15 Things School Won’t Teach You

12-Yan, 2021
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  • Mr. Bet- David, you are really making a difference for these millenials, gen-zers, and God knows the X-Gen and baby boomers trying to make it in life. Perhaps, going to our high schools will help them have direction in life, we might have more entrepreneurs in the our country. 🙏❤☮🇺🇸

    Matthew Smith GarciaMatthew Smith Garcia7 soat oldin
  • I ended up teaching myself about credit cards.

    David ClaroDavid Claro12 soat oldin
  • “Keep them poor” Kiyosaki.

    Bogart SandovalBogart SandovalKun oldin
  • First of all, who are the 70 people that gave this video a thumbs down????? Second, please create a school so that my daughter can enroll by the time she gets to high school.

    Brenda BBrenda B2 kun oldin
  • I quit my job to listen to Pat David full time

    Bonby JacksonBonby Jackson2 kun oldin
  • stop talking about drugs, pat, you suck at it, you're not objective, and you sound like nancy reagan

    TexTex2 kun oldin
  • Figure you're not going to see this comment but maybe somebody will that will be able to implement it. I think it's very important to let students know the criminal system and what people will lose. as a child you really don't have a grasp or understanding of the long-term effects, the ripples in a sense that will continue on for the rest your life.

    Paul RPaul R2 kun oldin
  • problem with politics discussion in schools is it leads to teachers pushing opinions which kids may take as fact. its not unintentional either

    Henry McNeilHenry McNeil2 kun oldin
  • Regarding "processing issues", unfortunately, more than 10 million children are medicated with Methylphenidtate, which interferes with normal brain development, discernment, empathy and emotional EQ. They are unable to process issues due to the inability to utilize those areas of the brain responsible for these functions in addition to not having been taught.

    ADHDAlternativesADHDAlternatives3 kun oldin
  • Unfortunately schools are going to focus on how to hate American and gender studies

    Ernie NetoErnie Neto3 kun oldin
  • here’s my ?. if im holding on some bands what do i invest in because i think i wanna invest in stuff i like. instead of investing in stuff that is up and up. so hey. let’s choose stuff i like that’s ALSO going to make money. ok. music, sports, food, cars, zoos, clothes, hunting. ok. go.

    Master JediMaster Jedi3 kun oldin
    • beat the “opponent”

      Master JediMaster Jedi3 kun oldin
    • SYSTEM!

      Master JediMaster Jedi3 kun oldin
    • work with a team

      Master JediMaster Jedi3 kun oldin
    • negotiate

      Master JediMaster Jedi3 kun oldin
  • I learnt how to smoke cigarettes and drink in school

    Vampire_born_in_2006Vampire_born_in_20063 kun oldin
  • Pat you are brilliant!

    Adrienne GallerAdrienne Galler4 kun oldin
  • 🔥 content. Wish I had you as A teacher much earlier in life.

    Quantum Entanglement.Quantum Entanglement.4 kun oldin
  • You talk, man. Thank you for value.

    thenothingboxthenothingbox4 kun oldin
  • School learns you how to ruin your life.

    Danijel BartulovićDanijel Bartulović4 kun oldin
  • Check out John C Maxwell. Awesome leadership coach.

    CNguyenDesign1CNguyenDesign15 kun oldin
  • In other words , School won't teach you how to be a MAN

    pompadour hair stylepompadour hair style5 kun oldin
  • I'm Canadian and I learned maybe a third of those things.

    Steve BothamSteve Botham5 kun oldin
  • Unfortunately from 6 to 18 they’re being taught that they can go in to any bathroom they want and certain words should make them feel like victims

    Capitalism Conquers PovertyCapitalism Conquers Poverty7 kun oldin
  • Most of these things definitely need to be taught and I won’t argue with that but it doesn’t mean they should be taught in school. I see what you did there by saying “things not taught at school” vs saying “things that should be taught at school”. Here is the thing. While I agree that they must be taught, I feel that a lot of them need to be taught at home by the parents and not by the school. Politics, religion, ethics and so forth need to stay at home. Some of the things on this list do need to be taught at school such as: stuff about taxes, how to negotiate, how to sell, how to start a business, parenting and others.

