2 Restaurants Owners From California & Michigan Reveal Impact of Shutdowns

11-Dek, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit-down with two restaurant owners from California and Michigan to reveal the impact of the shutdowns.
Angelas GoFundMe website bit.ly/36VOlfw
Angela Instagram bit.ly/3a1iYSp
David Morris GoFundMe bit.ly/3a1jeAR
David Morris Twitter bit.ly/3m77Upu
About the Guests:
- David Morris is the owner of D&R's Daily Grind Café in Portage.
- Angela Marsden has owned the Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill for 10 years and says she spent thousands setting up an outdoor dining area, but was forced to close after L.A. County's outdoor dining ban went into effect.
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  • This won't fix the damage, suffering and death this has caused people but because of their actions and decisions, these governors and mayors all over the country are going to be the ones paying an extremely heavy price in the end & they are so arrogant that they think they are going to get away with it.

    Scott BeckScott Beck8 soat oldin
  • My what a predicament

    Ewe KnowkimcheeEwe Knowkimchee17 soat oldin
  • hot host

    Dr ShyhoDr Shyho20 soat oldin
  • The entertainment industry donates to Newsom's party big time. You KNOW that's why they're deemed essential. How serious are they about this virus? The hypocrisy is glaring. He's right, "Shut it ALL down or non of it down" That poor gal smh. IT''S BULLSHIT. I'm not spending another doordash dime on big chains. All locally owned restaurants from now on.

    Sgt RockSgt Rock2 kun oldin
  • I’m a mother of a 5 month old baby here in Japan who hasn’t been able to see ANYONE other than my husband and the occasional grocery store clerk since December 25th the day I found out I was pregnant. This is when restrictions and quarantines started in our area. I can’t go visit my family in america. My baby boy hasn’t seen anyone except me my husband and his pediatrician since he has been born. I am going crazy being isolated. Humans need to socialize. Is there something I can do from here in Japan?

    Betty ButtercupBetty Buttercup2 kun oldin
  • Who the hell are these 716 thumbs down people 😡 entertainment is essential for living and dining is NOT 😡what country we live in ....

    MM4 kun oldin
  • Recall Gavin now, he approved a film company to set up a outdoor catering site with outdoor dining table, chairs and tents next to the Pineapple Hill Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, yet he lockdowns the Pineapple Hill outdoor tents, tables and chairs saying outdoor dining is illegal??? Hypocrite Gavin, play for pay the film industry execs then Gavin host a $850.00 per person illegal indoor dining at the upscaled French Laundry restaurant in Yountville, CA, when he got caught on camera, he said sorry. We just discovered the French Laundry restaurant received a $2.2 Million PPP from the Government, I wonder if Gavin paid his illegal indoor restaurant dinner bill??? Or did the French Laundry "comp" his dinner in lieu for the play for pay thank you for the $2.2 Million PPP. ????????????? RECALL GAVIN NOW, HE IS A HYPOCRITE THINKING HE IS THE ELITE AND THE RULES DOES NOT APPLY TO HIM.

    S WS W4 kun oldin
  • She's amazing.

    Karl HorneKarl Horne4 kun oldin
  • This is a perfect example of greed they just don’t like being on the other side of greed

    nutbar ideanutbar idea5 kun oldin
  • This is all BS. There should be no shut downs. Mask orders need to stop too. I'm in MI and this heifer governor sucks.

    Vicki MorganVicki Morgan6 kun oldin
  • The idea is to break the middle class & get rid of anyone who believe in capitalism! They dont care because they get a paycheck come hell or high water they get paid!

    Dee CarlsonDee Carlson6 kun oldin
  • If the Government is so concerned about people dying from a virus, which has a survival rate of 99%, then why aren't they worried about people starving to death, committing suicide and being abused? I don't understand how people can possibly still buy into this charade. Didn't we learn from history? They did the same stuff during the Spanish Flu and it sent the nation into a Great Depression. People starved to death. When people stopped being effected anymore, they opened back up, but because people's immune systems went to sleep, they all got sick at once. People need to spend more time educating themselves on the immune system, the effects of mask wearing and sanitizing everything. Germs are detrimental to our health. If you're really concerned about overloading hospitals and killing grandma, then please educate yourself. This isn't political, it's common sense.

