2020 C8 Corvette Z51 vs Mustang Shelby GT500 // DRAG RACE, ROLL RACE & LAP TIMES

15-Iyl, 2020
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James and Thomas take the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 and the 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Z51 on a full track test at the Throttle House Test Track: Drag race, drifting, and lap times! Can the new Corvette best Ford Performance's champion? Let's find out!
Huge thank you to our friends and family that helped on the day, and to Steve, who already knows he's a legend.
Written and Presented by: Thomas Holland, James Engelsman
Drone flying by @remotecontrolkev
Post-production by Karston Chong
And Thomas Holland
Music from Epidemicsound.com
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  • Dear God those corvettes are ugly as shit.

    Horris P. McTittiesHorris P. McTitties5 soat oldin
  • James twerks on Toronto street corners.......in Front of his miata......

    C8 Corvette - Zeus bronzeC8 Corvette - Zeus bronze20 soat oldin
  • I love how the base Corvette with just some factory suspension improvements is giving the flagship cars from all these other companies a run for their money

    EvocatiEvocatiKun oldin
  • No manual = no thanks. Keep your appliances. Fails.

    K OK OKun oldin
  • Corvette Stormcrow.....yes!

    Kelly HolcombeKelly HolcombeKun oldin
  • “760 Horsepower sledge hammer” 😂

    GrimReaper1675GrimReaper16752 kun oldin
  • For cargo storage and additional seats I’d choose the Mustang. The Corvette barely has spare seats and barely can handle big items (generally speaking). Price-wise I’d go for the mustang, but for fuel consumption I’m in for corvette. Basically it’s a win win.

    Mohammad TohidiMohammad Tohidi2 kun oldin
  • Saquen un canal en español por q si están muy buenos sus videos

    Fernado LunaFernado Luna3 kun oldin
  • In a streight line the gt500 all day fuck that c8

    Patrick McqueenPatrick Mcqueen4 kun oldin
  • Haha then you ain't driven shit I see those c8s get punked by mustang's challengers they ain't shit streight junk.

    Patrick McqueenPatrick Mcqueen4 kun oldin
  • Until I die I dont like Chevy sorry especially ugly ones like that c8

    Patrick McqueenPatrick Mcqueen4 kun oldin
  • I'm a Ford guy since 1967

    Patrick McqueenPatrick Mcqueen4 kun oldin
  • C8 is way over rated and there ugly as shit

    Patrick McqueenPatrick Mcqueen4 kun oldin
  • You can faintly hear the gt500 super charger at around 11:32

    Kevin NelsonKevin Nelson4 kun oldin
  • Corvette will always be my dream/ #1 favorite car😍, but I will admit the gt500 looks dope

    GHØSTGHØST4 kun oldin
  • still taking the stang, not even a hesitation

    Connor SauerConnor Sauer4 kun oldin
  • Are those automatics? Come on!!

    Nigel Marshall Nesbitt KeytonNigel Marshall Nesbitt Keyton4 kun oldin
  • I like the mustang, but I wanted something a little nicer so I went with the corvette

    JD WoodJD Wood5 kun oldin
  • It’s not even the z06 and it did that laptime

    G tubedudeG tubedude5 kun oldin
  • Apples for apples I guess when it comes to price but power is something left to be desired but the vet still keeps up no problem

    mark reedmark reed5 kun oldin
  • I feel like they made this close on purpose. I think the GT500 can win the drag with a good launch and I think the corvette would smoke it on the track.

    The AceThe Ace6 kun oldin
  • Corvette was out of gas on that drag which will drastically make it slower

    Mitchell CobbMitchell Cobb7 kun oldin
  • Am I missing something here or am I seeing a GT vette having a hard time against a Pony-car ... Where's the comparison between the Vette and a Ford GT ...

    acarrll Habs-manacarrll Habs-man7 kun oldin
  • Crazy how fords flagship max effort car gets mopped by chevys base model vette.

    APartidaC10APartidaC107 kun oldin
  • Something is not right about the Mustang. Looks like he is riding a bucking Bronco with all the bouncing up and down.

    grabir01grabir017 kun oldin
  • Corvette vs Ford GT supercar

    The ShieldThe Shield8 kun oldin
  • Freedom race....

    fadzlen kadirfadzlen kadir8 kun oldin
  • What a rigged race

    Team HPGTeam HPG9 kun oldin
  • A solenoid is an electromagnet if that helps XD talking about the low leak on the shelby

    amazingamer_playzamazingamer_playz10 kun oldin
  • 490 hp vs 760 hp? WTF? They should have tested the 2019 zr1 Bette with 760 ho. That would have been fair.

    Baxter JamesBaxter James10 kun oldin
  • These two clowns spend too much time joking around and don’t get to the point. Terrible review

    Anthony HungAnthony Hung10 kun oldin
  • Ford? GM? Nowadays who cares? You really can't go wrong now. Finally the US has gotten back to being world-class for performance cars! (It'd be nice if they gave credit for where these ideas came from... Ahem... Ford Australia and Holden)

    Falcon PowerfulFalcon Powerful10 kun oldin
  • Too heavy and complicated. Not what pony car was supposed to be . Different strokes.