    Alfonso RodriguezAlfonso Rodriguez7 kun oldin
  • Pat God Bless you and your family and may the Lord continue to richly Bless you!!

    Arnaldo NegronArnaldo Negron7 kun oldin
  • U know why it’s like this it’s because of Rockefeller he said “ I don’t need a nation of thinkers”” Smfh

    PlayBoyHustlazTVPlayBoyHustlazTV7 kun oldin
  • How many of you teach?...I’ll wait...🙄

    MTX 1MTX 17 kun oldin
  • Here are 15 things that schools actually teach you. 1. Obey 2. Do not question. 3. Do not fight. 4. Do not say no 5. Always rely on others 6. Do not be independent 7. Always respect authority 8. Love others by hating yourself based on the history of your ancestors. 9. They tell you it's your duty to feel guilty about who you are. 10. Always work for the betterment of the team. 11. Never work for the betterment of yourself. 12. Always surrender. 13. Creativity never gets you anywhere in life. 14. The teacher is always correct. 15. The students are always wrong unless they speak like the teacher.

    Vlad WakeVlad Wake8 kun oldin
    • 1👍🏻 2👍🏻 3👍🏻 4👍🏻 5👍🏻 6👍🏻 7👍🏻 8👍🏻 9👍🏻 10👍🏻 11👍🏻 12👍🏻 13👍🏻 14👍🏻 15👍🏻

      lalala lolololalala lololo7 kun oldin
  • Govt wont allow it

    Tyrone JonesTyrone Jones8 kun oldin
  • The education system genuinely needs change, kids need to learn more of these important skills that will actually help them in real life. Less of the useless subjects and more of the applicable ones.

    Mario GarciaMario Garcia8 kun oldin
  • When schools start teaching this stuff pigs will fly.

    Max DerinskiyMax Derinskiy8 kun oldin
  • I work as a personal assistant for an 81 year old CEO that managing cargo freight from overseas. Big lesson learned from him "Business is a language only a very few know how to speak." College does not teach you how to speak business. And all his doing is buying and selling. Thats it.

    Luis RibaLuis Riba8 kun oldin
  • Having home schooled my 2 sons this way I can validate the critical difference this approach makes. Let's teach dialog, which Patrick is a master at, instead of debate. Thank you as always!

    katalinadamatokatalinadamato8 kun oldin
  • The liberal agenda is to brainwash the kids. SCHOOL CHOICE IS THE ONLY ANSWER.

    Chris BroussardChris Broussard8 kun oldin
  • Public schools should teach school choice. That way some of these topics can be properly covered.

    Chris BroussardChris Broussard8 kun oldin
  • I think some schools do teach how to date. They hand out condoms and teach you how to put them on. Some of these topics are probably not so good for public schools to teach.

    Chris BroussardChris Broussard8 kun oldin
  • i would go back to school if these were taught 🙂🙂🙂

    Sarah HumphreysSarah Humphreys8 kun oldin
  • Love this🔥

    The wise OwlThe wise Owl8 kun oldin
  • I agree with you.

    mayra fernandezmayra fernandez9 kun oldin
  • Excelente

    mayra fernandezmayra fernandez9 kun oldin
  • communism is free masonry.all the news (Live) comment section has been disabled. the only evil organisation of this world has stolen all the entertainers of each country , transgendered them at birth and abused them. it is what the evil free masonry (WHO ROYALS UN GOVERNMENTS) do.there is no corona virus and pfizer forcing people to take the vaccine against their will. . many people have died because of it. it is in our constitution . we cannot be forced. many people have died because of the covid vaccine . Jesus Is The ONLY Power!!

    TsambikaTsambika9 kun oldin
  • At 30- what do I look for when I date? Boob size- and I’m ok with that 😂

    Andrew AreAndrew Are9 kun oldin
  • Make it mandatory for kids to take cooking classes and how to grow your own food.

