$2,000 Stimulus Check Update - Checks Approved Next Week?

13-Yan, 2021
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$2000 stimulus check update, checks approved next week?
In this video, Matt discusses the $2000 stimulus checks and increasing them from $600-$2000. This is in reference to the next round of stimulus checks, $2000 stimulus check update, $1400 stimulus check update, and the latest updates on stimulus checks. It is our dedication here on the Blind To Billionaire UZworld channel to continuously bring you daily Stimulus a Update, Stimulus a Check Update, second stimulus check update, third stimulus check update, $2000 stimulus check update, $1400 stimulus check update, stimulus package, stimulus checks, stimulus check update, The latest Stimulus proposals and everything regarding Stimulus. Our videos always do pertain to everybody including Social Security, retirement, disability, SSDI, SSI, VA, RRB, low income and no income.
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  • More bs

    Jeffery CallisJeffery Callis2 kun oldin
  • Hay this is edward waiters again what's the whole up with 2000 dollar's stimulus checks Joe Biden needs to give every body 2000 dollar's stimulus checks monthly for all the peoples in the United states

    Eward. Waiter'sEward. Waiter's4 kun oldin
  • Man ...we don't need these 45min videos just say what we clicked on your shyt to hear

    Mike HanchoMike Hancho5 kun oldin
  • Will you get the next stimulus check if you didn't get the first too.

    Kevin LewickKevin Lewick5 kun oldin
  • It going b 1400

    Jamal HarrisJamal Harris6 kun oldin
  • I would like to know about the Loan forgivemess

    SuperGirl1970 CarverSuperGirl1970 Carver6 kun oldin
  • Thank you Matt for the updates!! God Bless!!

    Janet BruursemaJanet Bruursema6 kun oldin
  • Don't believe Biden crime family is going to be able to pull it off! Truth is coming out! Trump is our president and he is going to stay our president for the next four years! Military tribunal is coming! Save our children! Our freedom is not for sale!

    Mark ChamblinMark Chamblin7 kun oldin
  • All I want to know is when they gonna send that 2,000$

    Queen 99Queen 998 kun oldin
  • 9 months this been going on what is the problem with theses old people stop this bull shit people are dieing

    Keturah RomerKeturah Romer8 kun oldin
  • More then penny's for a raise every one looking down they don't look back and give u a hand up they just want tp keep us down

    Jessie McDanielJessie McDaniel8 kun oldin
  • Rent keep going up how we going to pay it if we dont get a raise

    Jessie McDanielJessie McDaniel8 kun oldin
    • Good morning my friend, yeah exactly. That’s the question that everybody’s asking right now. I’ll keep you posted on this, stay safe and I’ll see you in a couple hours

      Blind to BillionaireBlind to Billionaire8 kun oldin
  • Joe Biden wants to help out big business.

    Linda RoofLinda Roof8 kun oldin
  • Like that we are getting the 1400 stimulus checks that's good that they got someone that really cares about the american people that not going to play games anymore 🤪

    Linda BartlettLinda Bartlett8 kun oldin
  • Hey sir God bless u

    Willie BaileyWillie Bailey8 kun oldin
  • nothing thsts how much

    linda amacklinda amack8 kun oldin
  • how bad do you want it?

    linda amacklinda amack8 kun oldin
  • I have not got my $600 yet.will i still get my $1400???🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Linda OlsonLinda Olson8 kun oldin
  • What’s going on with unemployment benefits? They are not letting people reapply. I live in Bentonville Arkansas. Do you have any advice? I would really appreciate any input from you.

    Lorrie RushingLorrie Rushing8 kun oldin
  • I went to the IRS today. I never got the first check not the recent one. Than I found out why. Cause someone had me a family member as a dependent. I told them to remove me. Now in 10 weeks I will go the first and second check. You gotta go in person to the IRS. First call there 800 number to get a appointment. Good Luck.