    Angela MartinAngela Martin6 kun oldin
  • So you guys have no idea what's really happening in 36 hours to say that Biden is the president of the United States.

    BIG CUBABIG CUBA7 kun oldin
  • There both wonderful people ❤ and good luck to them all the luck from Bristol UK

    dominic barnesdominic barnes8 kun oldin
  • I just came back from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) all restaurants, stores, malls, cinemas where open. The process was simple. Everywhere you go. Temperature is taken. Masks mandatory. Hand sanitizer everywhere. Social distancing. Every bussines was open, everyone working. I found it to be perfect. I come back to Canada. Lock downs. Everything is closed and now a curfew. 8pm everyone inside or prison or fines. This is martial law without saying it is. I'm anticipating curfews popping up throughout the Americas. (Jan 18,2021) This is the worst attack to the freedom of all people. Terrorists must be rejoicing. They tried so hard to destroy the courage the strength, the freedom of democratic countries. Now they have the government doing the work for them. The ones who are doing this, should be imprisoned.

    Alex BordoAlex Bordo8 kun oldin
  • All the Governors and mayors with their ridiculous order to shit down business, never missed a paycheck.

    ladan millerladan miller9 kun oldin
  • So govt is trying to collapse the economy and only allow big corporations to exist because they're all owned the incorporated USA of 1871. This is obvious. People need to wake up and learn about it.

    AG gladAG glad9 kun oldin
  • David said it, Red States are doing better than the Blue States, which are the ones burning, yet people call Trump devisive and crazy! His government brokered a peace deal in the Middle East!!!

    Anne MuscholAnne Muschol9 kun oldin
  • Commies man, I hope y’all make it through this trash

    nate steernate steer10 kun oldin
  • Kudos to both of them. They can't control the masses

    Black WolfBlack Wolf10 kun oldin
  • What the hell, Angela looks like my mother when she puts her hair in a ponytail.

    ViskaDrakeViskaDrake10 kun oldin
  • Fight back

    Thee Dogg 925Thee Dogg 92511 kun oldin
  • All mayors, governors and political leaders should not be getting paid during this "pandemic" and their salaries should be used toward supporting families impacted by their asshat mandates.

    Lisa G.Lisa G.11 kun oldin
  • I was born and raised in california and moved out of that #hit state when my first kid was born I refused to raise my son in that cesspool and this was back in 1983.

    Komodo DragonKomodo Dragon12 kun oldin
  • Ask her if she voted for democrats her whole life because of abortion if they will kill a baby they will kill you and your business

    Cevin WillsonCevin Willson12 kun oldin
  • Breaking News. Arrest warrants have been issued for Doug Ford, Victor Fedeli and Rod Phillips. Ontario is in chaos!

    Marc RochefortMarc Rochefort12 kun oldin
  • [“Take off the mask”!]

    Nala WalterNala Walter13 kun oldin
  • Wake up people.we're witnessing a hostile take over.

    Donna JohnsonDonna Johnson13 kun oldin
  • Michigan government is run by ADL reptillan llluminatti netanahu Zionist read Kathy O'Brian s book the transfor mation of America we are atcturians pliadian s

    Tom SmithTom Smith13 kun oldin
  • Joy joy joy for u tube to let me get this information out thanks surgey we are pliadians arcturian s we are watching and are horrified by you insane earth humans

    Tom SmithTom Smith13 kun oldin
  • America is fucked man. they won.

    TurkTurk14 kun oldin
  • why democrats killing economy in US? interesting...

    powernl1powernl114 kun oldin
  • These politicians have proven without a doubt that they have no idea what they are doing! So gross

    TaggsR85TaggsR8514 kun oldin
  • Who is Bill Gates full documentary Corbett report extras UZworld it You will own nothing and be happy Especially in the isolation camps How much is a soul worth

    ARK-X- CHANNELARK-X- CHANNEL14 kun oldin
  • Well guess what, we have the power to vote every last one of them out of office and we plan on it. Don't forget the next election, put up a huge sign on your front door so you see it in your own face and vote them out!