    Schwartzle PropertiesSchwartzle Properties9 kun oldin
  • absolutely excellent video. Consider to open a program - many parents will be interested to pay extra bucks to implement these teaching (plus nutrition, health balance)

    Records RecordsRecords Records9 kun oldin
  • They don't want to breed leaders.. just followers and sheep

    ash ventash vent9 kun oldin
  • Didn't really care for what he said until he got to the drug part. That is a great thing to teach kids how to sell not doing drugs. His concept is teaching you how to question and how to think and then answer.

    J SJ S9 kun oldin
  • It’s really awesome to be learn so much from a fellow Iranian American Patrick! Thank you for your content 👍🏼

    Saam & EmilySaam & Emily9 kun oldin
  • Not everyone is built to be a leader, so for people who can’t lead how can they decide what leaders to follow?

    Khaled ShihabKhaled Shihab9 kun oldin
  • look , even a degree in business doesnot really teach you the practical and specific way to do all of that. also there is a very big problem in your proposal. in real life , the important thing that you should first focus on is the product development (the idea and the prototype) and developing these requires specific knowledge in specific fields to solve very very very specific problems. there are skills that will benefit you in general but they are many and hard to specify in a formal school. the fields are many (diverse) and the skills are endless with tens of thousands of books talking about those "making" / "engineering" skills. also the selling / practical business aspect of things depends much on a person's knowledge about the psycology of everybody around him. what they want? how they want it? why they want it? why is this more desirable to people than that? what will they like? what will they hate? what will they accept? how should you dress? how should you look? how should you talk? -----> in real life there is a bias in following and believing narcissists and psycopaths because they have answers to most of these questions and thus have superficial charm but they are the worst kind of people to deal with in general because they tend to fool and scam and lie to others. also people learn and change. what i teach you now about human psycology and customer patterns might differ from time to time and from country to country. the real skill that you should learn is "adaptation" , "learning" , "target orientation/focus" , "persistence" , "trial and error" , "being multi-knowledgeable" , "money orientation" , "presentability" , "negotiation" , "imitation and reverse engineering skills" , "honesty" , "problem-solving" , "engineering" , "self-trusting attitude" , "how to identify a beneficial idea/project from a losing one" , "team-work how to help others on a common project" , "management" , "monetization" , "human psycology ---> how to understand how people think and put your self in their shoes" , "how to identify an irrational fear you have and how to deal and overcome it" , "vision -----> what will make the human society an upgraded place that you would like to live in more and how to make this vision a reality with current available resources". the problem with this is that they are all personal qualities that require some form of mentor to guide you through most of this or a self-made guy will need to try them all till he find the working recipe. this role is left for good parents to correctly mentor you. others would find it hard to really give you an edge in most of these topics because if they do so , you will gain a competitive advantage in the market even above your mentor, and no body really likes that unless they were good and loving parents who are capable and love their child. these skills are hard to teach and require 1 on 1 mentorship so cannot be easily dealt with in any school unless the teacher had a personal relationship with you. the alternative is that you can learn all those answers one by one the hard way by plain old and simple trial and error and asking on internet forums and google searching and diy experiments / tests / engineering etc. also , you should concider that most people are hard wired psycologically to enjoy doing one specific repetitive job that are ordered by others. some body should tell me what they specifically want and it should be easy for me and i shall supply it with ease. they end up selling their labour for a business manager that manages the rest of the problems. eventhough everybody can theoritically be a business owner , in practice , most people would like to have the money and lifestyle of one , while doing the job of a labourer. it's addictive and gives most people easy satisfaction for their basic needs so days go by and people just shield themselves from dealing with the harsher , more risky environment of complete product development and complete product distribution / selling.

