$1000 if You Can Break This Toy in 1 Minute

19-Dek, 2020
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Let's see if our team can break into this high-tech, retro-cool speaker with a very low-tech notebook!
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00:00 - Intro
00:33 - Mova Globe
02:19 - Plush Cheesy Puff
04:25 - Retro Pixel Art Speaker
05:58 - Gear Ball
08:19 - Jumbo Bug Sky Ball

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  • Take advantage of NordVPN’s Christmas deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 4 additional months free. Go to nordvpn.com/ball and use our coupon "ball" at checkout.

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    • Do you need to pay for nordVPN Vat19?

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    • Ngl that promo code is spot on *ball*

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  • Their friend:whats ur job? Breaking stuffs

    stairsstairs8 soat oldin
  • You when your mom asks you to do your homework in 10 seconds and you take it seriously: 4:41

    0July White0 ALT0July White0 ALT16 soat oldin
  • Thanks for the bedtime story, Adam!

    Toast GamesToast Games16 soat oldin
  • THis channel is a walking add

    Munchy MunchyMunchy Munchy18 soat oldin
  • I'm buying tiny hands! ☺️

    molly.molly.Kun oldin
  • Bro I just love the retro pixel art speaker I’m begging my mom to buy it

    Kristina NguyenKristina NguyenKun oldin
  • This Chanel needs to stop 🖕🏽😡

    Martin Salengo ColoMartin Salengo ColoKun oldin
  • Watch 5:16 at 0.25 speed

    LFTAloneLFTAlone2 kun oldin
  • What’s the tiny computer with the click keyboard thingy called?

  • 1:13 If one dinosaur existed: oh no

    Happy cloudHappy cloud2 kun oldin
  • 4:42 His hair and voice though 😂

    Anya CAnya C3 kun oldin
  • *Kyle has anger issues*

    MxchaMxcha3 kun oldin
  • I love Sara

    Peek a BooPeek a Boo3 kun oldin
  • Kyle is my current mood

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  • if you hold down 0 it will give you the degree sign heres proof: °

    spill the teaspill the tea4 kun oldin
  • 10:17 I think she didn't get it lol

    Andrew floresAndrew flores4 kun oldin
  • Wait didnt eric leave?

    Mrs. NeopolitanMrs. Neopolitan4 kun oldin
  • 3:19 put on captions 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kali SmithKali Smith5 kun oldin
  • I like how Eric just starts with "I have a problem."

    Survivor PlayerSurvivor Player6 kun oldin
  • Word thats awesome

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  • Mamma mia its a pizza cutter Me:🤣

    Marie Anett TMarie Anett T7 kun oldin

    Ibrahim ImranIbrahim Imran7 kun oldin
  • 2:40 2:50 LOL After they done doing the 5:59


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    The Ninja DerekThe Ninja Derek7 kun oldin
  • 10:13 the spiders looks like ticks!

    Cody RingCody Ring7 kun oldin
  • I love the fact there’s a Kyle but also an Eric

    AuslesAusles8 kun oldin
  • You should have seen Sara's face in 7: 33

    LPK GamingLPK Gaming8 kun oldin
  • :The earth is safe :corona virus I think your wrong

    Shane & erinShane & erin8 kun oldin
  • Don’t argue with me. Sloane is the greatest.

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  • Not the yummy world! I have plushes of them

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  • I just love Sloane so much❤️

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  • I had to skip the whole first section because I hate watching things that are sponsored and I always skip them in the entire first section was the sponsor so

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  • Videos like this: exists Nokia: finally a worthy opponent, Our battle will be legendary

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  • GUYS there is a mini etch a sketch and play with it

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  • Bruh it’s ligit soo cool to watch tehe

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  • Do you get to keep the items

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  • 11:01 and wow

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  • Does vad19 just keep Extra tables

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  • What time is it I don’t have a watch but I no it is clobbering time

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  • The Rubix cube was definitely like “I came in like a racking ball” but Kyle was like “I’ve never hit so hard before”

    Roblox User xXxlonlon_2010xXxRoblox User xXxlonlon_2010xXx12 kun oldin
  • "you want to make me look like a fool" proceeds to get tangled in lights

    tman 213tman 21312 kun oldin
  • I would technically throw the items all over the place and stomp *and rip and tear*

    Troll TipsTroll Tips13 kun oldin
  • 2 time. USE MY DOGS

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  • Girl: cyber sweet! *scene switch* Eric: HIYAAAAAA

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  • It's not a poop knife I spreads icing on a cake

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  • 5:09 lest discuss how low the chances are for a massive virus in 2020 *klye is corona and stapler is low chances for it to grow* the stapler: B O N K

    Dobbelsteen &VanessaDobbelsteen &Vanessa14 kun oldin
    • 5:10 so you can make it faster😉😉😉

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  • 6:40 famous pawn shop owner Rick 😂 the drummer

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  • #brakethistoy

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  • Yay divoom

  • this literally should be a commercial for the bluetooth speaker because it was so hard to break😂

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  • Erics back

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  • I feel like hugging Kyle would be like hugging a jacked teddy bear

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  • 👁👄👁

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  • Easter egg: when adam said "oh no kyle don't leave us please come back" he doesn't care I don't know why

    Strawberry bunnyStrawberry bunny15 kun oldin
  • 5:12 oof-

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  • Hello Vat19! :>

    Dat Kyoot Floofy BirbDat Kyoot Floofy Birb17 kun oldin
  • i love this challenge

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  • Are they not allowed to use there hands like wtf

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  • I kinda thought Kyle is ice bear 🐻🤦🏻‍♀️👁️👄👁️

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  • If there was a challenge of breaking my girlfriends heart i would always win.

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  • Kyle kinda scares me😬

    Ashley BellAshley Bell19 kun oldin
  • Bruh you broke the table

    Rana IbrahimRana Ibrahim20 kun oldin

    Rana IbrahimRana Ibrahim20 kun oldin
  • Imagine Jim Halperts face if he saw the jello

    -Spooky_Angel_99--Spooky_Angel_99-20 kun oldin
  • My opinion: funny part Eric:huh that is jmidibigibidy iyuh...GAHSSSH

    Strawberry bunnyStrawberry bunny20 kun oldin
  • Me When Kyle broke the table: .. is he ok ? 😶

    SZ - 05BM 804483 Mountain Ash MSSZ - 05BM 804483 Mountain Ash MS20 kun oldin
  • Rock=I’m here! Earth=Meteor!

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  • salone

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  • 7:52 just like mine

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  • Me brother would win that crap in one second man, he breaks everything-

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  • My younger sister and me love this video

    Abhijit GodboleAbhijit Godbole21 kun oldin
  • Yo I am so happy cuz I finally see another person named Sloane cuz it's not the most common name in the world but my dad named me after ferris's girlfriend off of Ferris bueller's Day off

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  • Colossal thunder dumps

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  • There’s gonna be some blood spill- But... N o t. M y. B l o o d.

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    • 4:38 Chila, any of those reports?

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  • In the retro Computer thing Sloane is not in it ._.

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  • Vat19: over 59 country’s Me: there is only 50 country’s am I a chicken??

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  • 5:09 yOU gUYs rEAdy

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  • This video is so entertaining. But they should wear even just a eye glasses for safety 🙂

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  • i am so confused on why in the first round everyone got the number 13, 14, 15, 16,

    AdammQQ 11AdammQQ 1123 kun oldin
  • Salone is SOOOOOOO FUNNY

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  • My sibling can broke everything

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  • 9:19 tell me how many times did he say mystery

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  • “Hello...and welcome..*wierd hand signals* **crickets**

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