    Bernadette DuBoisBernadette DuBois14 kun oldin
  • Walmarts food markets liquor stores weed stores abortion clinics but NO CHIRCH!!!! NO RESTAURANTS UNLESSBITS THE FRENCH LAUNDRY OR A PRIVATE YACHT CLUB OR COUNTRY CLUB!!! THESE ARE THE DEPLORABLES THE COMMUNIST LEFT BITCH ABOUT. Give the politicians $600 stimulus to live on for 1 year and see what happens. Everybody needs to start researching communism throughout history and you will fully understand what democratic agenda actually is. Start researching these politicians and their history you will fully understand their agenda.

    Bernadette DuBoisBernadette DuBois14 kun oldin
  • Walmarts food markets liquor stores weed stores abortion clinics but NO CHIRCH!!!! NO RESTAURANTS UNLESSBITS THE FRENCH LAUNDRY OR A PRIVATE YACHT CLUB OR COUNTRY CLUB!!! THESE ARE THE DEPLORABLES THE COMMUNIST LEFT BITCH ABOUT. Give the politicians $600 stimulus to live on for 1 year and see what happens. Everybody needs to start researching communism throughout history and you will fully understand what democratic agenda actually is. Start researching these politicians and their history you will fully understand their agenda.

    Bernadette DuBoisBernadette DuBois14 kun oldin
  • Time to end treason NOW!!! Evil politician s

    Anthony RomeroAnthony Romero14 kun oldin
  • Don’t let the government to stop you !! Keep it up 👍🏽 people

    elva Ayalaelva Ayala14 kun oldin
  • 😢 I can’t sell over priced food with horrible service.. SHUT IT DOWN!

    Tomhannock OutlawTomhannock Outlaw15 kun oldin
  • God bless both of you!

    Reclaiming MindsReclaiming Minds15 kun oldin
  • This is not my America this is a travesty

    Pink PoodlePink Poodle15 kun oldin
  • I understand the facts about the covid deaths but a lot of people are dying from suicide and If the homelessness is bad already imagine with this shutdowns

    Jesus GarciaJesus Garcia15 kun oldin
  • I have tears just listening to these business owners.... So many sad stories we dont hear about...

    EricEric15 kun oldin
  • Democrats are trying the kill the middle class to put people on the goverment tit !

    James CookeJames Cooke15 kun oldin
  • Trump is that snake we brought in and now he has biten us. Sad day

    jim draperjim draper16 kun oldin
  • Yet all those government workers who get paid by these business through their taxes get to still draws their salaries 😡😡

    Joel BuzbeeJoel Buzbee16 kun oldin
  • They don’t care, Americans. We wake up. They’re communist system.

    Phuong NguyenPhuong Nguyen16 kun oldin

    Angela BerniAngela Berni16 kun oldin
  • Valuetainment is #controlledopposition freemason run channel

    Miguel MorenoMiguel Moreno16 kun oldin
  • They keep on narrowing the food supplier aswell with covid hoax restriction too. Look up the IceAgeFarmer's channel

    Miguel MorenoMiguel Moreno16 kun oldin
  • Doomer leftists got want they wanted. They collapsed the economy so now nobody can work or have a job. Only jobs left are Amazon, Wal-Mart and fast food. Exactly what the doomer left wanted.

    Jack RogersJack Rogers16 kun oldin
  • Why are they complying with the ILLEGAL SHUT DOWNS AND "MANDATORY" MASK WEARING? When you get fines from the health departments, they get thrown out in court sense there is no LAWS backing them up. Look up Peggy Halls channel.

