10 Insane Skills Actors Learned For Movie Roles

29-Noy, 2020
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Want to work for Chris Nolan? Easy - just learn how to fight backwards.
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  • Make jokes of Jennifer Lawrence but squirrel is good. And trust you won’t have to ask what meat is in squirrel gumbo because it’ll have squirrel heads floating in it.

    Lysan *Lysan *8 kun oldin
  • Tenet is a really good movie.

    Ms LeeMs LeeOy oldin
  • The only impressive one it Daniel day lewis , rest is basic .

    birchthebirchbirchthebirchOy oldin
  • Hang on a second, he learned how to blink backwards ? Pretty sure you don't have to learn that skill 🤷‍♂️

    JamesJamesOy oldin
  • More impressive Kate Winslet broke Cruise's record for the Avatar sequel.

    Somber StrickenSomber StrickenOy oldin
  • thank you, I still have no idea what was happening in tenet

    archit ghaiarchit ghaiOy oldin
  • This whole list could just be Tom Cruise and Daniel Day-Lewis.

    Corey J. DavidsonCorey J. DavidsonOy oldin
  • Amazing that these actors learn skills for movies roles awesome.

    jacob droletjacob droletOy oldin
  • Olivia Munn's sword skills for X-Men Apocalypse were impressive.

    WhoIam IamNotWhoIam IamNotOy oldin
  • Most people castrate farm animals now by putting a band on their nether regions and letting it fall off naturally. Done when they are very young. Not a big deal. Now sticking your arm up a cows butt to stop constipation, I’ll be amazed when an actor does that.

    nomoregoodnamesleft2nomoregoodnamesleft2Oy oldin
  • You do know Dian Fossey was a real person...right?

    Patrick McCaffertyPatrick McCaffertyOy oldin
  • ‘Insane Skills’....Michelle Phieffer learns how to crack a whip. 😐 uhhh ok I suppose that could kinda sorta be insane....maybe?!

    bellabellaOy oldin
    • To be honest it was more her accuracy. Some of those shots she did in one take.

      Karen ThomasKaren ThomasOy oldin
    • It is actually a dangerous weapon, not just for those around you, but for your own health.

      David WilcoxDavid WilcoxOy oldin
  • How about learning a fictional lanquage fluently? That is what Mila Jovovitch and Jason Mamoa did for thier roles. Mila for the Fifth Element, and Jason for Game of Thrones. Or any actor casted to play Klingons in Star Trek.

    Angela StumbaughAngela StumbaughOy oldin
  • Again we go back to Tom Cruise...in this case was his role in the Last Samurai. To prep for the role he spent 8 months in Japan learning to use a Katana so he could do as many of the fight scenes as he could.

    Alex HunterAlex HunterOy oldin
  • Coming from literally any other video to this will explode your eardrums, when using a headset... Why is this video so extremely loud, even when compared to other whatculture vids?!?

    Mike NMike NOy oldin
  • reeves in matrix and john wick!!

    Sean SweeneySean SweeneyOy oldin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer spent weeks learning to hold a bird in her mouth . Learning a wip was great but Harrison Ford did it first .

    Rocket DudeRocket DudeOy oldin
  • Why didn't they film tenet normally and play it in reverse?

    Y31HSAY31HSAOy oldin
  • Shoutout to the new guy he’s pretty darn funny 🤟🏾😂🤟🏾

    Young Davis 90Young Davis 90Oy oldin
  • Wow ! Pretty cool. Much liking the best car woman's skills ! ...the others are okay too heh hee. Thanks 👍

    Paivi ProjectPaivi ProjectOy oldin
  • God I hate the new whatculture guys. I dunno what it is. But I think they lack the natural charisma like say Ash has.

    Ceejay GorwayCeejay GorwayOy oldin
  • I recently heard that Kate Winslet beated Tom Cruise's record during the filming of Avatar 2

    Kat TodorovaKat TodorovaOy oldin
    • Just like you beat up your grammar.

