1000HP 2JZ swapped RZR gets a FULL BILLET ENGINE! Will it start?

27-Okt, 2020
139 291 Ko‘rishlar soni

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    SXSBlog.comSXSBlog.comOy oldin
    • 1556 rwhp

      jerrymtz85jerrymtz85Oy oldin
    • 1224

      Phactory PhillPhactory PhillOy oldin
    • 1117

      glacierheat34glacierheat34Oy oldin
    • 1135hp is my guess.

      Daniel VinetteDaniel VinetteOy oldin
    • 1256

      3WheelSteve3WheelSteveOy oldin
  • Lol best simply safe add yet

    John StamperJohn Stamper4 soat oldin
  • 965

    Toxic GamingToxic GamingKun oldin
  • I am binging videos as I have sadly gotten behind. But I need to just post where everyone needs to pause. 19:36 This is a golden meme if I have ever seen one.

    Wayne HicksWayne Hicks22 kun oldin
  • 1148 HP

    Ryker MontgomeryRyker Montgomery25 kun oldin
  • 1350 at the wheels

    Chase RoebuckChase Roebuck25 kun oldin
  • 1100

    Tyler RamboTyler Rambo25 kun oldin
  • 1100 hp

    Tyler RamboTyler Rambo25 kun oldin
  • 1098 RWHP

    Leif TalaroLeif Talaro25 kun oldin
  • Boom gottem 😂

    Latrenton CookLatrenton Cook26 kun oldin
  • Damn shes goin to rip, sexy AF build. Congrats guys.

    BigT_MoneyBigT_Money26 kun oldin
  • Just heat and beat the pipe in. Motor trend did testing and made a few hp with smashed headers.

    Mike's channelMike's channel26 kun oldin
    • This is thick stainless pipe not thin tubing.

      SXSBlog.comSXSBlog.com26 kun oldin
  • maybe 1,115

    Lobby-vibezLobby-vibez26 kun oldin
  • 970

    Mostly BitchinMostly Bitchin26 kun oldin
  • 1112 HP

    Jake CharlesJake Charles26 kun oldin
  • 1111

    Mark MastersMark Masters26 kun oldin
  • 974 first pull Once things are cleaned up. Itll do 1065 without to much work and without working that hard

    Justin KuenemanJustin Kueneman26 kun oldin
  • It'll be 1053

    Its PepsiiIts Pepsii26 kun oldin
  • 1067

    Shift0To0DriftShift0To0Drift26 kun oldin
  • Id drive through the night to be there too!

    SE CreatorSE Creator26 kun oldin
  • Wow I was only out by 6 hp love the ride guys keep it going

    geoglenn1geoglenn127 kun oldin
  • three times 950

    MATT BOYDMATT BOYD27 kun oldin
  • 1117hp

    rjhaney804rjhaney80427 kun oldin
    • Dang just saw the next vid is out already. Cant wait for this one to be over!

      rjhaney804rjhaney80427 kun oldin
  • 1162 whp

    Sammy ChasonSammy Chason27 kun oldin
  • I think first pull you’ll make I think 1250

    G-dub outdoorsG-dub outdoors27 kun oldin
  • That thing is so sick I’m guessing you’re gonna make 1100hp easily now

    Cole and Neale's channelCole and Neale's channel27 kun oldin
  • 1123hp

    Lightskin TarzanLightskin Tarzan27 kun oldin
  • 2250 HP is my guess the 🐎 pony's

    DRE 856DRE 85627 kun oldin
    • This is why your comment is in the nosebleeds...

      SerriikSerriik27 kun oldin
  • Doug's build em all man of many mchanic abilities doug your making one mud muscle car

    Christopher WagnerChristopher Wagner27 kun oldin
  • 1173

    David SoaresDavid Soares27 kun oldin
  • 1130 hp

    Hoosier PatriotHoosier Patriot27 kun oldin
  • 1233 Rear wheel Hawse powah

    dresser1817dresser181727 kun oldin
  • Keep things simple with turbo as we build a billet 2jz

    Hoosier PatriotHoosier Patriot27 kun oldin
  • Dude this is a Nicer 2JZ set up than in most Mark IV Supras!! lol 👍🏻🏁🇺🇸🏁🇺🇸🏁

    GrinDiesel1969GrinDiesel196927 kun oldin
  • 1175 horsepower to the wheels

    Kyle ShumberKyle Shumber27 kun oldin
  • I bet it makes 1106 once you fix your bov. Don’t forget to check that thing!

    Kyle LanoueKyle Lanoue27 kun oldin
  • perry crawford 1280

  • My bet is 1106

    Ethan BrockmanEthan Brockman27 kun oldin
  • Rear wheel HP I guess is is gonna make 1107

    Tj ReadwellTj Readwell27 kun oldin
  • 1018 hp. because I know the future

    Kale ChristiansonKale Christianson27 kun oldin
  • 1400hp

    Mattspitbikes AdventuresMattspitbikes Adventures27 kun oldin
  • 1217hp

    MaMarkMaMark27 kun oldin
  • Love it!! Guessing 1168hp!

