faking the drag race

    Josh HJosh H5 kun oldin
  • Hyundai Sonata "N"oob

    abc defabc def5 kun oldin
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Starlin ReynosoStarlin Reynoso5 kun oldin
  • with all the tech wizardry for launch control, you could lose the race pressing buttons when the light suddenly turns green!...driver skill now is knowing the button order and how fast you can press them...

    Bryan BBryan B5 kun oldin
  • Just get A Focus RS, my friend had one and it was boss to say the least, with his tuning, it topped 204 mph. They’re really great for rally racing, my friend usually won 4th-2nd with his RS, unfortunately he flipped and hit a tree going 50 mph doing a rally race, now the thing is completely totaled, he is doing fine for those wondering, now he’s driving his RS 2002, which was given.

    Not The weeknd • 25 years agoNot The weeknd • 25 years ago5 kun oldin
  • I’m not any "Hyundai fangirls" ... plus Hyundai sounds more like “Hung and Die”

    Jay ZeeJay Zee5 kun oldin
  • If that TLX wasn't so heavy, it'd stretch both of those other two

    Tony StankTony Stank5 kun oldin
    • Heavy means more metal, which means quality!

      J DJ D4 kun oldin
  • Accord Sport.

    Ricardo OlivaresRicardo Olivares5 kun oldin
  • راعي الاكورد بعد السباق يقشر بصل ولا ايش😂😂😂

    Hasan BakhshHasan Bakhsh5 kun oldin
  • TLX for the NORD.

    K TruongK Truong5 kun oldin
  • I can’t wait to see the tune on the new 2.5T on the sonata

    Slowboyz RacingSlowboyz Racing5 kun oldin
  • Sonata wwww

    Say AnythingSay Anything5 kun oldin
  • But what drive mode was the tlx in

    Morgan MMorgan M5 kun oldin
  • The fastest car also jumped the line by the way

    JoebefrankJoebefrank5 kun oldin
  • Race a Lincoln MKZ they’re actually dumb sporty

    Odie BOdie B5 kun oldin
  • These four-cylinder cars or not worth $50,000 I will pay at least $30k for The Honda Accord 2.0T But with $50,000 I’ll buy a charger SRT or BMW M4 Or something worth the money

    Chuck CChuck C5 kun oldin
  • If you gonna go Acura, get the Type-R 😉

    MoNo KMoNo K5 kun oldin
  • Will it be possible for you guys to do a drag race with the Acura RLX, Infinity Q50/60, and Lexus ES/LS? Appreciate you guys!!!

    MoNo KMoNo K5 kun oldin
  • The fact that a Korean car is up to par with a Japanese car as far as performance goes, shows how far Hyundai has come.

    • @Jay Zee I was comparing the Sonata to Honda/Acura. But as far as cars like the GTR/WRX STI those are different cars on a different level and the Koreans aren't there yet. But Hyundai is coming with their N division.

    • Still a long way to go still. Japanese can get better. GTR increase to 700+ horsepower. Nismo Z400 with 467 Horsepower. Re-design Sabuau WRX with 400+ horsepower. Lost of possibility can change on both ends.

      Jay ZeeJay Zee5 kun oldin
  • just in case honda and hondai are not the same

    KidrKidr6 kun oldin
    • You mean Hyundai.

      smartkid1201smartkid12015 kun oldin
  • What up art teacher i was in ur class lol

    Jordan DempseyJordan Dempsey6 kun oldin
  • Does using manual shifter help?

    PowerHungryPowerHungry6 kun oldin
  • Too bad Ford dropped the Fusion Sport.

  • Lol my flash 05 xrs blows the doors off the accord sport🤫

    Z3 kriegZ3 krieg6 kun oldin
  • Honda is a little disrespectful with having the 2.0t and the new Acura sh-awd so comparably priced when clearly the Honda Accord 2.0T is the faster car. I raced a Honda 2.0T and it was a little quicker than I suspected I believe the car has 276hp and not 258 as stated by the manufacturer. None the less we were both doing about 100 mph side by side I saw he put his foot down I put mine down and poor guys governor kicked in keeping him from going past 130mph while I was doing 145mph with about 10 more mph to go in my Q50 Hybrid. I didnt have it sport or personal and traction control was still on.

    William MuldrewWilliam Muldrew6 kun oldin
  • That acura is more than 10k overpriced and when the type S comes out it will be priced out of this world Haha

    Arty forty sincoArty forty sinco6 kun oldin
  • Kia and Hyundai are the future.. Cheaper and Better!

    guigow2004guigow20046 kun oldin
    • @dfsdh432v they aren’t junk. You haven’t sat in one nor driven one nor owned one so don’t act like a smahtypants.

      Bradley's Car ReviewsBradley's Car Reviews3 kun oldin
    • because they are JUNK

      dfsdh432vdfsdh432v4 kun oldin
  • Why didn't they use a trd camary instead of the tlx?

    Jon DoeJon Doe6 kun oldin
  • You should know that Sonata N line has 2.5L engine while honda’s one is with 2.0L engine

    ᄋᄋᄋᄋ6 kun oldin
  • Put that damn accord up against a demon

    Ethan KugelmanEthan Kugelman6 kun oldin
  • 역시현대 스펙 개똥차

    권태호권태호6 kun oldin
  • 2:50 Trust me bro, as a Californian, you're better off on a frozen tundra.

    MaoTseThongMaoTseThong6 kun oldin
  • I’m buying a used Lexus GS 350

    No.13No.136 kun oldin
  • The TLX is such a disappointment

    frankpaul3204frankpaul32046 kun oldin
  • My husband and I bought the 2018 Accord 1.5T and I love hate that it doesn't feel fast. Looking down and realizing you're going 40 faster than you thought is fun but also scary on BC mountain roads.

    devonjamesjdevonjamesj6 kun oldin
  • Well, that was $120k wasted on 12 doors of ugly.

    Scott RedeenScott Redeen6 kun oldin
  • Hello from Kazakhstan, please say to honda and akura, that they dont know how to drive on vtek, because they want to go 7-8 red liners, to go maksimum on this car, dont drive like a girl, drive like a man!

    asan yqyzyduhyasan yqyzyduhy6 kun oldin
  • Will the n have lsd? Great video. Btw I got a Tesla model 3 partially due to your review vs m2 comp

    Bruce BolducBruce Bolduc6 kun oldin
  • When are you gonna do trucks!!!!

    Evan CabreraEvan Cabrera6 kun oldin
  • Kinda sad how Acura is supposed to be the fancy Honda

    BOYGENIUS538 _BOYGENIUS538 _6 kun oldin
  • PRO: econo-wheel drive lets you put money in other things 💅😙💅

    Mmmm like that?Mmmm like that?6 kun oldin
  • Not sure if anyone ever mentions this, but I love the background music you guys use in these.

    Pete FinchPete Finch6 kun oldin
  • TLX is absolutely gorgeous! But too heavy almost 4,000 pounds.

    Korina EspinalKorina Espinal7 kun oldin
  • What fuel do they use???????

    Fasanilo blueFasanilo blue7 kun oldin
  • Honda accord 😋😍👌👌👌

    daniel aerteldaniel aertel7 kun oldin