#2 Alabama vs Missouri Highlights | College Football Week 4 | 2020 College Football Highlights

26-Sen, 2020
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Alabama vs Missouri Highlights (Missouri vs Alabama). Alabama and Missouri played in week 4 of the 2020 college football season. I edited the highlights, and voiced a halftime reminder to subscribe and hit the bell (voiced by me, Wheels).
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  • Bama d is sorry

    Cameron HendersonCameron Henderson4 kun oldin
  • The black and yellow team was talking about winning on lsu but they lost this one

    Jahyhir KendrickJahyhir Kendrick8 kun oldin
  • Its nice to see that back up qb for Bama he looks like he will be ready next year 👌

    TweetTweet16 kun oldin
  • 6:03 why they do him like that lmao

    Wynton25Wynton2518 kun oldin
    • looool absolutely mauled

      E BE B18 kun oldin
  • We are going to win the Champions ship

    Ethan CookEthan Cook19 kun oldin
  • Roll Tide

    Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell19 kun oldin
  • Harris remind me of Derrick Henry

    Ernest CooperErnest Cooper19 kun oldin
  • Let's see what 'Bama does with Ole Miss!!!!

    Tim CombsTim Combs19 kun oldin
  • life is fun

    Carlos ContrerasCarlos Contreras19 kun oldin
  • Leaving the BIG 12 was a bad move. Since they joined the SEC their athletic dept has regressed.

    topssuitetopssuite20 kun oldin
  • Mizzou wasn't terrible in the 2nd half

    Joe PJoe P20 kun oldin
  • Najee is soooo over rated

    Chairman of the BoardChairman of the Board20 kun oldin
  • Bryce Young is the truth...relax he's a freshman, he will go down in history better than Mac and will be picked high in the draft with a bigger contract then Mac... Relax, give it a min and ya'll be like damn this kid Bryce Young is the greatest thing to happen to bama football..Re fukn lax haters!

    Jayde GabaldonJayde Gabaldon21 kun oldin
  • I had a feelijg bama was gone come back hard and ready dont play wit em big bama fqn over here roll tide

    Emyia FeltonEmyia Felton21 kun oldin
  • That Bama defense looked suspect as usual in the second half. Lots of missed coverages and the last touchdown Missouri scored really got on my nerves. Thete was nobody with 30 yards of the QB as he EASILY scampered for the score.

    Brandon O'tingerBrandon O'tinger22 kun oldin
  • I'm watching finebum now,, everyone complaining except bama fans,,, again sec is bama and then everyone else as usual. Ga. is average ,, Fla.not good enough all others are 2nd tier teams.

    James KirkJames Kirk22 kun oldin
  • Many people are saying Texas is a lock to win the national championship this year.

    J KJ K22 kun oldin
    • @James Kirk I'm just relaying what's out there, what i've heard. To say they are a "lock" seems a bit strong. It's certainly possible that a different team might win the NC this year other than texas.

      J KJ K22 kun oldin
    • LOL, I'll take those odds

      James KirkJames Kirk22 kun oldin
  • We need to trade bell for a first round pick

    E1ment RyoE1ment Ryo22 kun oldin
    • I typed this on the vid

      E1ment RyoE1ment Ryo22 kun oldin
  • 5:40 looked like Missouri’s own teammate was saying incomplete lol

    Matthew SteinMatthew Stein22 kun oldin
  • As a Georgia fan, I'm actually scared of the dawgs going against Alabama 😬 cuz georgia lookin kinda trash ngl

    _delorenzo_16_delorenzo_1622 kun oldin
    • Prepara el asterisco

      Samuel DuenasSamuel Duenas19 kun oldin
    • I agree 👍

      Maurice JohnsonMaurice Johnson21 kun oldin
  • I can't take the mask wearing NONSENSE

    Greg LaPradeGreg LaPrade22 kun oldin
  • Mac Jones is that pure pocket quarterback with the obvious ability in his arm to make him something special. Obviously having his offensive line, Jalen Waddle, and Nagee Harris help his development.

    Carnival SoulCarnival Soul22 kun oldin
  • Young is gonna be lights out, just needs some reps.

    RedElephantStampedeRedElephantStampede22 kun oldin
    • to be honest I thought it would be close or maybe even Young would have a chance to start but Mac Jones looked wayyyy better/calmer/more in control in the pocket. Young was taking forever to get his feet set and holding onto the ball way too long on multiple occasions. He will be very good at some point but he still has a ways to go.