    Miguel MorenoMiguel Moreno16 kun oldin
  • I will wager that the banksters' cronies who are losing due to these industries losses will receive bailouts, again. The banksters' cronies must be desperate today to hide what they are doing AGAIN. We have had bankster cronies able to get ultra-low interest rate loans for decades, and access credit for risky ventures for which other lenders would never lend them funds thanks to their control of the "Federal" Reserve bankster cartel. If their ventures fail, the "Federal" Reserve bankster cartel gives free money to the banksters' banks to "recapitalize" them, while it forgives the banksters' cronies' losses. Recapitalizing them means to make them wealthy again even though they gambled and lost. Thus, we have socialism for the (US and foreign) banksters and their cronies (who own the banks that own the "Fed" branch banks) and cold, unforgiving capitalism for all other groups. See "A Bank with 49 Trillion Dollars in Exposure to Derivatives Is Melting Down Right in Front of Our Eyes" at www.globalresearch.ca. See at www.facts-are-facts.com "the-federal-reserve-is-privately-owned." In TRUE capitalism, if you make foolish, risky investments, you lose. Smart persons that wisely invest their funds, become richer. Banksters and their cronies now do not really suffer any risks: their "Federal" Reserve is always there to bail them out of stupid decisions. See at wallstreetonparade.com "Mega Banks Tell SEC: Derivatives Could Blow Up Wall Street Again." Also "Despite Its Five Felony Counts, the Federal Reserve Has Entrusted $2 Trillion in Bonds to JPMorgan Chase" at that same website. See "The Fed Now Owns Over $2 Trillion in Mortgages, What Else?" and "The Fed Now Owns Nearly One Third of All US Mortgages" at www.thestreet.com/mishtalk Guess who is getting the bailouts paid out for the Covid relief. Guess whose corporate bonds are being purchased by the "Fed," after those companies were over-leveraged. See www.nytimes.com "The Fed Goes All In With Unlimited Bond-Buying Plan" (which will be the corporate bonds of the banksters' cronies.) See “Fed Becomes No. 3 Holder of World’s Biggest Corporate-Bond ETF” in Bloomberg.com This is just business as usual. See "Report: Fed Committed $7.77 Trillion To Rescue Banks" at www.npr.org. See at thenewamerican.com "Federal Reserve Issues Secret Low-interest Loans to Banks" and at newsmax.com "Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks $13 Billion Undisclosed to Congress." In the crony capitalism that the banksters and their ultra-rich cronies have managed to create, the bankster cronies can gamble all that they want in derivatives, in MBS (mortgage backed securities) and other gambles. If they lose, the US taxpayer reimburses them for their losses through their "Federal" Reserve banking cartel, which just prints out US dollars and also gives them ultra-low interest rate loans even when their banks are insolvent. See www.bloomberg.com "fed-s-mortgage-buying-spree-at-1-trillion-with-no-end-in-sight and see reuters.com's "Federal Reserve's $3 trillion virus rescue inflates market bubbles." Of course, the prices of the assets of the cronies of the banksters were those inflated by their "Fed." Aside from those banksters and their cronies, which their "Federal" Reserve and corrupt politicians bailed out, the rest of Americans get the shaft. Inflation will be created by the "Federal" bankster Reserve's printing of US dollars which will reduce your savings and the value of your assets and wages little by little. That theft of US wealth from the majority of Americans has now gone on for decades. They desperately hope that you do not notice, so that parasitism can continue forever. Most importantly, the banksters "Federal" Reserve is creating a beautiful situation for its cronies to practice even more insider trading and rent-seeking: if you know that the "Fed" or its indirect agents are going to buy a particular bond or stock or security, you can buy it before its price is raised or buy an option that its price will not decline, etc. Thus, while most Americans are losing everything, the bankster can continue to profiteer from what are effectively "rent-seeking," risk free activities: they are risk free, because the "Fed" enables the banks to fund the banksters and their cronies and through these tactics protects them from losses. That is what is so egregious about the Society for the Enablement of Corruption's (SEC's) failure to regularly conduct wiretaps and other investigations of the powerful banksters and their cronies to investigate the banksters, and their cronies for insider trading. It is looking aside and ignoring what is occurring as it did with Madoff. See "Whistleblower Harry Markopolos Says the SEC Hasn’t Paid Him for His Work" at Barrons.com. See "Why Didn’t the SEC Catch Madoff? It Might Have Been Policy Not To" at Rollingstone.com. See SEC Says It Botched 5 Madoff Probes, Despite Warnings at CNBC. Could the SEC goons REALLY be so incompetent that they could not properly conduct an investigation despite repeated warnings and intelligent reports of fraud for YEARS AND YEARS or are they caving in and protecting powerful bankster-connected crooks?

