1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

18-Apr, 2020
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!! HELP ME REACH 1M!!! - bit.ly/2CCW0gf
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C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Day 301-400
12:00 Day 400-500
24:35 Day 500-600
38:40 Day 600-700
52:16 Day 700-800
1:05:57 Day 800-900
1:16:09 Day 900-1000

  • Me: looks to the side Also me: *Sees* *2000* *Days* *Of* *Hardcore* *Minecraft*

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  • Vid: *starts cool interesting part* YT: lEtS pUT aD heRe

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  • What happened to warthhog

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  • If you don’t know what to watch on UZworld watch any video on Luke the notable’s channels

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  • imagine being a pillager sent to war, and seeing hundreds of the banners of killed pillagers lining the walls, symbolizing all the failed attempts to kill the insane madman.

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  • walkings for the poor *next minute* walks

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  • Day 10 000 house completely made out of netherite bloks

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  • :3

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  • Looney be like 4000 days in 1 year pog u 10000000 days in an hour lol

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  • Hey Luke, did you know you can make your trades only 1 emerald and 1 book ill link the tutorial in another comment :D

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  • Dude this legit should be on Netflix

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  • 19:01

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  • 1:20:16: F

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  • BRUh He is mincraft god I bet he could beat laserbeam

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  • Ideas for the future: Iron Farm Raid Farm Creeper Farm Gold Farm ( Nether project) Convert a section of the End into the overworld (flowers, dirt, animals, house, lakes)

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  • I wonder how long did it take to edit this monster video

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  • Love how the phantom is just bombing you during the entire firework show😂

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  • luke get neterite

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  • When he said moment of silence A add started Then me seriously

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  • Luke: "And now i will ask for a moment of silence" UZworld: NO *Plays ad* Me: MuSt CoMmEnT tHiS, bEcAuSe FuNnY mEmEs lol

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  • Just another day being LTN, casually committing mass murder, mass arson, grand theft, grand larceny, animal abuse, animal neglect, human abuse, extortion, abduction, vandalism, sex trafficking, human rights abuse, shoplifting, mass fraud, child abuse, torture, disturbing the peace, aggravated assault, bribery, child abandonment, drug possesion, drug cultivation/manufacturing, harassment, and like 20 other crimes I didn't mention. They should sentence LTN to 69,420 years in Minecraft Prison.

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  • I got an idea: make your incinerator with a trapped chest so you don’t loose the item until you close the chest so u don’t accidentally loose Items (quality of life, but don’t matter much)

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  • cant believe this is 10 months ago already

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  • 1:08:54 “And now I ask for a moment of silence” *AD* *loud music intensifies*

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  • 45 million views wow

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  • 1:17:37 No... that's perfection.

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  • When you get lvl 100 -yay we reached lvl 100 When you get lvl 69 -AYYYYYY im so proud of myself

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  • Whip is watching this in 2021?

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  • Gotta watch it in 2x playback...

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  • The name of the bow is code lukethenoteble

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  • 1:30:00

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    • What is the purpose of this?

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  • How does he have a diamond ore block in his inventory on 44:45

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    • Tim

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  • Yessir 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Bro you are a Savage

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  • I got my snacks

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  • we shud actually call him BOB the BUILDER

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  • Lez make it 7 years ago

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  • He should have put a becon in glass town

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  • Remember when he said his house wasent for vainaty

  • F

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  • 1:08:53 Ad appears

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  • 6:15 LIKE YOUR MOM. Laugh attack made me spew my coffee.

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  • 1:27:20 throw back

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  • Luke TheNotable: on day 593 I went back to eltown and was chilling in my poo...... Me:

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  • I remember watching this live and my mom yelled at me because he said Cush I mean bush lol Edit: stay notable

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  • The fact that now like has his own Minecraft Xbox achievement passing the time Play for 100 days so sick

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  • You know luke is going to eventually going to live in minecraft

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  • Scalyspider1740

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  • This man has more views than subs lol

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  • No way I paused to take a break at exactly 30 minutes

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  • Luke:it is not about vanity. Us:no it is not

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  • Day 69420: Mrbeast joins the server.

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  • Day ♾ = Death

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  • It was a wast of time but I watched this 33 times

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  • I liked that last firework that looked like a phantom

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  • With the days please randomly make them different I now have day [jumbled mess] stuck on my screen

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  • No I won't make an iron golem farm. People who watched 2000 days : hmmmmmmm are you sure?

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  • my favorite quote was “its the law, i just dont agree with it”

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  • So sand= emerald

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  • Hmmm when did villagers know how to go to a ladder?

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  • I wasint crying when he killed a donkey u did

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  • "Even with my level three discount though," he says as the price increased by 12 glass panes

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  • 17:27.

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  • 36:36 nice

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  • 1:15:30 No Luke, you are Melon Lord...

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  • imagine he accidently equipped something with curse of binding on it

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  • He should’ve put TNT in the TNT bomb

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  • And I made bombs in my back yard CIA “ put him on the list

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  • 469

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  • Does anybody like diorite better than granite because I do

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  • I cant believe it's already been 10 months since this was uploaded

  • He like never uses the elitra

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  • Lukethenotable: Forget being the melon king I’m the melon god. Me: are u sure about that Lazar: are u sure about that. YEET

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  • What about 10000 days? What you could do is make the biggest mine, the best spawner, snd more stuff thatll help u

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  • no one: sea world: 51:15

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  • my mom is dead and she is not dealy

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  • I was here since day 1

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  • Luke on 1:15:24 "I AM MELON LORD"

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  • I think this guy single-handedly made this trend

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  • “But with enough shoving, anything is possible”- LuketheNotable, 2020

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  • day 666

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  • summary of whole video: "Easy"

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