      E BE B18 kun oldin
    • And some pass protection lol

      Tj AdamsTj Adams18 kun oldin
  • I hit you up earlier about making a UZworld channel like yours because I want to make one. How do you promote yourself and get so many subscribers??

    MiggyMiggy22 kun oldin
  • 6:02 I feel bad for that man...LMAO

    Cam LookrichCam Lookrich22 kun oldin
  • Missouri is not even ranked in the top 25 When Alabama plays a ranked team then I will give them my blessing

    Clifford YawnClifford Yawn22 kun oldin
  • The Bama kicking game looked OUTSTANDING.... Mac was super impressive....

    Eduardo WatkinzEduardo Watkinz23 kun oldin
  • Wheres kelly bryant

    Anthony BreuerAnthony Breuer23 kun oldin
  • Mac looked nice I was impressed. After all the talk about the starting QB he's earned it!

    Sau TafaoSau Tafao23 kun oldin
    • Yeah I was thinking it would be a real close battle going into the season but seems like Mac is miles beyond Young at this point. We'll see if Young can improve throughout the year and bridge the gap

      E BE B18 kun oldin
  • Its gonna get harder.

    Clifford YawnClifford Yawn23 kun oldin
  • Man bryce young is going to be so great ! That oline did him no justice tonight

    ItsPrettyboyZItsPrettyboyZ23 kun oldin
  • Roll tide

    Jackson PayneJackson Payne23 kun oldin
  • I just reacted to this game Alabama gonna win the whole thing this season who you guys think gonna win the college football championship?

    Flexerboi FlexFlexerboi Flex23 kun oldin
    • Clemson, even though i hate em,, is way ahead of alabama, particularly coaching (not counting head coaches)

      James KirkJames Kirk22 kun oldin
  • As a Tennessee fan it is just amazing how Alabama is so consistent every freaking year. It’s tough playing you guys

    BDB InvasiveBDB Invasive23 kun oldin
    • Tennessee will get back to national relevance soon. With those transfers I heard Tenn now has 5 5* o-line men and some other highly recruited kids on the team... and people say the SEC isn’t the best conference in college football.....

      Louie O. BlevinsMusicLouie O. BlevinsMusic19 kun oldin
    • You guys did good this weekend, Charlie Daniels would be proud.

      South House ProductionsSouth House Productions22 kun oldin
  • Glad alabama won looks like our offense is doing well especially our passing game with mac jones. But there was a few times when they were able to move the ball against our defense and if we don't fix something on the defensive side of the ball it may hurt us going forward.

    Lonely ShadowLonely Shadow23 kun oldin
  • Harris, Wadel, and Jones are looking great !!!

    Franky DiCesareFranky DiCesare23 kun oldin
  • mac jones played amazing, but our defense is finally starting to return to form. (im talking about the pre-backups defense when we were up 35-6)

    Joshua BlackJoshua Black23 kun oldin
    • IGOTCUTEANKLES yup thats why they need the reps

      Joshua BlackJoshua Black23 kun oldin
    • Yeah we got dylan Moses back and are 1st string defense looks amazing are second string defense needs some help tho

  • Well thats a stupid place to leave a path.. @4:15

    Lochlainn GarveyLochlainn Garvey23 kun oldin
  • Roll tide

    Reid BrysonReid Bryson23 kun oldin
  • Mizzou ran the option like the AI in NCAA 14

    TheWholeMatrixTheWholeMatrix23 kun oldin
  • Bryce young I think can be really good no matter that first fumble

    Tide1419Tide141923 kun oldin
  • The only scary part was seeing Eliz Warren (Pocahontas) warning about Mitch O'Connell/Trump as being the RICH ELITES. If this is true, why are the traitor Dumbocrats outspending by millions the Repubs? Answer: the SUPER RICH ELITES. And oh, don't forget China! Taking out jobs and attacking us indirectly? And Fake News reporting? Crickets... Roll Tide!

    thorifiedthorified23 kun oldin
  • That was our best game against Bama since we joined the SEC. I can see what Drinkwitz is going for, but he's going to need a couple of recruiting classes and some transfers to get there.

    anondescriptobserveranondescriptobserver23 kun oldin
    • 2014 in the SEC Championship was your best game against Bama, who's offense was shaky and turnover prone at time with Blake Sims at QB...maybe even in 2018 when you had Drew Lock and during that game I believe Tua got hurt. Were it not for Bama calling the dogs off for sake of building depth, they could have scored 50+ while barely breaking a sweat.