    Lando OrellanaLando Orellana8 kun oldin
  • Hi Matt this is Candice I got my summons check already

    Candace SmithCandace Smith8 kun oldin
    • Me husband and Candace

      Candace SmithCandace Smith8 kun oldin
  • Please also include child support! I know a lot of us are curious in regards to child support! Thank you Matt! I’ll look out For your next video! ✌🏽

    Antonio lopezAntonio lopez8 kun oldin
  • Still haven't got my 600 stimulus i am own green dot card

    Kim DanielsKim Daniels8 kun oldin
  • So sorry to say this . But as long as Nancy and her sidekicks are In congress we probably won't get anything else Matt , if we do it will be just a little as possible , I got friends here in sc that have and still are evicted and are still living on the streets and these people have kids Matt it so sad , and yes they have tried to get help with their rent to no avail, maybe congress needs to come to these little towns in sc and other places and see what they are causing , it just heartbreaking

    Wendy HawkinsWendy Hawkins8 kun oldin
  • I didn't get my $600 tomorrow is the 15th

    Tiffany MaxwellTiffany Maxwell8 kun oldin
  • That will never happen

    Tiffany MaxwellTiffany Maxwell8 kun oldin
  • We already got the 600 so all he have to do is dish out 1400 and that would be the 2000

    Wanda WellsWanda Wells9 kun oldin
  • Good morning, thank.you for all your vital information, Matt.Need help with back rent in New Jersey. Thank you in advance

    Sherese RobertsSherese Roberts9 kun oldin
  • Thanks again for. Matt. May God bless you and your wife and your family

    Kathy LockettKathy Lockett9 kun oldin
  • I just want the $600....I mean damn

    Brenden MingoBrenden Mingo9 kun oldin
  • My personal opinion that is that we should get a stimulus check every month until the pandemic is over

    John MaddenJohn Madden9 kun oldin
  • My personal opinion Matt about stimulus pay or stimulus checks we should get a stimulus check once a month for people at qualify like the means testing of course people that make less than $99,000 or $75,000 a year we should get a stimulus check every month until the pandemic is gone until the pandemic is over that's my personal opinion Matt

    John MaddenJohn Madden9 kun oldin
  • Have a great day everyone!!🙂

    Peggy RumzekPeggy Rumzek9 kun oldin
  • Are we going to get the extra 200.00 on our social security and SSI checks for the year of 2021?

    Peggy RumzekPeggy Rumzek9 kun oldin
  • 1400.00?? The 600.00 is already gone they should send us 2000 and everyone keeps saying we're getting 2000 when we're not they should just say 1400.00

    Peggy RumzekPeggy Rumzek9 kun oldin
  • Everyone is not affected the same by stimulus. My mother still supports us on her same wages. I hear her complain that she does not get for me because I am adult college student. I would not be pass out check free money in the first place so I do not think she should complain at all. It is waste of money since it is just costs the government more money than they already made for the year. I may have to take online classes and wear a mask in public but nothing really changed.

    Savvaniya SicariusSavvaniya Sicarius9 kun oldin
  • 0:03 I receive 183 each and every day Give it a go also right here *f u nda ily pa y*

    Andreina MendezAndreina Mendez9 kun oldin
  • Supposed to be this week, now next week?

    Carol LentzCarol Lentz9 kun oldin

    Marcela Byer ByerMarcela Byer Byer9 kun oldin
  • You mentioned digital currency in someone's response do you think that at the time we come into digital currency that they will try to micro chip us and how do you feel about this and can we refuse to be micro chiped

    Linda WeltonLinda Welton9 kun oldin
  • I'm pending survivor /widows benefits that I applied for in oct but they haven't approved them yet but once I'm approved will I still get the raises and all the things the people are getting now on the same type of income will I be able to get it if I don't get approved until later

    Linda WeltonLinda Welton9 kun oldin
  • A bigger stimulus would be beneficial to Americans everywhere. I'm just concerned they are more focused on attacking Trump than helping us.

    Ronnie HessonRonnie Hesson9 kun oldin
  • This will certainly send a powerful message to the American People if Newly elected president, Joe Biden , would do for the American People!!!

    Yolanda F. GarciaYolanda F. Garcia9 kun oldin
  • Finally got the 600 as a check in the mail took a full week from when they sent it out on the 6th(TurboTax)

    GMarie Behind The MaskGMarie Behind The Mask9 kun oldin
  • Oh god I hope they do not try and send it the same way again through TurboTax 🙄🙄🙄 It will be another repeat nightmare scenario!

    GMarie Behind The MaskGMarie Behind The Mask9 kun oldin
  • i dont see them next week they will be fighting about trump

    ed lippietted lippiett9 kun oldin
  • great advice i did what you said with fileing free with turbo tax and there was my 1800 waiting for me. thank you for your help. could not hav done it without your help on ssi disabilty/wornout drywaller. love ya bro.

    Rob ChalmersRob Chalmers9 kun oldin
  • Biden is part of the deep state and illuminate who has kept the people in this country broke paying taxes etc. a crook.