    Mahmoud YahyaMahmoud Yahya9 kun oldin
  • Schools aren't places for smart people...

    not surenot sure9 kun oldin
  • Holy guacamole, But how can I now just some how work FOR YOU?!? If every American were even slightly half as intelligent as you sir, the Immigrant, I'm strongly convinced we could not only save America but the entire world!💪💪💪 I'm behind your ideas on North Korea, and I agree Yeonmi Park deserves a Novel Peace Prize -- as I was so moved by your interview with her that I sent two video comments and one written one in the Comments Section of your video because a text just wouldn't suffice -- and so I am very serious in asking how I may work with and/or for you without any paychecks involved....and honestly if money were of question at all, I would sooner pay YOU to let me work and help you and your Cause in any way! I'm from Louisiana in the USA and I have contemplated the ideas you touch on in your videos all my life. I am 32 going on 90 now just waiting for the Intellects like you! Also, I'm aware how seemingly off topic this is but not all things are as they seem, As Education's where we bleed They target kids and all our youth They know just how to bend The Truth For they confuse the youth for tools To twist the minds we send to school "A little here, a little there..." They build to break when Life's "unfair" For who will break before the other: a family starving? Or without a Mother? Or whom to Ceasar's first to bow: a mindful student? Or one who's PROUD? See the entire system they have hacked Before our birth's when they attacked It's why today we've banished God From classrooms governed by a mob It's why our youth can "change" their gender So who they ARE can't be REMEMBERED For Man is One and of a Kind And He Who Stands with His can FIGHT! But woe to those who lose thyself Who fold to gold and only wealth For what does he gain to win the whole earth When his soul in his death has lost all it's Worth... 337-889-9908

    Tracie TrosclairTracie Trosclair10 kun oldin
  • I was a foreign exchange student during my senior year of 1987/88 in Fall River High School, Fall River, Wisconsin. It was a small countryside high school with 100 students. I had to take a compulsory class called Social problems where we covered a lot of stuff from this video. Not in the scope or the way presented here, but still we did a lot. Political system, voting, taxes, how to apply for a job, suicide, birth control, enterpreneurship, ... The way Patrick talks about it is just wonderful. It brings the whole community together. First the parents, then others would join. I would definitely volonteer in such a school and give my best to help the kids advance in the world one day.

    ratimirasratimiras10 kun oldin
  • I really wish you were my highschool and college teacher, Sir.

    Tracie TrosclairTracie Trosclair10 kun oldin
  • Excellent ideas and presentation. Very revealing and insightful. However this is dated. In the not-so-distant future, for better and worse, everything mentioned will be done for us by artificial intelligence and algorithms.

    toadytoady10 kun oldin
  • Love that bring a parent into the school showing their business

  • This is so good!

    Cover UpperCover Upper10 kun oldin
  • If you started a program for kids teaching them all these points, I'd buy in!

    Lauren BarnesLauren Barnes10 kun oldin
  • Yes, these should be taught in high school. At age 35 I learned investing why so long for I was taught that working hard would take you far; it doesn't take you far. It is at that age that I should of bought land or real state instead of going to Las Vegas... These 15 things would create leaders not pansies.

    Cesar GonzalezCesar Gonzalez10 kun oldin
  • Keep this content coming!

    Keber BKeber B10 kun oldin
  • Patrick Bet-David LOVE YOUR SPIRIT BROTHER!!!

    Farr LibFarr Lib11 kun oldin
  • I actually worked for a Company when in a "Townhall" Meeting, they were TELLING us/it's Employees to Start thinking of Ourselves in Life as CONSUMERS!! @@ You are now a Consumer @@ Give me a Break "YOU are what YOU want to BE or DO. Learn and Study for what YOU want to BE and DO in Life... YOU ARE NOT WHAT THEY SAY YOU ARE OR WHAT THEY MAY THINK YOU ARE".

    LitlRRanman34LitlRRanman3411 kun oldin
  • My friend in high school used to sell hot Cheetos everyday and now he owns a multi-location successful taco spot . Point is he knew selling is the key

  • Sounds great. When are you opening your school?

    Angi PassmoreAngi Passmore11 kun oldin
  • One more thing to teach -- make SURE they understand the founding Constitution and the importance of making sure it is protected and not continually eroded!!