    Mi MMi M16 kun oldin
  • I don't believe in masks. FYCK this POLITICAL virus

    Tiger Tan TitanTiger Tan Titan16 kun oldin
  • I get so pissed watching what government does to small businesses. My father and mother worked their ASSES off and lost money for 3 years ($300,000) before closing our small business that I worked at. Our taxes support them. They should work for us. Government doesn't have a real paycheck if we don't pay them. This is such horse shit

    Tiger Tan TitanTiger Tan Titan16 kun oldin
  • Question is did they vote for democrats? If they did I have no sympathy.

    Rob HutchinsRob Hutchins16 kun oldin
  • Well, thank the Demon-crats and their Buddies, The Traitor Rhino Republicans. ALL good NWO GLOBALIST SOCIALIST TRAITORS.

    cer1056cer105617 kun oldin
  • You guys in California want change vote the Democrats out of office take back your state

    Ray FreemanRay Freeman17 kun oldin
  • Yeah sure lady, no ones gonna do anything.

    Sanchez The ManchezSanchez The Manchez17 kun oldin
  • Everyone in California need to rise up and stop this !!!! I can’t believe what they are doing to all small businesses!!! California mayor , governor need to get fired yesterday!!!

    nikki an-levinikki an-levi17 kun oldin
  • Let impeach the governor of California!

    nikki an-levinikki an-levi17 kun oldin
  • aks the satanic pedo cult for money ,because they are the proplem !! there is no virus its 1 big scamm

    scroeffiescroeffie17 kun oldin
  • Not reveal “impact of shutdown” but reveal impact of illegal and unconstitutional shutdowns.

    RealMarcosMirandaRealMarcosMiranda17 kun oldin
  • 🙏🇺🇸💯💯🏅🇺🇸👍

    Maria FillakosMaria Fillakos17 kun oldin
  • The independant people have to be destroyed, it has NOTHING to do with health. The large businesses are what they want to be able to control the citizens

    wim lammenswim lammens17 kun oldin
  • Hollywood is not essential but neighborhoods are.

    VickiVicki17 kun oldin
  • This is heartbreaking and unnerving

    bodyhealsbodyheals17 kun oldin
  • epcot center is where its at..... cobit 4 president

    J TJ T18 kun oldin
  • I really like this Patric, it is so refreshing to have a host that allows his guests to answer questions and have their say uninterrupted. This is so unusual because on the whole hosts want to do all the talking and the guests are just for show.

    Fleur D'RoseFleur D'Rose18 kun oldin
  • R E V O L U T I O N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DieterRoman WichtDieterRoman Wicht18 kun oldin
  • Hi I'm in California, only 3 years and do not want to leave...however there are differences as well from county to county, knowing we all will eventually be impacted in one way or another...Speak out to the nation, thank you.

    Asenseof AhhAsenseof Ahh18 kun oldin
  • I'm just waiting for host to pull out 1911 or Tommy gun. Mafia wouldn't allow any lockdown. ;)

    Hades EyeHades Eye18 kun oldin
  • CCP member is our governor and mayor

    God OneGod One18 kun oldin
  • Please stand with small businesses god blessed you all

    God OneGod One18 kun oldin
  • Put your energy into defeating Covid. What are y'all slow? 🤣How bout that shnit....?👍

    Listen UpListen Up18 kun oldin
  • How is the entertainment industry considered "essential"?

    Frank AFrank A18 kun oldin
  • You’ve got the 2 worst governors in the country, ain’t gonna get no better

    Sean O’GradySean O’Grady19 kun oldin
  • You laid off 11 of your 15 employees WHILE YOU HAD A PPP LOAN?!?! That is completely opposite its intent

    Jos ChristmanJos Christman19 kun oldin
  • I'm hopeful that u will start standing up for what's right!!!! And u know famn well what I mean!!! U have the voice good sir!!!