      TreAndrewsTreAndrews22 kun oldin
  • Go BAMA GOOOOO 🐘.......Wheels, thank you, we really appreciate these highlights bruv 🙌🏽...🥂

    Marcus Zoe13Marcus Zoe1323 kun oldin
  • Hey wheels another good job thank you. I am a 65 year old family man with little time on hand to watch football. Thanks for these videos. Also as a sidebar have you stopped with Yankee baseball videos? God bless you.

    red 7red 723 kun oldin
  • 3:11 #0 of Missouri Knee Cap was Blown out by Waddle

    Ryan ElliottRyan Elliott23 kun oldin

    Anne GokeyAnne Gokey23 kun oldin
  • This game is kinda crazy. Alabama looks hungry as ever until they take out the starters. Thankfully they were able to play backup ball and get the new guys some experience without it hurting them. Saban now has plenty of film for his secondaries to see for improvement.

    De JoDe Jo23 kun oldin
    • Lnor pal either ur trolling or being stupid, the score was 35-6 with 1:09 left in the 3rd, bama put the backups in the 4th qtr, mizzo scored 2 tds on the backups! Stop being stupid!!

      Harlem139Convent1Harlem139Convent119 kun oldin
    • @Harlem139Convent1 watching a Bama Defense giving up 2 touchdowns to a pretender and not a contender.

      Lnor palLnor pal19 kun oldin
    • De Jo they will get better , not having a spring affected everyone!

      Harlem139Convent1Harlem139Convent119 kun oldin
    • Lnor pal obviously u don’t know football, and they only had a few starters in, trey sanders is not najee harris, waddle was in for a few plays, bryce has got to get game reps, they took out the o line, what game were u watching

      Harlem139Convent1Harlem139Convent119 kun oldin
    • @Harlem139Convent1 I'm not downing Alabama, I'm saying the starters looked good but the backups got shown where they were needing to step up. This season is going to be wild for everyone.

      De JoDe Jo20 kun oldin
  • Why isn't Jaylen Waddell getting more attention?

    ireniggirenigg23 kun oldin
    • right, what a crazy good game

      E BE B18 kun oldin
  • Where are the people that thought Bryce should start before Mac Jones? Now you see why Mac earned that job LAST SEASON. That being said, Bryce did throw with some velocity. He will gain confidence throughout the season.

    motown 1970motown 197023 kun oldin
    • E E I agree with u

    • Mac looked great last night, and should continue to start. Bryce looked great too, the main problem with him right now is just jitters. Once he gains more confidence he will really be able to compete.

      E EE E23 kun oldin
    • Lonely Shadow Mac is looking amazing Bryce young is only a freshman Mac isn’t let Mac shine😂

    • I never understood that Bryce had no spring so basically even though he enrolled early technically he was no used to live sec ball than a freshman arriving for fall camp mac is proven

      Higherlyfe SupplyHigherlyfe Supply23 kun oldin
    • Stupid to bench someone who has shown he is capable of completing passes.

      Lonely ShadowLonely Shadow23 kun oldin
  • Bama looks real beatable this year

    QT RyloQT Rylo23 kun oldin
    • Your literally the only comment I’ve seen saying that lol

      Higherlyfe SupplyHigherlyfe Supply23 kun oldin
    • You sure about that?

      Bobby BurtonBobby Burton23 kun oldin
    • Based on what....Mizzou didnt do anything until garbage time against backups. Bama looked the most well rounded out of the supposed top teams I saw

      jrvbamafan1jrvbamafan123 kun oldin
    • Hey captain obvious, anyone can be beat.

      FirestormFirestorm23 kun oldin
  • Mac looks way better than Myles today

    Zay TilleyZay Tilley23 kun oldin
  • They dick ride Bama but shame uga for beating a team by the same margins. Make it make sense.

    BIG DOMBIG DOM23 kun oldin
    • Georgia was losing until the 3rd quarter when Arkansas got tired and allowed Georgias elite athletes pull away with the game while Alabama had their foots on Missouris throats until the 4th quarter where they let off the gas and allowed 2 late TDs. Thats the difference. None of this talk matters though. What matters is what happens on the field 3 weeks from now.