    Connie FoxxConnie Foxx11 kun oldin
  • You are so on point. Elementary through high school have become little more than opportunities to dumb down our youth and MAYBE get them ready for college where they spend the first two years partying and killing brain cells. They come OUT of college thinking they deserve the same salary or more as someone who has been working for 10+ years doing the same job. Plus, they get themselves into all kinds of debt. Some of the 'required' classes in order to get that piece of paper are just more ways that colleges hold someone hostage till they pay money for a class that is useless in the real world.

    Connie FoxxConnie Foxx11 kun oldin
  • If you put together a course that covers these items that I can go through with my kids I would buy it in a heartbeat! As an entrepreneur of nearly 25 years I couldn’t agree more with this video!!!!!

    TK HermanTK Herman11 kun oldin
  • Great vid. You should teach this - you would be awesome!

    baby darlingbaby darling11 kun oldin
  • Does valuetainment realise that the whole point of school is NOT to teach these things? John Taylor Gato. You're welcome!

    EOHEOH11 kun oldin
  • A video could be made about each topic.

    akazicool87akazicool8711 kun oldin
  • i'd add an at least basic level of web design. you get an idea, you can act on it quickly, get something online quickly, however imperfect, whether as a free-standing website, or html coding within an already existing platform's page. sort of the internet version of being literate, and not needing to pay a scribe to put a letter together for you.

    Numantino312Numantino31211 kun oldin
  • I wish I saw this video every day of my high school days ...im going to show this video to my son❤️ thank you 🙏🏻

    DaisyDaisy11 kun oldin
  • I really missed that 5 second clip of pat writing on the board in fast motion before the video started. Don't take it away

    Wayne SandersWayne Sanders11 kun oldin
  • The answer is actually simple: they won't teach you any of these things because there are many people who work in each of those fields and they must be PAID to tell you what you don't know or didn't learn in school;)

    Lotta LoveLotta Love11 kun oldin
  • "The Pledge of Allegiance" - Truth

    Hadouken HadoukenHadouken Hadouken12 kun oldin
  • glad Valuetainment is here to educate me on topics dat school doesn't cover.

    Edward LamEdward Lam12 kun oldin
  • Thank you chief, the future looks bright if we reach out to kids with good advice. I work hard so kids could see me as a good example in the community

    Marc SanchezMarc Sanchez12 kun oldin
  • 🙄. If you survive school, you’d have had to do most of those points. You learn more in school than you think

    J DJ D12 kun oldin
  • The list you provided at the beginning of the video is important. Those subjects should be taught beside the things listed on your chalk board as well.

    jeff shacklefordjeff shackleford12 kun oldin
  • That’s Patrick I understand

  • what do children do make forts, shelter, they must have nutrition, they are not taught, so the must pay tax if they do not do things themselves

    john williamsjohn williams12 kun oldin
  • Great insight Pat. I think school does not carter their education to the entrepreneurs as much as they could. I was pretty fortunate to have gone to a good public high school in Michigan that taught a couple of things listed on your board! Great content!

    Wil BluntWil Blunt12 kun oldin
  • Great video, very informative...Thanks👍🏾

    KnoccaFella EntertainmentKnoccaFella Entertainment12 kun oldin
  • 👍👏

    Stevo MaginnStevo Maginn12 kun oldin
  • Need ur brains dont need ur balls that's not true ur surrounded by old genetics her we beta army

    Stevo MaginnStevo Maginn12 kun oldin
  • A nation is not stronger than the values of the people that live in it. Give teachings of the Bible gives the best values.

