10 Incredible Archaeological Discoveries Hidden Under The Sahara

27-Sen, 2020
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While the Sahara may seem like a vast wasteland there is more than what meets the eye! From an enormous swimming dinosaur to a lost civilization that fought the Romans, here are 10 things found hidden under the sahara.
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10. First Swimming Dinosaur
At up to 50 feet (15.24 meters) long and weighing as much as seven tons (6.34 metric tons), Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, dwarfed the Tyrannosaurus rex. Known as one of the strangest dinosaurs ever discovered, it lived between 95 and 100 million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period, and possessed an extremely long tail resembling a paddle.
9. Ancient Cemetery
While hunting for dinosaur remains at a site called Gobero in Niger in 2000, a group of scientists led by University of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno stumbled upon a large human graveyard possibly dating as far back as 10,000 years. It turned out to be the largest known Saharan cemetery, containing the remains of fish, crocodiles, and other creatures in addition to around 200 humans.
8. The Tamanrasset River
The Sahara desert is the largest hot desert in the world where only the toughest wildlife can survive! But it wasn’t always that way. Before the Sahara Desert was covered in nearly 3,630,000 square miles (9,400,000 km2) of sand, it was a humid, tropical region filled with lush vegetation and freshwater sources.
7. Libyan Desert Glass
For over 3000 years, fragments of canary yellow glass, known as Libyan Desert Glass, have been found between shifting sand dunes over a vast area of the Sahara Desert in western Egypt, near the Libyan border. The mysterious material was even incorporated into King Tut’s gilded and jewel-covered breastplate in the form of a scarab beetle that serves as a centerpiece.
6. Monster Croc
Dinosaurs weren’t the only animals that favored the marine habitats once offered by the Sahara. In 2016, scientists discovered evidence of the largest-ever sea-dwelling crocodile in modern-day Tunisia. Their findings, which appeared in 120-million-year-old rock, were published in the journal Cretaceous Research. Does anyone read this? Let me know in the comments below!
5. Nabta Stones
A series of stones known as the Nabta Playa Stone Circle, located in modern-day southern Egypt, marks an area that flooded seasonally thousands of years ago, forming a lake and attracting Neolithic nomadic tribes, who set up camp at the site.
4. Lake Mega Chad
A freshwater body called Lake Mega Chad once occupied a roughly 139,000 square mile (360,000 km2) area of the Sahara Desert in Central Africa, making it the largest freshwater lake on Earth at the time.
3. Lost Libyan Civilization
There’s more to the Sahara Desert’s hidden secrets than ancient bodies of water. Satellite photographs released in 2011 show over 100 fortresses or castles belonging to a so-called “lost” civilization that once inhabited southwestern Libya.
2. Valley Of The Whales
As you now know, the Sahara Desert contained vast bodies of water on-and-off throughout history. Included among these was the Tethys Ocean, which existed tens of millions of years ago. Then the ocean dried up and became the desert.
1. Prehistoric Megalake
In 2010, scientists discovered evidence of a prehistoric megalake that formed around 250,000 years ago and spanned a more-than 42,000 square mile (108,800 km2) area of the eastern Sahara Desert at its peak. Researchers made the find by analyzing radar data of Egypt and creating a profile of the ancient megalake using images of wind-blown sediments, sediments produced by running water, and bedrock beneath the sand.

  • great start 1st discovery you are talking about have been found in the mountains of morocco not under the sahara desert

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  • They featured that or at least its land based variety to that dino in jurassic park. They did show it able to swim. Also seen a water dino with a giant fin in my books growing up

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  • I have heard of the spinasaur from books and Jurassic park

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  • @1:45 - yes.. everyone who have watched Jurassic Park 3 have heard about that dinosaur before... Want to know something that is REALLY hidden beneath the Sahara? A giant blob of magma called a LLVP, which also seems to be topping off right below the Eye of the Sahara..

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  • Just everyone who saw Jurassic Park 3.

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  • the younger dryas may have caused the glass to form more recently, 11500 years ago

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  • egyptians drained lakes and drivers

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  • Actually a miles long skeleton of a dragon/dinosaur pattern is seen from satellite images in the region of your dinosaur comment. Roger Spurr, Mudfossil University made several YT videos. A giant skeleton of a fish was discovered beneath the dragon remains.

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  • Glass can also be formed with lightening under the right condition

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  • How are the nabta playa stones the "oldest astrologically aligned construction" when Gobekli Tepe has it beat by thousands of years? Lol

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  • 1 is a NO for me the feet or paws are not webbed and it would have no way to hunt or eat underwater I believe it spent time in the water but not a large portion most mammals who spend large amounts of time underwater have webbed feet and paws !!

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  • just the fact that the sahara was lush and green 10,000 years ago means that there could be a lost civilization size of united states without our knowledge.