      AKAK23 kun oldin
  • MAC jones has been disrespected wayyy too much he makes some eye popping throws

    Vishaal VenugopalVishaal Venugopal23 kun oldin
    • Waddle Smith Harris is still not as bad as Tua having Ruggs and jeudy

      Vishaal VenugopalVishaal Venugopal21 kun oldin
    • Clifford Yawn idk man with the way Mississippi State carved us up yesterday, he’d probably light us up too😂

      Michael PorterMichael Porter23 kun oldin
    • Yeah but it's gonna get harder I'm waiting to see how he performs against LSU, Georgia etc.

      Clifford YawnClifford Yawn23 kun oldin
    • Yeah but bama has many star receivers and Mac doesn’t always make the completion. Pretty accurate though.

      TheWholeMatrixTheWholeMatrix23 kun oldin
  • Surprised by the tigers effort. Tigers gonna be decent this year

    Ian SmithIan Smith23 kun oldin
    • @Yeet Agreed, this game was not nearly as close as the still-lopsided score indicates. This was an absolute slaughter and with starters going hard the whole time would have been a 50+ point margin

      E BE B18 kun oldin
    • Wdym they lost my 3 scores because they were playing our backups in the 3rd and 4th quarter and had a garbage time score

      YeetYeet23 kun oldin
  • Thank God we still got waddle

    Kelton StevensKelton Stevens23 kun oldin
    • And Smith. Metchie was good too.

      Brandon O'tingerBrandon O'tinger22 kun oldin
    • He's a beast

      retro nerdsretro nerds23 kun oldin
  • That qb is lethal Alabama got. He throws the ball with such precision. Yet again alabama has a rb, and who can forget nfl prospect waddle mannn tough year for anybody.

    Big BreezyBig Breezy23 kun oldin
    • That o-line is serious 4 starters back!! 3 of which will b 1st rounders

      Harlem139Convent1Harlem139Convent122 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or does Bryce’s hands look kinda small on the football hopefully he can still throw bombs down field

    QB Jay13QB Jay1323 kun oldin
    • RedSkaal tell that to Russell Wilson who is the same height.

      Jarred GuytonJarred Guyton23 kun oldin
    • @QB Jay13 Throwing far isn't the issue. Taking hits cumulatively is. Tiny guy will never last.

      RedSkaalRedSkaal23 kun oldin
    • RedSkaal high school he was able to throw far no problem

      QB Jay13QB Jay1323 kun oldin
    • He's tiny

      RedSkaalRedSkaal23 kun oldin
  • Ain’t nobody gone talk about how impressive Mac look , come on.

    J DJ D23 kun oldin
    • Wish he put a just a little more zip on his throws, and he threw into coverage too much for my taste.

      Joel ColeyJoel Coley20 kun oldin
    • Yesh, hes locked in. Aside from 2 pick 6s against auburn last year, hes been fantastic. Not Tua level fantastic, but fantastic nonetheless. Plenty, plenty good enough.

      Brandon O'tingerBrandon O'tinger22 kun oldin
    • @John Spradling we'll see bud

      NB216NB21622 kun oldin
    • John Spradling : Yeah I heard that when they won all them championships

      J DJ D22 kun oldin
    • No missouri looked pitiful bama not that good

      John SpradlingJohn Spradling22 kun oldin
  • Jones looks great! Accurate with a quick release...

    okolekahunaokolekahuna23 kun oldin
    • Lookin like the next tua ngl

      _delorenzo_16_delorenzo_1622 kun oldin
  • # 0 from mizzo will have nightmares for the rest of his life .WDE ,but waddle Is a monster

    Quinton LeeQuinton Lee23 kun oldin
  • 3:31 F

    Henry LiangHenry Liang23 kun oldin
  • Florida fan here after watching top games. Bama looks scary good. Saban has them ready, as usual. UGA found a QB that fits their defense. LSU is done. Tennessee has grit/potential. Auburn will get even better. SEC football is on another level. Ohio St. and Clemson is all that gets in the way.

    How Am I Looking?How Am I Looking?23 kun oldin
    • @Tony crazy but for once the East might be stronger than the West or at least about equal

      E BE B17 kun oldin
    • TN fan here. Really wish FL and GA would stop getting better. Lol Trask looks terrifying this year, especially with that TE. We’re hopeful to continue progressing but the East hopes are unfortunately still out of grasp. We’re hoping for 5-6 wins this year and it would be a success with schedules. Good luck y’all and hope your teams stay healthy!