    Maria Elings CatesMaria Elings Cates9 kun oldin
  • Thanks so much Matt

    cherard Campbellcherard Campbell9 kun oldin
  • Hi matt I'm robert I'm subscribed since last May 👋🏿 I will share I'm an ss as well as a va benifit recipient

    Robert T. McKnight II ROB AMGRobert T. McKnight II ROB AMG9 kun oldin
  • We're the 200 amonth for social security

    Manny SilvaManny Silva9 kun oldin
  • Are you sure there are coming next week when

    Charlene HernandezCharlene Hernandez9 kun oldin
  • Hi Matt I'm married and I didn't get the 2,400 the first time and I only got 600 for the second one can you help out with this

    Terry ArkenburghTerry Arkenburgh9 kun oldin
    • Exactly. Dominic actually helped me on that and I receive every cent due to me

      Hattie BrownHattie Brown9 kun oldin
  • #NotMyPresident

    Jerry FrizzellJerry Frizzell9 kun oldin
  • I'm going to get the 1800 from the govt. Filed my taxes and I'm going to be getting it yea.

    Robert FritzRobert Fritz9 kun oldin
  • Good night Matt good night Corey hope you're feeling well Corey good night everybody God bless you all always be safe thank you for always keeping us informed we really appreciate with everything you do you have a wonderful night all of you

    Mary RoachMary Roach9 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Margie OrozcoMargie Orozco9 kun oldin

    Chris GamingChris Gaming9 kun oldin
  • 🙋

    Vicki DuhiggVicki Duhigg9 kun oldin
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    Ali AkbarAli Akbar9 kun oldin
  • Love your shirt color!

    Ims JIms J9 kun oldin
  • Matt so we are getting the 1,400 Check people on Ssdi My good Friend

    JJ SalazarJJ Salazar9 kun oldin
  • Why does it take so long? I mean if your walking down the street and see someone hungry or needed help do you act right then or go somewhere to discuss it? I just don’t get it. I’ve been homeless and felt completely alone so I just don’t get it. The people discussing have their home nice care greatest food so something just doesn’t add up. This world is so hard to live in especially when you have nothing. Money is power and it makes your surroundings much better. So I don’t get the wait. Republicans make me sick.

    angie Jonesangie Jones9 kun oldin
  • What about dependent is that in there

    Donna CoullDonna Coull9 kun oldin
  • Are ait

    Donna CoullDonna Coull9 kun oldin
  • Matt I trust your knowledge on this . you are so helpful. And thank you for being there for us!

    Jessica GianangeliJessica Gianangeli9 kun oldin
    • Hi, thank you so much for the nice message, I’m glad that you enjoy the videos and trust what I’m telling :-) that means a lot to me, thank you so much for your support I’ll see you soon. Have a good night

      Blind to BillionaireBlind to Billionaire9 kun oldin
  • I know he is going to do it because biden said this more than a week ago before cruz said anything and that's great thing biden helping people in need.

    IamTheBluMedicTF2IamTheBluMedicTF29 kun oldin
  • 1:46 I recieve 191 everyday with the help of *f u n d a i l y p a y.c om*

    kemny milankemny milan9 kun oldin
  • Dose ssi get it to

    Betty DoneworthBetty Doneworth9 kun oldin
  • Me and mom can use it I found today we got kicked off a program to reduce our electric bill yet in pa every thing is electric me and mom make combine 2900 rent 1150 plus all bills copays and we make to much we only have 400 left a month for 2 of us after bills for living and food now I have to b on a new budget 220 a month I am disabled and mom lives off pension

    Felicia WeisshautFelicia Weisshaut9 kun oldin
  • Thanks so much

    Patricia GreenPatricia Green9 kun oldin
  • Yes hello Matt how are you and the family doing hope you are all well and safe yes we could use that money 💰 it would help me to pay off my bills and may God bless you and your family love you guys 🙏💜🤠❤️💜💰🌺💝💛🌹🌹💖💕😍😇🏵️🥰💐😅😘💞💗🌆🌌🤩🤗🙏

    Gladys CinqueGladys Cinque9 kun oldin
  • 555 i 🙏 we the nation get this $2000 on our debit card or H&R DEBIT CARD I 🙏 AMEN

    Mahoganey LampleyMahoganey Lampley9 kun oldin
  • Glad to hear help me out definitely

    Linda MetelkoLinda Metelko9 kun oldin
  • Thank you matt

    Sandra AndersonSandra Anderson9 kun oldin
  • How about schooling past education monies. student loans are so expensive I hope they start people off fresh with he’s slate, forgiving the debt.