      Ankit Arora EditsAnkit Arora EditsOy oldin
  • Fields XD

    Pieter PluijmersPieter PluijmersOy oldin
  • Michelle Pfeiffer is proficient with a whip. Oh boy...

    Flavio FFlavio FOy oldin
  • Half of these could be tom cruise

    TheVryfstTheVryfstOy oldin
  • Julie Benz learned how too spin a gun around on her finger for Boondock Saints 2

    True ChoasTrue ChoasOy oldin
  • Brandon Lee learned how to die for his role! Can't beat that level of commitment.

    Scott SScott SOy oldin
    • @MickeyKnox ^The last line in the Crow film.

      Scott SScott SOy oldin
    • ouch :-D

      MickeyKnoxMickeyKnoxOy oldin
  • 0:26 I have no more stress because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Dopermine JonesDopermine JonesOy oldin
  • “a hWHiiiiPb”

    Jordan SJordan SOy oldin
  • I learned how to skin a squirrel when I was 6. how tf is that more impressive than holding your breath for 6 minutes?

    AHumanIAmNotAHumanIAmNotOy oldin
    • List seems random

      LaddRusso91LaddRusso91Oy oldin
  • I forget who the actor was but I recall an interview quote from decades back wherein the fellow commented, "As an actor, develop an unusual skill set." His reference was to deoing unusual card shuffles, the correct manner to sample a wine, folding a shirt, etc, etc. *This*list sure tops it all! Weaver took the cake for me, working so intimately with live gorillas - wo, yes, can become VERY dangerous in heartbeat! (Tom Cruise I gapingly admire but am personally convinced is merely insane! :-) )

    Dennis AndersonDennis AndersonOy oldin
  • 03:45 Did you just say hwip?

    Avishek SainiAvishek SainiOy oldin
  • Margot Robbie learned to hold her breathe for 5 minutes for suicide squad and she learned how to pickpocket for Focus

    Big BruvBig BruvOy oldin
  • If his ARSE ever catches on fire he'll be in a better position than most? ORLY?

    SB13XSB13XOy oldin
  • Wait what? Those Tenet fights are even crazier than I thought.

    That Terence GuyThat Terence GuyOy oldin
  • I can't believe that any production company can actually find an insurance company to underwrite ANYTHING that Tom Cruise is in. I'd hate to see the amount of those premiums.

    coolnegativecoolnegativeOy oldin
  • Jim spent several hours in the gym, hehe

    zrksydzrksydOy oldin
  • Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix both learned to play instruments for Walk the Line (the Johnny Cash movie).

    ShanteYouStayShanteYouStayOy oldin
  • How does one blink backwards, though? Hmm.

    ShanteYouStayShanteYouStayOy oldin
    • Well, when you blink, the time taken to close your eyes is different from the time it takes you to open your eyes back again.

      Ankit Arora EditsAnkit Arora EditsOy oldin
  • Is it just me or is this guy really fecking loud?

    TheDarkurtheTheDarkurtheOy oldin
  • Margot Robbie learned to hold her breath underwater for some stupid amount of time for Suicide Squad

    Carina Mitchell-AttardCarina Mitchell-AttardOy oldin
  • Criticize Cruise all you want, but this guy never phones it in. Took me many years to appreciate that.

    82avidfan82avidfanOy oldin
    • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! His beliefs are not my beliefs... HE HAS CHOSEN DEATH (NINJA SLOUCH POSITION ON MY MOM'S COUCH IN THE BASEMENT)

      James AppelJames AppelOy oldin
  • Using a whip is the least insane thing in this list

    Random RangoonRandom RangoonOy oldin
  • 2 million subscribers and you don't bother to have your videos closed captioned? You need to fix this.

    mmpantsless13mmpantsless13Oy oldin
  • How do you blink backwards 🧐

    Alison NataiAlison NataiOy oldin
  • Scott Bakula had to learn tightrope walking for an episode of Quantum Leap. He’d spend his lunch hours learning while still filming other episodes having to learn other things because each was a different personality

    Ryan CoulterRyan CoulterOy oldin
    • That show was so good.