    Lars Inge LarsenLars Inge Larsen12 kun oldin
  • I think every parent agrees these lessons are by far more valuable than the lies they are taught by Marxist these days, most of which is forgotten before it's even learned because it's Merely memorrized temporarily. But the people (if you can call them that) who run the world. The elite puppet masters, don't want our kids to be intelligent, successful, free willed, critical thinkers. They want dumbed down, controllable, obedient, sheeple slaves with just enough ambition to work to survive. That's how they like us slaves. Even that's not enough for them anymore. We're about to get upgraded! Even deeper mind control (yes, your mind is already brain washed if you watch your "programs" on a Tell A Vision), less will power (if any), no free or critical thinking, no free speech, no freedom, no ability to defend yourself, no America. If you don't think so, look around. It's already happening and your oblivious like a frog swimming in warm water, so comfortable and complacent he can't feel the temperature rise; meanwhile he's literally cooking to death and been never see it coming. Never. You want schools to teach our kids this stuff since you don't have time because you're too busy being the elite's slave (you work, they eat. Oh wait! That is if you are Allowed to work or you aren't being FORCED to close your NON ESSENTIAL business so that Amazon and Walmart can take YOUR customers. I digress). If you want to have power over what our kids are taught, you can begin by taking off the stupid face diaper which is nothing more than a powerful symbol of the censorship of us. Stop complying without question with every thing they tell you or suggest, and good God don't so readily, naively trust what you hear whether it comes from MSM or any other source. Go ahead, do your OWN research You have access to the same information they do in your hand, or close by, nearly every minute of the day. Instead of making yourself dumber numbly staring at a screen with Netflix and video games, Use it to obtain knowledged so you can make informed decisions. But first, you have to get thru the CENSORSHIP, and then you have to stand up, without a mask, and take back your freedom and your right to speak WHATEVER you want freely. If you don't, not only will it kids never get to experience an awesome education like this that WE, the parents, create for their best interest! We could do that! IF we fight for our freedom. If not, I guess I'll see you in the concentration camp. IF we make it that far. I'd rather not. I rather die on my feet than live in a mask on my knees thank I you very much. How about you? S

    Deanna Patschke-MullallyDeanna Patschke-Mullally12 kun oldin
  • Im 2nd generation irish. My grandparents came to new york and got jobs that they retired in flarida. Best thier kids (my parent)could do its s carreer military. Best their kids could do is prison time See how the HUNGER waned? Because people from OTHER COUNTRIES come HERE open 7-11's , gas stations, auto parts , you name it , and the BEST most folks can do complain about it!

    mine joanmine joan12 kun oldin
  • Ya know, this country was established and created by the HUNGER of immigrants!

    mine joanmine joan12 kun oldin
  • Excellent video, exactly how i feel and sometimes i get annoyed that i never had a mentor growing up to teach me. Feel trapped sometimes

    Paul CostelloPaul Costello12 kun oldin
  • Please use Rumble too considering UZworld censorship of conservatives.

    Ben NorthcuttBen Northcutt12 kun oldin
  • This is old school PBD - serving it up for entrepreneurs. Thank you for your service, Sir.

    George GGeorge G12 kun oldin
  • How about teaching the basics of electricity?

    Winston SmithWinston Smith12 kun oldin
  • Awesome video so basically we must talk more about the hard things

    ChrisChris12 kun oldin
  • Inspiring. I couldnt agree more. May God continue using you to move mountains.

    Skate Riot SalvadorSkate Riot Salvador12 kun oldin
  • Looking for the episode Pat had a chart of the asset allocations of the poor, middle, & rich. Anyone know?

    Adrian CAdrian C12 kun oldin
  • Hey man could you please answer this question. If you were studying business at college which specific course would you choose and what major would you choose and why

    VSTARVSTAR12 kun oldin
  • Patrick Patrick Patrick How about interviewing Dr. Claude Anderson

    Robert StephensRobert Stephens12 kun oldin
  • Not just "4 years", they have 12 years to indoctrinate you into a life of dumbness and mediocrity.

    Shelley BoomShelley Boom12 kun oldin
  • The example you made about school n getting grade on project business performance it would be good training but the would still overall be mediocre They be like the stock market Quants Of the business world

    F LF L12 kun oldin
  • You are the man PBD. Just wanted to thank you for all you do.

    V SharmaV Sharma12 kun oldin
  • thankyou patrick !

    Greg WoodGreg Wood12 kun oldin
  • @Patrick it's great to see you doing blackboard talks again. These are my favorite thing you do.

    you3001you300112 kun oldin
  • You learn all that in detention. Watch the breakfast club

    James O'ConnorJames O'Connor12 kun oldin