      TonyTony17 kun oldin
    • I don't know that LSU is 100% done. I think running into Miss St game 1 was SUPER unfortunate and most other teams would have suffered the same fate in that position. A perfect storm of - Miss St being way better than anyone expected, LSU having a bunch of fresh, inexperienced guys playing their first game after losing half their team to the NFL lol, and not much scouting information on the Miss St offense other than watching old Wazzou footage and hoping that Leach hasn't added a bunch of wrinkles since then.

      E BE B18 kun oldin
    • Everybody’s team is just going to get better.. lol. Man this gon be a good year of football. Go Gators.

      destroydestroy23 kun oldin
    • @8fngrJake look at the top 10 now you tell me who wont make it paat the semifinals and who's gonna beat us

      Roderick ChamblissRoderick Chambliss23 kun oldin
  • Mizzou actually played a pretty good game and only lost by 19 and outscored alabama in the second half

    LRG TiltLRG Tilt23 kun oldin
    • RedSkaal they look awful because theyre second and third string. theres a reason they aint starters. thats why nick is giving them reps. he develops the next seasons players as the season wears on. and then people wonder how he reloads so well. its because he was already reloading.

      Joshua BlackJoshua Black23 kun oldin
    • RedSkaal you know that kyler murray won the heisman and he is 5’ 10’’ , right??

      YeetYeet23 kun oldin
    • @RedSkaal kyler Murray is how big again

      AaronAaron23 kun oldin
    • RedSkaal he’s literally 6 ft but ok

      YeetYeet23 kun oldin
    • Because it was our backups smh

      YeetYeet23 kun oldin
  • What happened to Tua’s brother?

    Party AnimalParty Animal23 kun oldin
    • He transferred cause he knew he wasn’t going to play at all cause of Bryce

      QB Jay13QB Jay1323 kun oldin
    • Maryland

      Malone HardickMalone Hardick23 kun oldin
  • This man got a stupid azz dead leg 🤯🤯🤯 3:08

    Under DogUnder Dog23 kun oldin
  • I’m an auburn fan but y’all putting an ass whooping on LSU 😂

    Blake JordanBlake Jordan23 kun oldin
    • @Rise Life Yes and Florida will too. I see LSU losing at least 4 games.

      FirestormFirestorm17 kun oldin
    • Auburn might do that too.

      Carnival SoulCarnival Soul22 kun oldin
    • Yeah y’all will too lol, it will just be a competition about who beats them worse 😂

      E EE E23 kun oldin
    • As a bama fan y’all were looking amazing y’all were slow at the start but then started dominating y’all are gonna be nice again this year

    • @Firestorm Auburn will win

      Rise LifeRise Life23 kun oldin
  • roll tide lets dominate this season and the goal don't change lets win the national championship

    GamerMode Twenty-ThreeGamerMode Twenty-Three23 kun oldin
    • Joshua Black facts georgia sucks 😂

      Will RowlandWill Rowland23 kun oldin
    • Benjamin Sligh mississippi state beat an overrated lsu team, georgia was down 7-5 at the half against arkansas, and tennessee squeaked one out against south carolina. the only reason georgia won by so much was because on three consecutive possessions arkansas punted the ball 9 yards, threw a pick six, and threw another interception.

      Joshua BlackJoshua Black23 kun oldin
    • Benjamin Sligh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Joshua BlackJoshua Black23 kun oldin
    • And maybe even Tennessee.

      Benjamin SlighBenjamin Sligh23 kun oldin
    • Bamas gonna lose to Georgia and Mississippi state.

      Benjamin SlighBenjamin Sligh23 kun oldin
  • SEC Football is back!! Bama linebackers are looking hungry!

    Touchdown TimeTouchdown Time23 kun oldin
    • So your saying SEC is Bama, nothing new to outsiders.

      James KirkJames Kirk22 kun oldin
    • They're flying around!

      NB216NB21623 kun oldin
    • And faster 🐐

      Krishaun HamiltonKrishaun Hamilton23 kun oldin
  • JESUS😇😇😇😀🙏

    Chunga ChungusChunga Chungus23 kun oldin
  • Bryce should’ve gone to USC not everyone can be TUA 😬

    riah bbyriah bby23 kun oldin
    • BREAKING NEWS: Highly regarded freshman quarterback Bryce Young transfers back to USC after riah bby decided it for him in a youtube comment section

      Jack MoehrleJack Moehrle23 kun oldin
    • Bryce will have better coaching at Alabama and more opportunities to succeed than if he went to USC.