    Billy FosterBilly Foster11 kun oldin

    scott barkerscott barker12 kun oldin
  • Tbh why is Thomas really good at drifting, I tried drifting that shit is Lowkey hard

    Aaron TRICKZAaron TRICKZ13 kun oldin
  • The Corvette was impressive winning the first race and barely losing the roll race with 265 less HP than the Mustang.

    ElectricElectric13 kun oldin
  • Dayuuum that GT500 😍🤩 what a beauty

    Mata DKMata DK13 kun oldin
  • The late unshielded inexplicably succeed because vinyl phytogeographically paint barring a meaty slope. brawny, lethal company

    Alex ZamarripaAlex Zamarripa14 kun oldin
  • After the body style change in 2005, Stangs are just too heavy now.

    D. StiefelD. Stiefel14 kun oldin
  • For all you COMPLAINERS...... "What do you expect from a $145,000 car that you have to ask your friend what it IS , when you see it in the Street???? RH DSD KING DIO

    DIOSpeedDemonDIOSpeedDemon14 kun oldin
  • Music used at 2:26?

    Colin GaleColin Gale14 kun oldin
  • FORD ENGINEERS AMAZE an IMPRESS ME EVERY YEAR WITH THEIR NEW PRODUCT , they built that bitch to preform , an made no mistake about it , I don't like the new vette body style .. U GOT THE JOB FOR 2021 FORD...

    David DixonDavid Dixon14 kun oldin
  • The C8 is a far superior platform the the S550. Not even close. With almost 300 more hp the GT500 has slightly higher performance figures, except for trap speed in the 1/4 which is way higher obviously.

    Mark UrryMark Urry14 kun oldin
  • Slidy thaangs!

    icecubesbrothericecubesbrother15 kun oldin
  • thomas is so much of a better driver.

    Alex HernandezAlex Hernandez15 kun oldin
  • That car is from gta

    KalenFNKalenFN15 kun oldin
  • i want both

    Gre3dy SpriteGre3dy Sprite15 kun oldin
  • Woooow james, don't even try, i pretend some excuses, spaghetti and meatballs IS an all italian thing, and it's called "spaghetti con le pallottine" the meatballs are more and smaller and the dish is born in Abruzzo (italy) several hundreds of years ago, when there were just indians in your country and we still didn't discover it.. and when i say we i say it because we discovered your country with Amerigo Vespucci first and with Cristoforo Colombo after. Great video as alsways👋

    Francesco BattilaniFrancesco Battilani15 kun oldin
  • Can def hear the 200hp difference on the mustang. To think there going electric. I just threw up in my mouth. When buying a sports car , how many people ask " how much horsepower, 0-60 time, 1/4 mile time " on and on, not many people go to buy a sports car and ask " what's the gas milage?" With horsepower comes fuel stops. If you can afford a new Vette or mustang like that, paying for fuel shouldn't be a problem.

    Chad BinetteChad Binette16 kun oldin
  • I love mustangs and want one, I know the Corvette is going to win before I even watched. It's mid-engined, maybe if they tracked the Corvette vs Gt350r it would give it a nice race on a track.

    CafeNightsterCafeNightster17 kun oldin
  • Let's be honest. You compared the fastest Corvette with the Z51 package to a regular GT500, and the difference is only 0,3s. The Mustang would have won, if you equip that also with the track package.

    DerivelyDerively17 kun oldin
  • Please make veadio on super snake (car) vs c8 corvette

    Swati DasSwati Das18 kun oldin
  • I’m a ford guy but I respect Chevys

    Miles TickellMiles Tickell18 kun oldin
  • The driver driving the Mustang did not know how to drive

    آلُِهـيبَهـ Ꭿ Ꮪآلُِهـيبَهـ Ꭿ Ꮪ19 kun oldin
  • If only james were a better driver

    Artan HysenajArtan Hysenaj19 kun oldin
  • why are they a mustang up against a corvette?? why not that camaro

    Daize BryantDaize Bryant19 kun oldin
  • The aboard sneeze previously realise because violet uncommonly communicate failing a wasteful textbook. elite, assorted lisa

    Alex ZamarripaAlex Zamarripa20 kun oldin
  • LOL on the LOTR reference James

    voyoucalivoyoucali20 kun oldin
  • Great show. Best thing since Top Gear and The grand tour!!!

    Brian MannBrian Mann21 kun oldin
  • I seen other video of corvette vs gt500 and the mustang usally wins what happen here ??

    jose zavalajose zavala21 kun oldin
  • Stop crossing your arms up. You are teaching very bad technique.

    Robert HamesRobert Hames21 kun oldin
  • C8 just fucked Hellcat!

    SRT crikcetSRT crikcet22 kun oldin
  • Dolce & Banana! 🤣

    Dubrian BurtonDubrian Burton22 kun oldin
  • there is one thing we all need to take into consideration .. i say the gt500 and the demon vs the corvette .. 2 cars that SUPERCHARGERS on them vs a LS3 motor

    Freshh FAFFreshh FAF23 kun oldin
  • You're telling me a naturally aspirated pushrod V8 with 6 moving parts beat a supercharged double overhead cam Mustang? Okay - but what about mpg? WHAT???