    Lori ToumaLori Touma9 kun oldin
  • Nice to do a stand alone bill to make it come out faster for the AMERICAN PEOPLE! We need more money! It takes so long to get to begin with, so hopefully 🙏 we get it soon!

    Lori ToumaLori Touma9 kun oldin
  • Mat will it be $1400 or $2000 ???

    david kurzdorferdavid kurzdorfer9 kun oldin
  • Mat can you look into the social security 2000 act is it still a possibility or not

    david kurzdorferdavid kurzdorfer9 kun oldin
  • All sounds good matt, hope , pray we get it. Thanks for the updates. Hope you have a good evening.

    B. Bob / Pete Pete.B. Bob / Pete Pete.9 kun oldin
  • Thanks

    Lil TwinLil Twin9 kun oldin
  • Thank you both Matt and Corey Well appreciated the info Is very helpful not no to Nowing take care stay stage

    Pecola NormPecola Norm9 kun oldin
  • Thanks Matt for all you do for your community. I hope you and your wife is well. Wishing you both good luck on being new parents. God bless all 3 of you.

    Sal&girlsSal&girls9 kun oldin
  • Hey! Matt when will SSI SSDI get this 200 dollars raise will be in February 2021

    Yolanda RileyYolanda Riley9 kun oldin
  • Hey Matt, I’m on SS Disability and way below the threshold on income for SNAP. For some reason my SNAP I just received on the 12th was one half of what I was getting. Actually it is the lowest I have ever received. Can you shine your light of expertise on that, or does anyone else know. I did get the monthly increase mine amounted to a whopping $18.00 per month. I don’t see how that justifies the SNAP cut in half. Thanks appreciate you.

    Carolyn WattsCarolyn Watts9 kun oldin

    Nikki BooNikki Boo9 kun oldin
    • @Theehottiesvibes this is sad I hope we both as well as others that need it gets is sooner it’s crazy cause a lotta ppl I kno already has theirs an well u kno what Neva mind

      Nikki BooNikki Boo8 kun oldin
    • @Barbara Novotasky that’s awesome I still didn’t get mine what state do u live in

      Nikki BooNikki Boo8 kun oldin
    • Me to still waiting omg

      TheehottiesvibesTheehottiesvibes9 kun oldin
    • Just received mine today .mailed on the 6th also.

      Barbara NovotaskyBarbara Novotasky9 kun oldin
  • Matt, thank you so much for your “let’s get right down to it” channel information. I can tell when you have good news for everyone, you just light up. Thank both of you for all you do.

    Carolyn WattsCarolyn Watts9 kun oldin
  • What about the snap. I only got 29 dollars. And have no groceries.

    Deborah WhaleyDeborah Whaley9 kun oldin
  • I wish they had given us the $2,000 right away instead of $600. My mother got Covid and need to pay for the treatment. It is upsetting how the people's needs have been played by politicians, just because they want things for themselves. Selfish, irresponsible and cruel.

    Christian CrusaderChristian Crusader9 kun oldin
  • Hi Matt, hope you and Corey, are doing all right I just told the news instead of making all this mess up just read your Bible. It doesn't lie😎

    Paula ButtsPaula Butts9 kun oldin
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    Alismar PinedaAlismar Pineda9 kun oldin
  • Hello Matt God bless you and your family

    Adrian RobersonAdrian Roberson9 kun oldin
  • He knows nothing.

    Ted BearTed Bear9 kun oldin
  • Hey Matt how r u n ur family doing ? Do u know when we're gonna get the $200 boost on our checks all that has to do with social security......??? N ur thank u for all ur updates in what's going on in the white house n all the ppl involved.......ur awesome !!! Keep up the good work......

    Milagros RosarioMilagros Rosario9 kun oldin
  • If Biden does not want a stand alone stimulus he's looking for a way out.

    Carolyn WisniewskiCarolyn Wisniewski9 kun oldin
  • Congratulations Donald J Trump Is officially Impeached

    Kayanti WilliamsKayanti Williams9 kun oldin
  • Thanks for assistance Matt you’re a nice person too

    Adan AlAdan Al9 kun oldin
  • Thanks matt

    flako rG4flako rG49 kun oldin
  • Hi everyone I just did my tax to get my $1,800 the CPA prepare did mines

    Yvette PoseyYvette Posey9 kun oldin
  • I hop we depends do not get life out this time

    Mary EvansMary Evans9 kun oldin