    Michael BenedictMichael Benedict27 kun oldin
  • 1,272 RRHP 🤞

    Doug SanDoug San27 kun oldin
  • 1306 is my guess

    BrandonBrandon27 kun oldin
  • I hope she reaches the 1200 mark would be sweet awsome build guys love the videos keep it up

    Jarret CalburyJarret Calbury27 kun oldin
  • BadAss 2JP !! 1185HP to the rear wheels my guess,

    Ray LapuzRay Lapuz27 kun oldin
  • I am thinking 1320 hours power

    William RusoWilliam Ruso27 kun oldin
  • Okay I'm ready for some more 2jp please

    jacob Bunchjacob Bunch27 kun oldin
  • 1537

    Bubba ScottBubba Scott27 kun oldin
  • My guess for the rear wheel horse power at dyno will be 1,072. Can’t wait SXS making big things happen.

    Crypto KingCrypto King27 kun oldin
  • Polaris RZR 4 1000XP turbo vs Can Am X3 max Turbo R! Better trail vehicle? @sxsblog #sxsblog sxsblog

    Venture All-TerrainVenture All-Terrain27 kun oldin
  • 1010hp

    Wolf PacWolf Pac27 kun oldin
  • 1107 hp to the wheels

    dustin kresserdustin kresser27 kun oldin
    • Guys this was 100th of a horse power off. Do I win? Dyno said 1106.99

      dustin kresserdustin kresser25 kun oldin
  • I wouldnt cut the runners ida just added a spacer flange

    Matt WardMatt Ward27 kun oldin
  • 1160

    Kyle BlairKyle Blair27 kun oldin
  • 1301 RWHP!!!

    Steve SwilleySteve Swilley27 kun oldin
  • 1219 hp

    Jacob SpearsJacob Spears27 kun oldin
  • 1243

    rideyamaha4lifeyzrideyamaha4lifeyz27 kun oldin
  • 947

    Austin PetersonAustin Peterson27 kun oldin
  • 2JP is definitely pushing 917hp easily

    Isaac McclainIsaac Mcclain28 kun oldin
  • 1256 whp

    sam hiltzsam hiltz28 kun oldin
  • 1244

    Geoffrey WootenGeoffrey Wooten28 kun oldin
  • 1075hp bhp

    Stephen NorthroupStephen Northroup28 kun oldin
  • 1327rwhp. Awesome job guys keep it up, love the channel!!

    William SnyderWilliam Snyder28 kun oldin
  • 1111hp

    Cd ShawCd Shaw28 kun oldin
  • Come on 1320 !!!

    chuck metzgerchuck metzger28 kun oldin
  • 1325 rwhp after Don gets done with it.

    Haydon FowlerHaydon Fowler28 kun oldin
  • 1125 rwhp

    J CrooksJ Crooks28 kun oldin
  • First hit i reckon it will be about 550hp by the end i think it'll be 1040hp

    Josh WadmoreJosh Wadmore28 kun oldin
  • 1207 rwhp

    CJ OutdoorsCJ Outdoors28 kun oldin
  • 1208 HP to the rear wheels

    Robert MarxRobert Marx28 kun oldin
  • 1,223 is my guess, nice build

    MntDew Monkey3MntDew Monkey328 kun oldin
  • 1150 HP

    Spencer HenrieSpencer Henrie28 kun oldin
  • 1128 all day

    Sean PaisleySean Paisley28 kun oldin
  • Man it sounds great I hope to see 1200 out the bad boy

    gabriel montielgabriel montiel28 kun oldin
  • 1256 rwhp

    Dylan GoodsonDylan Goodson28 kun oldin
  • 1236 hp is my guess

    Matthew WestMatthew West28 kun oldin
  • If you do go bigger turbo wise or want a quicker spool with what you have, you may want to consider looking into a spool valve.

    CALL911 Z28CALL911 Z2828 kun oldin
  • I’m gonna guess 1150hp.

    Anthony WrayAnthony Wray28 kun oldin
  • 1050 hp

    Van PalmerVan Palmer28 kun oldin
  • 1,082

    Hugh JanusHugh Janus28 kun oldin
  • 950-1200

    Gio FriasGio Frias28 kun oldin
  • Best guess 1012 hp to the ground. You guys are great.

    Mike MostadMike Mostad28 kun oldin
  • RWHP 1276

    bikertrash007bikertrash00728 kun oldin
  • 1346whp

    Raymond VillasenorRaymond Villasenor28 kun oldin
  • My guess is 2JP will kick out 1116hp at the wheel

    Deak ThorntonDeak Thornton28 kun oldin
  • 1175 hp rear wheels.

    Randy NormanRandy Norman28 kun oldin
  • 1127whp

    William MorrisonWilliam Morrison28 kun oldin
  • 1347 RWHP

    Iron Tough01Iron Tough0128 kun oldin
  • 1058

    Nick SlatesNick Slates28 kun oldin
  • 1156 rwhp

    GERROULGERROUL28 kun oldin
  • 1358hp turn her up !!

    Mark GeletzkeMark Geletzke28 kun oldin
  • I'm gonna guess 1128 HP to the wheels.. awesome channel guys, I can't get enough of this project!

    Aaron McClureAaron McClure28 kun oldin
  • 1153hp yeah buddy.

    Bruno SensimilliaBruno Sensimillia28 kun oldin
  • I’m going 1339 RWHP.

    C lockburnerC lockburner28 kun oldin
  • Lets go with 1250HP

    Dennis WestDennis West28 kun oldin
  • If someone was working on my rzr it would be these people like dang

    Joshua WardJoshua Ward28 kun oldin
  • 1200 lol

    Lane EngdahlLane Engdahl28 kun oldin
  • 1183hp

    Jonathan MathewsJonathan Mathews28 kun oldin