    Ron MacRon Mac23 kun oldin
  • One is Amazing and Beautiful!! One is a weird looking corvette

    Chase 9Chase 923 kun oldin
  • Man they really ruined Corvette for me, plus it's not as fast as a 2018 or 19, sucks in my book, mustang is a badass.

    Chris WyattChris Wyatt23 kun oldin
  • professional

    Allen HemphillAllen Hemphill23 kun oldin
  • I just figured out why the GT 500 weighs so much. Yeah the 100 gallon gas tank. You can actually see the gas gage drop like a rock. It's unusable. Not to mention the insane insurance.

    bthvnytbthvnyt23 kun oldin
  • 2021 TRX will get you around 7-10 mpg city driving lol. It pays to go fast.

    McTaint69McTaint6924 kun oldin
  • Fords top model of the mustang vs Chevy lowest model corvette

    Michael LopezMichael Lopez25 kun oldin
    • Plus if that is the lowest model Corvette then what are they supposed to match it up with, the eco-boost???

      Roman FRoman F24 kun oldin
    • Not true

      Roman FRoman F24 kun oldin
  • A Great match up! Enjoyed! J

    Jaycee CombsJaycee Combs25 kun oldin

    REBEL BAT DaveREBEL BAT Dave25 kun oldin

    REBEL BAT DaveREBEL BAT Dave25 kun oldin
  • The mustangs wheel in the first launch looked like it turned out a bit

    Ethan RayEthan Ray25 kun oldin
  • The gt500 is a lot harder to launch but if he was used to it gt500 would win barely

    The Gangsta SamuraiThe Gangsta Samurai25 kun oldin
  • Corvette eats a twig at uzworld.info/player/video/ZqC_hLeCnbukeYA

    Lloyd BaxterLloyd Baxter26 kun oldin
  • No carbon... smh

    IconhulkIconhulk26 kun oldin
  • Sounds like something straight off of fast & furious

    Uriah OrbikUriah Orbik26 kun oldin
  • You guys should do a c6 zr1 vs c7 zr1 matchup!

    Desmond Christian DeVilleDesmond Christian DeVille26 kun oldin
  • When will they do the gt40

    Saif QasemSaif Qasem26 kun oldin
  • But I just want to drive the zl1

    Ree c LastRee c Last27 kun oldin
  • At 3:54 there’s a AMG GT 4 Door Coupe

    Erik SeghersErik Seghers27 kun oldin
  • Both of theses cars are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    TTGT50TTGT5027 kun oldin
  • Problem with the rolling start is that it's entirely useless as a measure of anything... The Vette will come out of corners cleaner and with more speed. That adds up significantly and completely negates the rolling start pull after a long straight. Drag races start from 0, so the Vette wins there too. The Mustang has too much power that is effectively useless IMO. The Mustang needs to be lighter and it needs to be tuned down. It's a cool car for sure, but the Vette is designed from the ground up for performance. Honestly, a better comparison to the Vette is the Ford GT. But then the price difference is immense. Ultimately the Vette is just a better car for the price vs either Ford option.

    G MG M27 kun oldin
  • Anyone waiting for 2023 so that ur dad can buy u this Mustang

    Arhan369Arhan36928 kun oldin
  • corvette stingray is on robloc

    louie durandarlouie durandar28 kun oldin
  • Leo😎😈

    Tuan NgoTuan Ngo28 kun oldin
  • Both are mehhhh

    Matthew VorndranMatthew Vorndran29 kun oldin
  • I'm reasonably certain no one would describe hanging on the back of an angry grizzly as "fantastic" when words like "terrifying," "horrific" and "fucked" exist.

    screenPhilesscreenPhiles29 kun oldin
  • I’ve never been a Mustang or Corvette guy but both these cars made me love them. No matter who you root for both these cars are incredible

    Owen BosticOwen Bostic29 kun oldin
  • as a ZL1 owner...I WIN LOL

    Alonso RAlonso R29 kun oldin
  • Where’s the track at because the license plate said essex Ontario and I live there

    Quinn GrantQuinn Grant29 kun oldin
  • STFU and give the lap times......

    Steven OttoSteven OttoOy oldin
  • Gt40 vs c8 is a better example for Ford's super/ hyper car not mentioned its v6 vs v8 either way great cars thx for the video . Ford man myself all the way .

    Jon PhippsJon PhippsOy oldin
  • These two could make any video too cheesy to watch.

    Clayton YatesClayton YatesOy oldin
  • Chevy powaaaaaa!!

    Darren FultonDarren FultonOy oldin
  • Both cars are beautiful but out my money I would go Ford!!

    Jony ParedesJony ParedesOy oldin
  • anti Ford as usual ,these guys are useless!

    dean thiessendean thiessenOy oldin
  • Once again Chevy needs bigger engines to compete

    ronnie hillronnie hillOy oldin