      Dustin LongDustin Long23 kun oldin
    • He wants to win a championship

      Malone HardickMalone Hardick23 kun oldin
    • Why?

      Stumpy BubblesStumpy Bubbles23 kun oldin
  • Young isn’t ready to start yet!

    Isaiah CarrollIsaiah Carroll23 kun oldin
    • Agreed, Mac looked way better. People making excuses about the offensive line but Bryce was holding onto the ball too long on a bunch of occasions, a lot of it having to do with him taking twice as long to get set as Mac for some reason. Also his release needs some work. Basically everything needs to be sped up, but he will get there he just needs to see more action.

      E BE B18 kun oldin
    • His line didn't block very well at all. The throws he was able to make looked real good. Trey Sanders certainly had a disappointing game. 10 carries for 1 yard

      Brandon O'tingerBrandon O'tinger22 kun oldin
    • @RedSkaal Personally, I rather see Paul Tyson. Bryce is either gonna get better of mega proportions, or will go back and play high school. lol

      South House ProductionsSouth House Productions22 kun oldin
    • Not his fault. Offensive line sucked. No run game. Mac wouldn’t have done shit either

      motlow22motlow2222 kun oldin
    • I mean Saban took out the starting o line in 4th but your right he’s not ready and that’s not a bad thing cause he did some really great stuff so future is promising he just needs more actual live action in sec

      Higherlyfe SupplyHigherlyfe Supply23 kun oldin
  • Good start for bama

    Rae's ReactionsRae's Reactions23 kun oldin
  • #31 Anderson...🤯🤯🤯

    Komi Vovor-DassuKomi Vovor-Dassu23 kun oldin
    • He’s a freshman to

      baylor chancebaylor chance23 kun oldin
  • Roll tide

    tj byrdtj byrd23 kun oldin
    • Thx

      tj byrdtj byrd23 kun oldin
    • Love the picture

      Stumpy BubblesStumpy Bubbles23 kun oldin
  • Happy now? Everyone’s qb of choice got to play today.

    Darius WilliamsDarius Williams23 kun oldin
    • He had no running game Trey sanders had like 7 carries for a yard. And terrible protection. The future is bright but Mac is the Guy

      Xavier DukeXavier Duke23 kun oldin
  • Alabama will be back in the college football playoff this year when all is said and done

    Sports 311Sports 31123 kun oldin
    • This dude is the type of kid to come here and talk after every game 💀💀

      8fngrJake8fngrJake2 kun oldin
    • @Corey Rogers 41-24 LMAO UGA sure did not look elite. Mac Jones threw over 400 yards on what was supposed to be one of the best defenses in college football and we shut down their offense in the 2nd half.

      FirestormFirestorm2 kun oldin
    • @8fngrJake Thanks to Ole Miss. The defense woke up against Georgia. Keep on crying.

      FirestormFirestorm2 kun oldin
    • @Firestorm Buddy. Ole miss just put up 45 points on Alabama. There is no way that you are talking..

      8fngrJake8fngrJake9 kun oldin
    • Firestorm Georgia finna beat Bama, They have been elite on both sides of the ball, Bama still allows lots of points, Georgia will Win.

      Corey RogersCorey Rogers9 kun oldin
  • lol blowout W

    Tice GumTice Gum23 kun oldin
    • Aaron it was 😂

      Tice GumTice Gum23 kun oldin
    • It wasn't a blow out but it could have been if saban wanted it

      AaronAaron23 kun oldin
    • nah

      Sport HighlightsSport Highlights23 kun oldin
  • Every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you all

    Steve GutiSteve Guti23 kun oldin
    • @marktastic86 Jesus was a tiny Arab Jew, not a regular black man. The other stuff we agree upon.

      Nicholas DupontNicholas Dupont9 kun oldin
    • Silver Moon evolution doesn’t confirm or deny Christianity. But many of Christians follow science without contradictions

      Mark SwaggertyMark Swaggerty15 kun oldin
    • Louie O. BlevinsMusic why are you guys so toxic?

      CoolRayquazaGamingCoolRayquazaGaming16 kun oldin
    • marktastic86 bro we said nothing to or about you, so stop replying to us in hate.

      CoolRayquazaGamingCoolRayquazaGaming16 kun oldin
    • No sir

      Brenton IversonBrenton Iverson19 kun oldin
  • Praying for wheels and family everyday until my last breath God bless you all

    Steve GutiSteve Guti23 kun oldin