      PsyonikxPsyonikxOy oldin
  • I hope Jennifer lawrence learns the skill of good acting next time

    mgonzalez.88mgonzalez.88Oy oldin
  • Poop backwards? Meh saw that years ago in Red Dwarf episode Backwards...

    Rattrap007Rattrap007Oy oldin
  • So a squirrel was harmed. Disgraceful. Daniel Day Lewis is nuts

    Kevin G ConroyKevin G ConroyOy oldin
  • Keanu Reeves learned how to run 3 gun for John Wick.

    Warwolf TabletopWarwolf TabletopOy oldin
  • Meet a British M.P and you’ll be using a whip in 30 minutes (I know). 😂😱

    Radical RainbowRadical RainbowOy oldin
  • Why are you saying whip like that?

    21pilots tillidie21pilots tillidieOy oldin
  • 0:46 I no longer need my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Brian's ThoughtBrian's ThoughtOy oldin
  • Method Acting is Gold

    Kolawole Oluwagbemiga Boluwatife CKolawole Oluwagbemiga Boluwatife COy oldin
  • Finally a good list! Kudos!

    Felipe IglesiasFelipe IglesiasOy oldin
  • I did not know about the last one. That would be really hard but really cool. Now I need to go see the movie!

    Mark TillmanMark TillmanOy oldin
  • Marcus, chill bro, chill. No need to be so intense.

    Mr TMr TOy oldin
  • I call bullshit on Tom Cruise, any doctor, or pulmonary patient like myself, can tell you that within 3.5 to 4 minutes of holding your breath you pass out from low oxygen.

    Dean WinchesterDean WinchesterOy oldin
  • Personally I thought it was pretty incredible that Russel Crowe and Paul Bettany learnt the Violin and Cello respectively for their roles in Master and Commander.

    Jorge 052Jorge 052Oy oldin
  • "No toys at the dinner table!" *sent down flint lock next to the honey baked ham*

    Jacob ThomasJacob ThomasOy oldin
  • FYI, that was a chipmunk in the soup.

    Wesley Michael MagnessWesley Michael MagnessOy oldin
  • Like the presenter but he needs to stop trying so hard to be funny...he has a natural engagement which is great, but don't force it 👌😀

    PrY3PrY3Oy oldin
  • Tom Hiddleston learned to play the guitar and sing like Hank Williams for "I saw the light" Pretty darn impressive if you ask me

    NordlysNordlysOy oldin
  • As much as I dislike Carey as a person, if you have to bring in a torture endurance expert to help your actors get through makeup, it might be time to revamp your makeup, and i have to hope even Carey got paid big bucks for that bs.

    flutterbyflutterbyOy oldin
  • Move back from the mic a bit m8

    Jamie ThynneJamie ThynneOy oldin
  • Lambs: "no it's ok, you can just fake it" - - - You do *not* want to try pooping backwards.

    Peter LewerinPeter LewerinOy oldin
  • Would love to see a whole list on Daniel Day Lewis preparations for method acting.

    HushbatmanHushbatmanOy oldin
  • Oh poooor Jim Carrey, having to sit in a chair for eight hours. That's basically every office job or long-distance flight. Except we don't get paid $500 PER MINUTE to sit and do nothing.

    VidEtVidEtOy oldin
    • I hate airline flights. I can't sleep on planes.

      Dale HendersonDale HendersonOy oldin
    • Not quite, even in office jobs you can get up and move around, when they’re putting makeup on you gotta sit there and not fucking move lol and then he has to do his real job AFTER sitting as still as possible for 8 1/2 hours

      widder shinswidder shinsOy oldin
  • Update: Kate Winslet held her breath for more than 7 minutes while filming the new Avatar sequel. She was quite amazed that she was able to beat Tom Cruise's record 😎

    David QuintanillaDavid QuintanillaOy oldin
  • Robert Patrick learned how to fire a gun without blinking for Terminator 2

    bricmitchell86bricmitchell86Oy oldin
    • Saying it like its a insane skill 😉

      BRBD Groggrygamer7BRBD Groggrygamer7Oy oldin
    • Fun Fact. In the scene where Patrick's character chase's John Connor through the parking garage he accidently caught him on the first take.