    Craig LandCraig Land19 kun oldin
  • I feel for both restaurant owners. I strongly disagree with the owner from California when she says “It’s Not a Political Thing” IT IS A POLITICAL THING!!! & THERE POLITICS ARE DESTROYING OUR NATION! Almost makes me wonder if that’s the goal so China & the wicked powers that are behind this can come in & buy up NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA, CHICAGO, DETROIT..... FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR??? SHOULD MAKE YOU THINK?? AND IMAGINE HOW EASY IT WOULD BE FOR THEM TO CONTROL MOST CITIZENS ONCE THEY HAVE CRUSHED US FINANCIALLY!!! THE PROCESS, CRUSH THE 1st & 2nd AMENDMENTS #3 DRAIN US FINANCIALLY COMPLETING A TURN KEY SYSTEM!!!

    Ed McPhersonEd McPherson19 kun oldin
  • So sad!

    Khadicha VinokurKhadicha Vinokur19 kun oldin
  • Is parler blocking us?

    Diahann ColonDiahann Colon19 kun oldin
  • Why O WHY!!!! didn't anybody mention whom is in this movie that was allowed to set up their tents. Address the stars of this movie!! put them on the hot seat....

    Jason FieldsJason Fields19 kun oldin
  • Thank u pat

    Steve Tango 3Steve Tango 319 kun oldin
  • I hope everybody understands the bigger picture here what they're doing to us all... The worst is yet to come people... I don't know what it's going to take to wake these politicians up though.. also another note we need to demand term limits !!!👍

  • They tell us not to get violent that we are the party of law and order, but they can only tell us that and keep us down for so long! It is time for a Revolution fuck the Republicans law and order bullshit! Obviously the cops bend over for the demonrats that hate them, and throw the Republicans the ones that back them in jail!!!

    Autigers 2010Autigers 201019 kun oldin
  • Whatever America had is already, gone.

    Nnaoj NoswadNnaoj Noswad19 kun oldin
  • Just open every we will take are chances.

    socasoca19 kun oldin
  • Change from Republican to Independent

    Silky Girl GamingSilky Girl Gaming19 kun oldin
  • Being an unemployed chef my heart breaks for these two and for the other restaurants, chefs, cooks, servers and support staff. These restrictions have destroyed my ability to find a job in an industry I love. I hate to pimp myself here but, if I may, check out my UZworld channel. Thanks

    Chef Terry ShampoeChef Terry Shampoe19 kun oldin
  • Bravo, David.

    Donna CherkezianDonna Cherkezian19 kun oldin
  • the movie company had the chairs apart though but i think the lady restaurant should not had been closed

    Juan MarinJuan Marin19 kun oldin

    Mary CandulloMary Candullo19 kun oldin
  • there is no virus!!!!! Iwantthetruth.ca - lets say "there is a virus".. if there IS a virus, it's never going away. NEVER! bacteria, viruses have been here on earth before man was here! The flu has been killing millions of poeple per year, year after year. The FLU HAS a "vaccine". It's not going anywhere. The only thing that will make this go away is WE THE PEOPLE standing up and FIGHTING if nesseary.

    M 3231M 323119 kun oldin
  • Get connected to TheHealthyamerican.org!

    Glenn Adams IIGlenn Adams II19 kun oldin
  • I disagree with all the massive restrictions that all these governors are doing.. However I don't understand why people like this women does not close up and move to a place that the restrictions don't exist and either open something new or find a new job. the bars and restaurants close all the time and go under to the tune of 80% a year. Those businesses are always high risk to reward and fragile even in a stable economy.

    WarJb34WarJb3419 kun oldin
  • At this point if there was someplace in the world I could go to escape this global communism, Id leave.

    antigovantigov19 kun oldin
  • Why don't the judge tell them they have to let you open if he agrees with you

    Richard SkaraRichard Skara19 kun oldin
  • Although I do support the restaurant shutdowns and other necessary shutdowns to protect our fellow citizens, I believe that businesses forced to shutdown should be fully compensated for their losses. No loans, but money that does not need to be paid back. I also think that all taxes for every citizen should be waived for the year 2020.

    Roger SmithRoger Smith19 kun oldin