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  • Ambulocetus or a close by relative of this dinosaur mammal-I’m pretty certain

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  • Do the research starting when they began creating dinosaurs for Museum's. Back then museums were a hundred times more boring than they are today! More so now that ive learned most of our history is all lies. (I could be mistaken but the monster idea started with someone in the Tavistock group.) Then after they found the fake dino's were a success they have been creating them ever since. Thats why all dino bones in museums are fake and you can ask any curator if the dinosaur bones are real or fake. He will tell you they're fake but only because of the radiation on the bones which is a lie. Best source for this info is an older episode of crow777 radio. They do the leg work. What we did hav in general were sabertooth cats, mammoths ect.. The best news though, there is proof of even bigger aquatic serpents and fish bigger than any dino! Humanoids as well n more. Example, go to mud fossil university channel on youtube. Look for dragon and fish. The serpent alone, stretches across almost the entire north continent of Africa and right under his mouth is a giant fish. Both bigger than any dino you can imagine but the big difference is the serpent n fish were very real, still are. Facts are hard to come by, and take alot of research. I hope this channel will do a video on these 2 mudfossils! Cheers

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  • That is soooo miss information about how the desert glass was formed. It isn't a mystery because it has literally been hidden from us. First off we are finding physical evidence of human species that are older than told in history books, and I think soon enough those that have been hiding the information from us will start revealing that we are a much older species with a pretty muddled past. Let's just say that we find out that the pyramids are much older than we originally thought. That means humanity has been around much longer than we have been led to believe. Let's also say that these past civilizations had access to higher technology than we even have today. We have plenty of ancient texts from sumerian tablets to the vada that clearly depict past nuclear wars breaking out. I know today modern historians and archeologists would have us believe that those are all fairy tales told through symbolism. I challenge that there is more truth and reality in those texts than what they teach in our hollow schools now days. So with that there are sites that have been known to have unusually high amounts of radiation in that area and the same desert glass can be found in those areas. I think that past scientists have even studied the glass and found it to have radioactive properties. that last part might just be conjecture. Alas don't believe everything from the archeological realm. They only let us know what they want us to know. Do some real research and find out all the facts peeps.

    RazorF157RazorF15720 kun oldin
    • P.S. The experts aren't still trying to figure out our history. They already know it. They're just trying to figure out how they can keep the lie going so we're stuck in this Darwin style system of evolution, which btw has actually been proven wrong, because what Darwin was observing was adaptation, not evolution. So how long are we going to keep perpetuating this myth based off hypothesis and start looking at the real evidence? It's only by those who have not bought into the current paradigm and are looking at the actual evidence from the outside that we even get close to the actual truth. Like I said, do your own research and find out for yourself if things are being hidden or misrepresented to keep us confused.

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  • If the world was millions of years old, the fossils would be miles thick to support this theory. It's just not there.🤔

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    • A simple yes or no would have sufficed

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    • Quote: Associate Professor, Anthropology, UCLA "What is wrong with those who are unable to see evolution, I think, is they don't have imaginations."

      Inspiring Scripture Art W-KarenInspiring Scripture Art W-Karen16 kun oldin
    • @Selena Everhart God's Word is always under attack, even from thoughs who have never read it. God warns in Revelation 22:18-19 not to add to or take away from this book, as they are doing today and one way is to water it down with these so called versions. Most honored translation,KJV, used for over 400 years, every translation since then does not carry the same prominence. Psalm 119:89 Forever, O Lord, your word is settled in heaven. It is paradoxical that people today presume to become critics of the Bible when it should be the other way around. There are "textual critics", "higher critics" who critique vocabularies; and then there are many other purely distructive critics who criticize the Bible's miracles, morals, and everything else, hoping thereby to justify their rebellion against the Word. But the Bible still stands! It stands in judgement of our lives and our subconscious motives. It will have the final word when "the books (are) opened...and the dead (are) judged out of those things which were written in the books" (Rev.20:12) We live for about 100 years and brag as though we live forever. It is far better to heed the Word now than to hear it's condemnation later. John 3:16

      Inspiring Scripture Art W-KarenInspiring Scripture Art W-Karen16 kun oldin
    • @Inspiring Scripture Art W-Karen isn't the Bible a book? Has it not been revised and had screwed translations? 😐

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    • @Otto Vandevelde And what education do these teachers get, but from books that have to be systematically revised for there errors The only unchangeable, truth is the word of God.

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  • Hidden below the sands of Coney Island...the remains of civility, ethics and the White Middle Class in New York City.....

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  • When you look at our planet from space, the Sahara seems to be an enigma. Some say there was an ancient "unatural" cataclysm which caused it to look this way. Hence the silica glass formations. There's alot buried under those sands.

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  • Your pronunciation of Niger is only correct if you are referring to the West African river, the delta it drains to or the state it's located in Nigeria (another different country altogether). The country you refer to however is pronounced "knee-zher" with an emphasis on the latter syllable making it sound a bit like "pierre" (it's official language is French).

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    • star alignments shift over time so depending on when it was made might determine what star system it was aligned to

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    • Sand is formed from many different types of rocks. It's formed the way sand is formed over the rest of the world. It doesn't require water or floods to form.

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    • @Carol Jo Martin True but in this case they are saying it was a jungle that is now covered in sand.

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    • Not necessarily. There are places that were ocean floors where the land was pushed up over hundreds of millenia. A good example is on Mt. Everest, where it's easy to find fossilized seashells.

      Carol Jo MartinCarol Jo Martin21 kun oldin
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    • Roughly between 65 and 85 million years

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    • @Carol Jo Martin oh goodness me how did I make a mistake like that? Of course shes Katrina! I listen to her channel often enough. I'm putting it down to senility its my excuse & I'm sticking to it! Lol thanks for yr reply, agreement, & Katrina 🌟

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    Sean DavidsonSean Davidson23 kun oldin
    • It's the smoke and mirrors. You caught them.

      James JaudonJames Jaudon18 kun oldin
  • That high pitch voice🙉

    Annemette LarsenAnnemette Larsen23 kun oldin
  • 💋

    Tanja K.Tanja K.24 kun oldin
  • Fabulous

    Jerri I GoldsteinJerri I Goldstein24 kun oldin
  • another successful learning lesson. thanks katrina.

    james briggsjames briggs24 kun oldin