      TheHellsrejectTheHellsrejectOy oldin
    • @heythisguyoverhere I didn't know that. I love learning "small" details like that when it comes to the making of a movie/show/album/batch of PCP/book. The little things.

      Patrick DuffyPatrick DuffyOy oldin
    • Also trained to run real fast. Caught the dirt bike and John conner on the first take of the mall escape

      heythisguyoverhereheythisguyoverhereOy oldin
    • Dude thats awesome I love seeing interviews where they make robert patrick go all robot again

      jpp3393jpp3393Oy oldin
  • What happened to Sci Fri?

    DaeduluusDaeduluusOy oldin
  • He actually did this.... On a green screen.

    PlayGenixPlayGenixOy oldin
  • Just FYI, Dian Fossey was a real woman who did gorilla research. Very fascinating woman who ended up murdered either because her militancy against poachers or because of book rights for the sequel to Gorillas in the Mist The video makes it sound like she is a fictional character

    Trevor ReeceTrevor ReeceOy oldin
  • Why do you place so much emphasis on the "H" in "whip" ? 😉 Are you a fan of Cool W"h"ip?

    Tim CTim COy oldin
    • Tim C family guy hehe

      Mr TMr TOy oldin
  • This guy is eerily creepy . He sounds like an idiot children's television presenter.

    Bradley SherlockBradley SherlockOy oldin
  • How the fck do you blink backwards? Literally like an on off switch. Lol

    MrGrombieMrGrombieOy oldin
  • Damn, and not a single mention of Margot Robbie. Disappointing.

    Pepeline DollPepeline DollOy oldin
  • Tbe only skill jennifer leawrence ever "learned" was how to work a skin flute

    robert sheltonrobert sheltonOy oldin
  • Just thought of an idea to make walking across building on a wire a tad safer. What if you put on hooks at both ends and just in case you fall, you can catch yourself with the stick. And enough finger grip of coarse.

    MrGrombieMrGrombieOy oldin
    • They have safety equipment now that hooks to the cable/wire in case of a fall.

      Rein BronsgeestRein BronsgeestOy oldin
  • Marcus does one hell of a Gordon Ramsay

    Sasquatch FishsticksSasquatch FishsticksOy oldin
  • Kate Winslet learnt how to shrink head boards for titanic..........

    Peter TownsendPeter TownsendOy oldin
  • Maybe not so extreme, but for the film Nashville, actors with no previous song writing experience were required to write their own Country songs.

    Pamela MaysPamela MaysOy oldin
  • Damn the Alien actress always looked old? Would be sad to see her now.

    JasonJasonOy oldin
    • She basically looks like she did in Holes

      RaGe KingRaGe KingOy oldin
  • I got your field joke 😂🤣

    Miss Tiny Trader88Miss Tiny Trader88Oy oldin
  • "He learned to live backwards... no just kidding" Actually had me rolling!

    Reginald SwaggertReginald SwaggertOy oldin
  • Ryan Gosling Learned Piano, Miles Teller Learned Drumming, Christian Bale Learned Magic Tricks For Prestige, Heath Ledger Locked Himself Inside A Hotelroom For 2 Months (Even Though Its Not A Skill), Aragon Learned To Ride Horse & Use Sword, Keanu Reeves Learned Gun-Fu, Weapons Practice, Knives, Stunt With Car & Bike,...

    Abhilash PsAbhilash PsOy oldin
    • Heath ledger locking himself in a room helped kill him because he was left with abysmal horror and he had to turn to his drugs to cope

      widder shinswidder shinsOy oldin
  • Wait, going from tightrope walking across skyscrapers and them going to "using a whip" seems like a huge downgrade.

    Bob DoleBob DoleOy oldin
    • @David Murrell fair enough

      Bob DoleBob DoleOy oldin
    • Except for obvious reasons he didn't really tightrope between the Twin Towers. The whip work though was real, and if you muck that up you can seriously hurt or even kill someone. That whip crack is the tip breaking the sound barrier, they're designed to be used on bulls (hence the name), the tip can snap your thigh bone, which means it can snap any bone in your body.

      David MurrellDavid MurrellOy oldin
  • Cat knows how to poop in reverse

    Steven BurtonSteven BurtonOy oldin
    • I was waiting for the Red Dwarf reference

      Arch StantonArch StantonOy oldin
  • Specialized skills actors learned for film roles...Hmmm, lessee.... Jon Favreau trained to be a chef for "Chef"...got so good he now has a reality show on Netflix. Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon trained in NASA 0-G trainer jet to learn how to act in zero gravity for "Apollo 13." Whole cast of "The Abyss" had to learn to scuba with brand new technology. Just off the top of my head.

    Les LaunerLes LaunerOy oldin
    • @Zoidberg That's a good one. John Travolta had to learn how to dance for "Saturday Night Fever." Imagine that! John Travolta couldn't dance before that film!

      Les LaunerLes LaunerOy oldin
    • Not a great movie but in Elektra Jennifer Garner learned how to use Sais so well she could do it as a meditation and not even watch her hands. Really sick skill with 0 usefullness.

      ZoidbergZoidbergOy oldin
  • The biggest torture for Carrey was the giant sized contacts, they were a constant pain

    IanIanOy oldin
  • the in the field joke isnt a joke because when we say "get experience in the field" today we mean in our chosen career but back in the day in the field literally referred farming and tending the field

    OpalescentGamesOpalescentGamesOy oldin
  • I know Kung Fu.

    classicalhero7classicalhero7Oy oldin
    • ....show me.

      Matt DickieMatt DickieOy oldin
  • Living like a native? Whatever. Is no one going to mention how Daniel Day Lewis learned to fly a bicycle to play ET?

    Christopher MerlotChristopher MerlotOy oldin
  • Hey, squirrel tastes good.

    Backyard Boys With Big C. And Little T.Backyard Boys With Big C. And Little T.Oy oldin
    • Most of my family live in West Virginia and I would always ask my grandmother to cook me up some squirrel stew. Really it was like a white gravy. My grandfather would eat the whole squirrel, brain , heart and liver. No thanks

      Keith pKeith pOy oldin
  • Lol learning to poop backwards

    Tony TranTony TranOy oldin
  • This could be cheating, but Charlie Sheen's learning to pitch. And Dan Akroyd's driving skills in The Blues Brothers

    Nyenkan MosesNyenkan MosesOy oldin
  • Live backwards 😆

    I only eat Brains, DummyI only eat Brains, DummyOy oldin
  • Kate Winslet has the record for keeping her breath. 7 minutes. She surpassed Tom.

    Msemeraldeyes1987Msemeraldeyes1987Oy oldin
    • @The Prince of His Own Kingdom She is training as well for a movie. I believe avatar 2, if I recall well.

      Νικολέτα Ελισάβετ ΑρταβάνηΝικολέτα Ελισάβετ ΑρταβάνηOy oldin
    • @pacman 52280 Thanks for noting. I meant in regards to actors. :)

      Νικολέτα Ελισάβετ ΑρταβάνηΝικολέτα Ελισάβετ ΑρταβάνηOy oldin
    • The world record is 20 minutes and 20 seconds.

      pacman 52280pacman 52280Oy oldin
    • Isn't she a smoker though? The fact she beat Tom with those lungs is crazy.

      The Prince of His Own KingdomThe Prince of His Own KingdomOy oldin
  • I guess Jules got competitor at bad jokes on this channel

    Сычевальня ОлдфагаСычевальня ОлдфагаOy oldin
  • Fields are for growing crops, pastures are for animals....

    Josh CatronJosh CatronOy oldin